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Planets and Their gems White Sapphire

Planets and their gems   Jyotish White Sapphire for Venus White Sapphire for Venus. Venus is the planet governing love, romance, beauty, and sensuality. Being a great benefic, it is responsible for determinations of material wealth and prosperity, and most especially marriage or relationships. Luxuries of homes and vehicles fall under the rulership of Venus, […]

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Planets and Their gems Blue Sapphire

Planets and their gems   Jyotish Blue Sapphire For Saturn : Saturn is the slowest moving of the major planets, taking approximately 30 months to pass through all the signs of the Zodiac. He is said to be malefic as he rules over many types of struggles or ‘percieved’ misfortunes. He rules aging and death […]

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Planets and Their gems Emerald

Planets and their gems     Using Emerald for Mercury Emerald for Mercury Mercury is the planet that represents our intelligence and rules over all communicative abilities which we may possess. It has a mutable nature, and therefore will reflect the energies of any planets it is associated with. All educational, business, and artistic affairs […]

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Planets and their gems-Red Coral

Planets and their gems   Using Red Coral for Mars Using Red Coral for Mars, Mars is the planet said to be the ‘commander-in-chief’ of our solar system and personified as the god of war. In the horoscope his position indicates one’s energy, determination, strength, aggressiveness, and self-confidence. Mars is also the ruling planet for […]

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Mantras for Mercury (Budha)

Mantras for Mercury (Budha) : Mercury, known as Budha represents `Buddhi’ – intelligence, whereas the Moon (Chandra) signifies the innocent mind. Mercury is a karaka or indicator of intelligence, commerce, education, writing, books, humour, scholars, orators, lawyers and consultants. Budha closely follows Sun (Ravi) — either he is ahead or rising behind Ravi. Budhaditya yoga, for […]

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Jyotish Pearl for the Moon

  Jyotish Pearl for the Moon : In Vedic astrology one’s Moon sign is considered of paramount importance. As the Moon represents one’s mind and emotions, this will be more telling of how a person thinks and acts than the Sun sign if considered individually. The Moon rules our peace of mind and general well-being, and […]

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Planets and their gems-Ruby

Planets and their gems   Jyotish Ruby for the Sun Planets and their gems : An enormous amount of information is gathered about a person’s life and attributes by the Position of the Sun at the time of his or her birth. Western astrology is very ‘personality-based,’ and this is why within it so much emphasis […]

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Quality and Size of Gems

Quality and Size of Gems     Quality and Size of Gems Quality and Size of Gems: In regard to obtaining the best possible quality in gems, certain requirements are necessary. In the scriptures it is stated that Gems should be ‘flawless’, yet this would mean ‘eye-clean’, as healers didn’t have microscopes in those days. […]

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Planetary Gemology

Planetary Gemology   Planetary Gemology The science of Planetary Gemology is one which has been used in accordance with astrology for thousands of years. It is the science of understanding how gems transmit and reflect planetary rays, and how they will increase planetary influences in a person’s life. Gems never ‘decrease’ a planet’s energy or […]

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Herbs and the Six Tastes

Herbs and the Six Tastes   Herbs and the Six Tastes The taste of an herb is not incidental but is directly related- indeed, directly responsible- for much of its therapeutic value. That is why Ayurvedic herbs are generally taken in a form that requires tasting them, rather than concealing the taste in a capsule. […]

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