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Ruby Gemstone Qualities available in the market

"Kindly compare and buy only Govt. Certified (IGI-GTL) or world repute labs (Like GIA, IGI, GRS, AGS, GII, Etc.) Certified Ruby Gemstones only. Because only these labs (Not the private or affiliated labs opened now-a-days) have the latest and the most advanced equipments to test these gemstones for the various treatments that are being done on them to enhance its color and clarity to dupe and cheat people."

Lowest Quality Ruby Gemstone

Origin:-Indian /African/Thailand
Treatments:-Highly Treated (Heating with Glass, Resin & color filling)
Astrologically:-Not Effective / Not Recommended
Price Range(Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 100 - Rs 1500 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Highly Opaque, Faded & Dull in color (if Natural)/Good in color (Pinkish Red) & Translucent (When treated using Resin, color & Glass Filling)

(We don’t keep this standard/quality of Ruby gemstone because they are totally ineffective for astrological healing purposes)

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Medium Quality Ruby Gemstone

Treatments:-Moderately Treated (mostly Heat Treated with Resin/Color filling or only Heat Treatment)
Astrologically:-Moderately Effective / Recommended
Price Range(Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 1500 – Rs 7000 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Dark Pinkish-Medium Pinkish colortone & Opaque

(For This Category Rubies See the Economy, Premium and Super Premium Range)

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High Quality Ruby Gemstone

Treatments:-Very Less (only Heating without any Chemicals or Resin filling) or No Heating
Astrologically:-Very Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 7000 – Rs 35000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Bright Pink or Bright Red (if Heated) and Dark Pink or Dark Red (if not Heated)/ Translucent or Semi-Transparent

(For This Category Rubies See the Luxury and Super Luxury Range)

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Very High / Rare Quality Ruby Gemstone

Origin:-Burma & Madagaskar
Treatments:-No Treatments (Pure & Natural)
Astrologically:-Most Effective /Highly Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 35000 – Rs 350000 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Deep pinkish red to blood red/ pigeon blood red and almost transparent to pure transparent.

(For This Category Rubies See the Exclusive Range of our gemstones category)

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About Astro-Jyotish Standard Vedic Ruby

Ruby - Ruby also known as Manik in India is Red in color. Ruby gemstones always have some internal marks or natural inclusions and a clean Ruby is extremely rare. If you find an absolutely clean Ruby, it would either be very expensive (If Pure & Natural) or would either be a fake or treated to enhance its clarity. Ruby is worn to enhance the blessings of planet Sun (Surya) in one's life. It emits Red cosmic rays.The Sun is the Supreme power of the solar system. The red cosmic rays are heat producing, as they are of the elements of fire. They instigate cosmic fire in the human body, which is necessary for our sight to function, it aids in digestion. Ruby is said to give good health, high position, name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command. Historically, it has been a symbol of love and passion. Ruby mines are found in Burma, Sri-Lanka, Africa, Thailand, Afghanistan and South India.

General Characteristics of Ruby Gemstone

  • It is a royal gemstone, used by kings and queens in their jewelries.
  • It builds self-confidence, helps with overcoming shyness.
  • Worn for good health and physical strength.
  • Gives good luck, wisdom, name, fame and wealth.
  • One who wears Ruby gets support of one's colleagues at work.
  • Recommends to government employees, leaders, contractors and also to those who are involved in the business of computers, newspaper, research, medicines, electricity.
  • Improves power of vision, blood circulation and helps with heart diseases, headache, and stomach diseases.
  • Gives a good status in politics or makes good relation of wearer with political leaders.
  • One gets glows on one's face after wearing this.
  • Cures typhoid, sunburn and disorders related to nervous system.
  • One who wears Ruby gets rid of one's negative thoughts.
  • Gifting this to your beloved one ensures love, loyalty and happiness in your love life.

Qualities of a good quality Jyotish Ruby

  • Hardness (second hardest gemstone, next to Diamond) and heaviness.
  • Smoothness.
  • Pure spectral red in color with a faint blue.
  • Transparency.
  • Regular shape.

Ruby Gemstone-Frequently Asked Questions

Ruby is a precious variety of the mineral corundum family. It is also known as Manik or Manikya in Vedic astrology. Due to its alluring beauty, it has been a prime choice of kings for ages; therefore, it is also known as the gemstone of kings.

The lowest-quality ruby gemstones have a dull pinkish colour and are highly opaque. These gemstones are of India and Africa. Astrologically, these are not effective because of their treated quality. The price of these gemstones ranges from 100 to 1500 Rs per carat approximately.

The colour of these ruby gemstones ranges from dark pinkish to medium pinkish and is opaque. The origin of these gemstones are Mozambique (Africa), Thailand, and Burma. The prices of these ruby gemstones range from 1500 to 7000 Rs per carat. These are treated with resin, colour filling, or heat (only heat). Astrologically, these are recommended; however, these are moderately effective in healing.

The high quality ruby gemstones have a bright pink or bright red (if heated) and a dark pink or dark red colour (if not heated). Africa (Mozambique), Burma, and Madagascar are a few origin places of these ruby gemstones. The prices of these ruby gemstones range from 7000 to 35000 Rs per carat approximately. As these are very less treated (only heating), therefore, astrologically, recommended for wearers.

These ruby gemstone's colours range from deep pinkish to blood red and have clear transparency. The origin places of these gemstones are Burma and Madagascar. These gemstones do not go under any treatment which make it the best choice for healing in astrology. The prices of these ruby gemstones range from 35000 to 350000 Rs per carat approximately. In order to explore this category of ruby gemstones, explore our exclusive range.

Ruby gemstones are associated with the planet Sun, as per Vedic astrology. Wearing ruby gemstones enhances confidence, authority, vitality, and so on.

The price of high quality ruby gemstones ranges from 7000 to 350000 Rs per carat, approximately. However, it is also important to choose one of the oldest and most reputable ruby gemstone sellers to ensure Vedic quality Ruby gemstones. The price of high quality rubies depends on their quality, carat weight, origin, colour, transparency, and so on.

The price of ruby gemstones in India ranges from 100 to 350000 Rs per carat approximately. However, it depends on their origin, colour, transparency, carat weight, and so on. Burma and Madagascar origin ruby gemstones are considered the best quality gems not only in India but across the world.

Burma and Madagascar are the leading countries in terms of producing the rare quality ruby (very high quality). Mozambique, Thailand, India, and so on are a few other leading producers of ruby gemstones in the world.

Individuals who have a positive placement of the sun on their birth chart can wear a ruby gemstone to increase the energies of their planet. However, analyse your birth chart under the guidance of a knowledgeable astrologer to choose the best suitable ruby gemstone, and also get the help of an astro gemologist to ensure the Vedic quality of a ruby.

Wearing gemstones as per the ancient Vedic rituals enhances the positive energies of the associated planet. The planet sun connects to ruby gemstones; individuals who have a positive placement of the sun in their birth chart should wear a ruby to increase the positive energies of their planet. Additionally, wearing a ruby gemstone after conducting Vedic rituals as per Vedic astrology under the guidance of a learned priest (pandit) activates the healing energies of gemstones.

In order to get optimal energies from your associated planet (Sun), you should wear a ruby in a ring rather than pendants. Ruby in rings touches fingers directly, which easily and effectively synchronises with our body’s energies. However, gemstones in pendants do not touch our bodies directly. Moreover, it is crucial to consult with an astrologer to choose the most effective gemstone for you, as well as an astro gemologist to ensure the quality of the gems. You can get in touch with us at Pure Vedic Gems to learn more about it.

In order to buy a ruby gemstone online, you should check the image quality, place of origin, treatment of the ruby, and so on. We at Pure Vedic Gems always ensure all these standards for the sake of your optimum astrological benefits. Connect with us for more detailed information.

Mozambique (Africa) is one of the leading producers of high quality ruby gemstones in the world. To buy a Mozambique ruby gemstone online, check the quality of the images, place of origin, presence of the company on social media platforms, customer reviews, treatment of ruby gemstones, and so on. These are the crucial factors in ensuring the authenticity of gemstones when purchasing them online. As a result, you can get optimal astrological benefits from these gems.

Pure Vedic Gem is one of the leading gemstone dealers in Delhi, India. We are also available online, if you want to buy rubies or any other gemstone, explore us at

You can buy ruby gemstones either online or offline. Pure Vedic Gems is one of the oldest gemstone sellers in Delhi, India. You can also visit our offline store in Delhi, India, to learn more about it from our knowledgeable staff, which will help you make informed decisions while purchasing a gem.

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