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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Qualities available in the market

"Kindly compare and buy only Govt. Certified (IGI-GTL) or world repute labs (Like GIA, IGI, GRS, AGS, GII, Etc.) certified Yellow Sapphires only. Because only these labs (Not the private or affiliated labs opened now-a-days) have the latest and the most advanced equipments to test these Yellow Sapphires for the various treatments that are being done on them to enhance its color and clarity to dupe and cheat people."

Lowest Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin:-Bangkok (Thailand)
Treatments:-Highly Treated (Diffusion Treatment using Beryllium, Color Enhancements by Irradiation, color filling using resin etc.)
Astrologically:-NOT Effective/Not Recommended
Price Range(Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 500-Rs 3000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Highly Opaque and deep Yellow or orange tones

(We don’t keep this standard/quality of Yellow Sapphire gemstone because they are totally ineffective for astrological healing purposes)

yellow sapphire low
yellow sapphire lower
yellow sapphire lowest

Medium Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin:-Bangkok (Thailand), Sri-Lanka
Treatments:-Moderately Treated (Generally only heating) / Or Not Treated
Price Range(Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 3000 – Rs 12000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Very light yellow or golden tone, Slightly Opaque / less in Transparency with inclusions/smokiness

(For This Category Yellow Sapphires See the Economy, Premium & Super Premium Range)

yellow sapphire medium a
yellow sapphire medium b
yellow sapphire medium c

High Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin:-Sri-Lanka, Burma
Treatments:-No Treatments
Astrologically:-Very Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 12000 – Rs 30000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Medium/Good in Transparency, Luster and Yellow color tone With Very less OR no Inclusions

(For This Category Yellow Sapphires See the Luxury & Super Luxury Range)

yellow sapphire high
yellow sapphire higher
yellow sapphire highest

Very High / Rare Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin:-Sri-Lanka, Burma, Brazil
Treatments:-No Treatments
Astrologically:-Most Effective /Highly Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx:-Rs 30000 – Rs 80000 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance:-Very Good Yellow/Golden Color with Brilliant luster, absolutely transparent with no inclusions

(For This Category Yellow Sapphires See the Exclusive Range)

yellow sapphire very high
yellow sapphire very higher
yellow sapphire highest

About Astro-Jyotish Standard Vedic Yellow-Sapphire

YELLOW SAPPHIRE – Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj in India is yellow in color. It is a precious and expensive stone. This is one of the most widely used gemstone to help achieve better financial status. It is used to enhance the powers of planet Jupiter (Guru). It emits blue cosmic rays. And the deficiency of blue cosmic rays makes a person pessimistic, weak willed and without faith. These rays strengthen the fat system of the body and can help cure sore throats, laryngitis, goiter, jaundice, diarrhea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, impotency, gout, pain in knee joints, arthritis and lung problems. It cures chicken pox, measles, mumps, tonsillitis, whooping cough, eye inflammations, headaches, toothaches, itches on skin, menstruation pain and also strengthen the body's immune system overall. Yellow Sapphire denotes righteousness, piety and truthfulness. It gives life security, protects one from poverty, and removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. The wearer may expect wealth, good health, name, honor and fame if the gem suits him or her. It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a suitable match for a girl, she gets married early by wearing a yellow sapphire. Like other members of the corundum family, Yellow Sapphire is also found as crystals in rocks of limestone and schist's and in riverbeds and streams. The primary sources in India are the Mahanadi and Brahmaputra rivers, the Himalayas, the Vindhyanchal Mountains, Orissa, Bengal, and Kashmir. They are also found in Mogok in Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Brazil and Zimbabwe.


General characteristics of a Jyotish Yellow Sapphire

  • Ensures healthy and prolonged life.
  • It brings wisdom, good luck and mental peace.
  • It gives strength to your immune and digestive system, improves your blood circulation and boosts the functioning of liver and pancreas.
  • Makes an individual confident and brings positive thoughts.
  • It provides better decision making ability, improves your concentration and helps with academic and career success. So can also be worn by students or professionals.
  • Also recommend to those girls who are facing problems with getting married or finding a suitable match. Married women can also wear this, if they are facing troubles in their marriage life.
  • It gets you on good terms with your kids, also gives you name, fame and wealth.

Qualities of a good quality Jyotish Yellow Sapphire

  • Good Transparency, color and brilliance.
  • Hardness.
  • Evenness in surface, no variation in thickness.
  • Heaviness or high specific gravity that can be felt when kept on palm.
  • It emits light all over its surface.
  • Smooth and soft in touch, regular shape.
  • Rich velvety luster that can be seen with naked eyes.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone-Frequently Asked Questions

Yellow sapphire gemstone is one of the most captivating gems in Navratnas. In Vedic astrology, yellow sapphire is also known as Pukhraj (Hindi). It is a popular variety of the mineral corundum. It has been one of the most appealing gemstones since its origin. These gemstones not only have significance in jewellery but also used as astrological remedies.

When it comes to jyotish quality yellow sapphire gemstones, you need to consider their origin, colour, clarity, transparency, treatment and so on. However, it is significant to consult knowledgeable astrologers who can analyse your birth chart correctly. In addition to this, you should also consult a certified astrogemologist to choose a vedic quality yellow sapphire.

The lowest quality of yellow sapphires have the deepest yellow colour and are highly opaque. These basically originated in Bangkok, Thailand.The price of these yellow sapphires range from 500 to 3000 Rs per carat in India. As per Vedic astrology, these are not effective because these are highly treated with diffusion treatment of beryllium and colour filling using resin. As a result, these are ineffective astrologically. Not recommended at all. We do not keep this quality of yellow sapphires.

This quality of yellow sapphire gemstones have light yellow colour and are slightly opaque. The price of this quality yellow sapphires range from 3000 to 7000 Rs per carat in India. The origin of this quality yellow is Srilanka and Thailand (Bangkok). These are moderately heated (not treated). As a result, astrologers recommend this quality of yellow sapphires for the well being of the wearer. Check out our economy, premium and super premium range for this category of yellow sapphires.

This quality of yellow sapphires have a yellow colour tone with a good transparency. Basically these originated in Srilanka and Burma. The price of this category of yellow sapphires range from 7000 to 25000 Rs per carat in India. These are very less treated (no treatment). Thus, these are astrologically very effective. Recommended! To explore this category of yellow sapphires, check out our luxury and super luxury range.

This category of yellow sapphires have a clear yellow colour (golden yellow) and have a very good transparency with brilliant lustre. Originated in Srilanka, Burma and Brazil. The price of this quality ranges from 25000 to 80000 Rs per carat in India. These are considered very effective as per our ancient Vedic astrology because of their untreated quality. Highly recommended! However, it is always suggested to analyse birth charts from a knowledgeable astrologer as well as consult a certified astrogemologist to identify Vedic quality of yellow sapphires.

The prices of yellow sapphire gemstones in India range from 500 to 80000 Rs per carat. However, if we see it from an astrological healing perspective, it starts from 3000 to 80000 Rs per carat. However, it depends on their colour, origin, transparency, weight and so on.

The planet Jupiter( Brihaspati) is associated with yellow sapphire gemstones. Jupiter is also known as the Guru of all deities. Yellow sapphires have elements of Jupiter which can increase the positive energies of this planet in the wearer's lives.

Both yellow sapphire and topaz are very popular among people. In order to get optimal energies of planet Jupiter, yellow sapphire is recommended, however, if it is not affordable for you, go with topaz.

People having favourable placement of Jupiter in their kundali (Birth chart) are recommended to wear yellow sapphire gemstones to enhance positive energies of this planet in their lives. Moreover, individuals who want to enhance their wisdom, knowledge, understanding, educational standards, spirituality and so on, can wear yellow sapphire. Always wear these gemstones as per the analysis of your birth chart under the guidance of experienced astrologers and consult a certified astrogemologist to choose astrological quality yellow sapphires.

As per Vedic astrology, one should wear gemstones after performing rituals to purify them. If you are going to purchase a yellow sapphire, make sure to purify them under the guidance of a Vedic pandit to purify and activate their potent energies.

Look for stores which have years of experience in the gemstones industry. Nowadays one can find many shops in Delhi dealing in gemstones. That is why it is crucial to choose one of the oldest and trusted astro gemstone sellers which are dedicated to provide untreated Vedic quality gemstones at fair prices.

While buying yellow sapphire gemstones online, check the quality of images and videos, know about the treatment status, reviews of past customers, secure payment options, customer service and so on. Visit their offline store, if possible to ensure authenticity. You can also visit our physical store in Delhi or explore our website to know more about yellow sapphires.

Pure Vedic Gems is one of the oldest astrological gemstone sellers in Delhi, India. We have a team of knowledgeable astrologers, astrogemologist, Vedic pandits and a separate yagya bhavan to purify and energise gemstones as per the Vedic astrological rituals.

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