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Importance of different gemstone in human life.

Importance of different gemstone in human life.

importnce of dieffrent gemstone in human life

Energized gemstones are powerful precious gemstones containing benefits associated with uplifting your soul in a spiritual context and solving a variety of problems faced by you on the financial end or from a career etc. Listed here are some of the most powerful gemstones. Associated with each is its importance to help you understand which type of gemstone could be useful for you to astrologically ease out your situations in a positive way.

Ruby/ manik gemstone

Ruby is used to enhance the powers of the planet Sun/Surya. Ruby is said to give good health, high position, name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth, and the capacity to command. It has been symbolic of love and passion.

Pearl/Moti gemstone

Pearl is the gemstone for planet Moon. It is used to enhance the power of Planet Moon (Chander). Pearl is highly recommended for reducing mental agitations and mental agitations and mental discords. It cures hypersensitivity, moodiness, violent, abusive, and destructive behavior to oneself or to others.

Red Coral/Moonga gemstone

Red coral is used to enhance the powers of the planet Mars (Mangal). Red coral improves the immune system cures blood and lever-related diseases like- measles, eczema, boils, piles, etc. It also helps in curing rheumatism, lack of sexual desire, increasing courage, one’s stamina determination, and self-confidence.

Emerald/Panna gemstone

Emerald gemstone is used to enhance the power of Planet Mercury (Budh). It emits green cosmic rays. And the deficiency of green cosmic rays creates instability in thinking capabilities and leads to poor memory or loss of memory. Also development of stomach ulcers, diarrhea, headache, kidney dysfunction, heart problem, high blood pressure, burns on the skin, insomnia, asthma, and nervous system-related problems. Wearing an Emerald calms mental agitation, improves speech and intelligence. It also promotes the healing of cancer and other degenerative diseases. Its influences include intelligence education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing trade, humor, diplomacy, and commerce.

Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is used to enhance the power of planet Jupiter (Guru). Yellow sapphire cures chickenpox, measles, mumps, tonsillitis, whooping cough, eye inflammations, headache, toothache, itches on skin, menstruation pain, and also strengthens the body’s immune system overall. Yellow Sapphire denotes righteousness, piety, and truthfulness. It gives life security, protects one from poverty, and removes adversity, misfortune, and melancholy. The wearer may expect wealth, good health, name, honor, and fame if the gem suits him or her.

White Sapphire/Safed Pukhraj gemstone

White sapphire is a gemstone of Planet Venus(Shukra). It enhances the power of the planet Venus. It emits indigo cosmic rays. These rays are extremely benefic rays for abundance, name, fame, and prosperity in life. It brings love, beauty and increases certain material gains or luxuries and specifically sexual pleasure.

Blue Sapphire/ Neelam gemstone

Blue sapphire is a very strong stone due to its nature it only brings extremities. It provides very beneficial results if suitable but may be very harmful if unsuitable. That’s why it is used on a trial basis first and if it does not show any negative symptoms in the trial period, only then it is made into a ring or pendant. It is used to enhance the benefic blessings of planet Saturn.

Hessonite/Gomed gemstone

Hessonite gemstone is associated with planet Rahu(the dragon’s head). In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is called a ‘shadow’ planet or invisible, yet is considered a planet just the same. It cures diseases related to the stomach causing digestive difficulty of loss of appetite. It also helps in treating disorders of the brain like insanity and in treating insomnia in particular. It is supposed to be responsible for all sorts of delays or very late fulfillment of ambitions. If God suits the wearer it helps in achieving speedy success in less time than expected and protects the wearer from misfortune. It can increase one’s material prosperity, fame, or power over others.

Cat’s eye/Lahsunia gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is used to enhance the powers of Planet Ketu (the dragon’s tail). If it suits it protects the wearer from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers, and diseases. It helps in treating chronic ailments and terminal diseases of the uterus and many skin diseases. It prevents unexpected mishaps of life, accidents, drowning, intoxication, govt. punishment. Its influences include liberation, abstract thinking, non-attachment, healing, moksha- enlightenment. It also removes physical weakness and mental worries. It also makes the wearer a wealthy person.

Gemstones as per Astrology

In Astrology, gemstones are respected for the Supreme energy force that they contain. Such force is considered transcendental. Therefore, the wearer of a gemstone, or a locket made of certified gemstone, can transform them positively, in terms of materialistic and spiritual growth.

Advantages and Importance of Gemstones in Astrology

Gems and precious stones contain healing energies that can be activated by wearing them as ornaments, such as rings or necklaces, or by placing them in water overnight and drinking the water the following day. Gems enliven the vital energy centers in the body (the chakras) and have a direct influence on vats, pitta, and Kapha. They may be used to pacify or activate specific organs of the body or to enhance or neutralize the effects of particular planets in the person’s astrological birth chart. Many people still run out of ideas when it comes to understanding gemstone and its importance for the wearer. Truth is the importance of gemstone in astrology is held in deep regards, bearing in mind that it contains transformative energy force. To make the most use of your gemstone, it is essential to ensure if the stone is energized and certified, why? The reason is only ritually energized gemstone can give you the best benefits for your needs.

In Astrology, the gemstone is said to hold a sheer level of importance, as it contains a positive energy force that can give a lot of benefits to the wearer. The importance can be defined in the following terms-

  • Improves your spiritual consciousness.
  • Gives a boost to your financial position in life.
  • Your respect in your social improves.
  • Cosmic properties of certified gemstones can strengthen your weak planet, enabling you to get success in various aspects of your life, career included.
  • Peace and serenity in your married life and other aspects of your life improve.

How the life of an individual gets changed with gemstone

The life of an individual draws upon some notable changes post wearing one of the Certified and Natural gemstones recommended by a learned astrologer after careful study of the horoscope of an individual has been made thoroughly. Based on your planet and horoscope study, a suitable gemstone can be offered to you, so that difficult situations in your life can be resolved positively.

After wearing a certified gemstone, you get to experience successful results in various aspects of your life. For instance, if you are conducting a business that has not been making a good headway for long, a certified gemstone can bring forth positive change in it, enabling you to run your business with the renewed skill set and enthusiasm never experienced before. Another example is if you are facing some troubles in your married life in which quarrel is the order of the day, a certified gemstone can help you bring forth peace and harmony in it, enabling you to enjoy your marital life like never before.

As a matter of fact, wearing gemstone can bring forth a remarkable change in the life of an individual. All you need to require is to seek the best astrological guidance about which gemstone you should wear based on your horoscope and the planetary position indicated by it.


Certified and natural gemstones contain a positive energy force that can spiritually and financially empower the life of a wearer. It is recommended that one should wear a gemstone that is 100% certified and energized through sanctified rituals and religious observance. Avoid fake gemstones from the market and opt for the trusted store supplying a host of genuine gemstones for your needs.

Gemstone astrologically gives you a lot of benefits, including boosting your financial growth, career growth, and success in your business. If you experience the downfall in your pursuit of education or any endeavor, wearing a certified gemstone can positively benefit you. In fact, the importance of gemstones in human life is very substantial. It is positively transformative. It enables you with good decision-making skills. It brings forth peace in your troubled married life. It succeeds your business with profitable growth. It spiritually empowers your soul.

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