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Yellow Sapphire, the magical mystical and powerful gemstone.


Yellow Sapphire, the magical mystical and powerful gemstone.

Yellow sapphire is also called Pukhraj. It is one of the most widely used gemstones to help achieve better financial status. Yellow sapphire gemstone is used to enhance the power of planet Jupiter (Guru). Yellow Sapphires are in yellow, golden, and orange colors. The highest quality yellow Sapphire is in lemon yellow color.

  • Yellow Sapphire for blissful marriage:

Wearing yellow sapphire gemstone helps you to bring stability in your married life and also to find Mr. Right. Now you must be wondering how a gemstone will help you tie the knot. It is also mentioned in the holy text that married or unmarried women should wear yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone for a secure, cordial and peaceful married life, and girls who are yet to be got married should wear original yellow sapphire/Pukhraj gemstone for wedding bells soon.

  • Yellow sapphire makes one successful in life:

Yellow sapphire gemstone is exceptionally helpful in the business field as it ensures achievement. Pukhraj gemstone opens up the riches and achievement in all undertaking. Yellow sapphire speaks to the planet Jupiter and brings all the grandiose energies of this planet, similar to insight and favorable luck, for the wearer. The gemstone is the carrier’s budgetary achievement and favorable luck. It can bring learning and another point of view for the wearer, which can take him far in his business interests. Yellow sapphire is viewed as appropriate for individuals occupied with the exchange and business of yellow-hued wares, for example, gold, adornments, yellow shaded fabric, and bronze things, wheat, and wax. Individuals who are in the profession related to education, astrology, and writing, and artistic careers can also benefit from this gemstone.

  • Yellow Sapphire makes one healthy:

Yellow sapphire has the ability to heal diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, lung diseases, and heart diseases. It is also linked with the digestive system, skin, and liver. People with jaundice are suggested to wear yellow sapphire. The healing and spiritual properties of this gemstone aids in healing piles. Wearing yellow sapphire stone aids in the blood circulation of the body, which increases your energy level. It also has the ability to strengthen veins and arteries which further helps in healing hearts related problems.

  • Yellow Sapphire makes one prosperous and wise:

It is our financial stability, good health, knowledge, and social respect that add a true sense of fulfillment to our experience of life. However, we all know that money, health, wisdom, and fame do not come easy in life. There are so many factors that decide the outcome of our actions and determine the quality of life that we would ultimately have long terms and real success only comes to those who have the power and life-defining support of certain celestial bodies in their lives. The celestial bodies in the form of planets play a highly significant role in charting the course of our destiny. The kind of effects that planets exert upon an individual during his/her life is simply beyond words. Make no mistake, a person can scale phenomenal heights of success in life if positive planetary forces back his/her actions and at the same time if malefic planetary forces are against that individual faces repeated obstacles & hurdles that eventually result into failures no matter how sincere that individual’s efforts are.

So, now the question that comes to everyone’s mind is: “Which planet is the most beneficial for an individual when it comes to providing positive and powerful cosmic support that ensures maximum success and prosperity in life?”

Things you need to know Before Buying Yellow sapphire:

  • Color

The Yellow color palette covers a splendid range of natural pastel light yellow to lemony yellow. Although the color is a personal choice, it is opting for a medium vibrant canary yellow.

The major reason behind yellow coloration in sapphire is due to the trace element iron. The heightened iron concentrations produce higher color saturation, leading to the richness in color.

  • Cleanliness

Whenever buying certified gemstone online, make sure to see that the documentation for the stone is authentic.

The best Yellow sapphire or Original Pukhraj is crystal –clear that is visible to the naked eye.

Yellow sapphire generally has fewer inclusions are compared to other colored stones, which is pretty convenient, considering the medium tone which the color shows best does very little to high inclusion.

  • Country

Yellow sapphire originates in Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, and Australia. However, the finest Yellow sapphires originate in Sri- Lanka.

While this is a crucial factor, the country where yellow sapphire originates doesn’t affect their pricing, as opposed to other gemstones.

  • Cut

The cut of the Yellow Sapphire is the most important aspect related to its sparkling effects. If the cut of yellow sapphire is not good, it seems dull and lifeless.

The cut doesn’t refer to the shape but the facets on the surface of a gemstone.

  • Heated and untreated?

Yellow sapphire is largely treated to augment its color and transparency. The changes that are made through the heating remain permanent.

We specialize in providing untreated Yellow sapphires. We believe there is no substitute for natural beauty and splendor.

  • Uniqueness

Natural Yellow Sapphire is very rare to find considering they are generally treated to enhance their color and transparency.

Since only natural sapphire gives the best results, it does not overlook the aspects of uniqueness and purchase only natural Yellow sapphire.

  • Build

Sapphire is made of the mineral corundum, which is colored by trace elements of iron. This is how Sapphire gets their stunning color.

  • Price

Yellow sapphire is the ideal choice for you if the daunting price tags of diamonds scare you. You can always find a stunning sapphire that you can afford.

The price range is defined by the 4cs- color, cut, carat, and clarity. If a yellow sapphire stands out on all four aspects, then the price is sure to be on the most expensive side.

  • Metal

While all the metals are suitable for yellow sapphire, their applicability varies. If a yellow sapphire is to be wear on a lighter, pastel yellow then it will gel well with silver, platinum, and white gold.

Whereas, if a sapphire is dark yellow- it will suit well with Rose gold or yellow gold.


Yellow sapphire is for planet Jupiter, which strengthens the energy of planet Jupiter in your life. If you are recommended yellow sapphire as per your horoscope then you have to select a pure authentic yellow sapphire from some authentic place. From pure Vedic gems, you can select an authentic Yellow sapphire at the right price, right quality. So you should go for a pure authentic gemstone from pure Vedic gems. And these things which are mentioned above are necessary things you need to know before buying yellow sapphire.

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