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Planets and their gems-Ruby

Planets and their gems   Jyotish Ruby for the Sun Planets and their gems : An enormous amount of information is gathered about a person’s life and attributes by the Position of the Sun at the time of his or her birth. Western astrology is very ‘personality-based,’ and this is why within it so much emphasis […]

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Quality and Size of Gems

Quality and Size of Gems     Quality and Size of Gems Quality and Size of Gems: In regard to obtaining the best possible quality in gems, certain requirements are necessary. In the scriptures it is stated that Gems should be ‘flawless’, yet this would mean ‘eye-clean’, as healers didn’t have microscopes in those days. […]

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Planetary Gemology

Planetary Gemology   Planetary Gemology The science of Planetary Gemology is one which has been used in accordance with astrology for thousands of years. It is the science of understanding how gems transmit and reflect planetary rays, and how they will increase planetary influences in a person’s life. Gems never ‘decrease’ a planet’s energy or […]

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Herbs and the Six Tastes

Herbs and the Six Tastes   Herbs and the Six Tastes The taste of an herb is not incidental but is directly related- indeed, directly responsible- for much of its therapeutic value. That is why Ayurvedic herbs are generally taken in a form that requires tasting them, rather than concealing the taste in a capsule. […]

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The Principal Seed Mantras

    The Principal Seed Mantras The Principal Seed Mantras If you have a particular issue in your life, or a material or spiritual goal you wish to accomplish, pick a seed sound that seems to represent the energy you desire but have been lacking. Work with this mantra for ten days, repeating it as […]

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The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing

The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing   The Nine Cosmic Rays For Healing The Cosmic rays are seen by all at some time or another in the magnificence of a rainbow. In some locales this phenomenon is seen more often than in others, but wherever it is seen, it is always composed of the same […]

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Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems

  Healing With Vibrational Energy Of Gems  It is the energy-force of the cosmos which sustains all living organisms. The Chinese call it chi and the Indians prana. This life- force energizes our bodies throughout life until it departs at the time of death, leaving the gross material body to decay and return to the […]

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Astrologically Effective Red Coral

Astrologically Effective Red Coral Coral Coral is made up of the skeleton remains of marine animals called Coral Polyps. These tiny creatures live in colonies which form branching structures as they grow, eventually forming coral reefs and atolls. The surface of these coral “branches” has a distinctive patterning made by the original skeleton – either […]

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Where Gemstones Are Found

Where Gemstones Are Found   Where gemstones are found is a good question which should always be asked from the gemstone Supplier. Some Gem Minerals, such as quartz and garnet, are found worldwide. Others, like diamonds and emeralds, are rarer, due to the more unusual geological conditions necessary for their formation. Even when mineral is […]

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How The Astrological Remedies Work The planets are not just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body. The planetary energies create a pattern, a shape and […]

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