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Mantras for Venus

Mantras for Venus(Sukra)   Mantras for Venus Mantras for Venus. The planet Venus (Sukra) in a natural benefic planet like guru in Hindu Mythology. Sukra means “bright” and “potency” in Sanskrit. Venus is the karaka of spouse, love, luxury, beauty, prosperity and fine arts. Sukra, is known as the teacher of Raakshashas. Guru (Jupiter) is […]

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Mantras for Jupiter

Mantras for Jupiter (Guru)   Mantras for Jupiter Mantras for Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is known as Guru or Brihaspati. He is putra karaka (thc significater) of children. Guru ill placed would cause problems related to children as well as delay in child birth. He governs digestive juices and affliction to Guru will cause jaundice. […]

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Mantras for Mars

Mantras for Mars (Mangal/Kuja)   Mantras for Mars (Mangal/Kuja) Mars, known as Mangal, Angaraka, Kuja and Chavai is the Commander in thr planetary cabinet. He is the war lord. Mangal means the auspicious one. Angaraka is the one who is like burning coal. Kuja is the significator of brothers or sisters, aggressive attitude, war, sports, […]

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Mantras for Moon (Chandra)

Mantras for Moon (Chandra) Mantras for Moon (Chandra) The Moon in Hindu astrology is known as Chandra. Shiva having Chandra adorning his head is known by name Chandradhara. The other name most popular is Soma. Chandra means ‘shiny’ and Soma is the sacred intoxicating drink that was used in vedic rituals. Moon is known as […]

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Mantras for Sun (Ravi)

Mantras for Sun (Ravi)   Mantras for Sun (Ravi) Mantras for Sun, the Sun God known by the names Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Arka, Mithra and by several other names. In fact Rigveda is full of praise, describing Him by several names and qualities. He is Atmakaraka (Shznificator of soul). Being at the centre of the […]

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The Chakras

The Chakras   The Seven Chakras The seven Chakras or ‘lotuses’ are the higher energy-centers of our bodies, and are the channels or focal points through which cosmic energy is received, distributed, and regulated for different bodily functions. They are rotating vortexes, each with three concentric whorls of energy. They are traditionally said to be […]

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Short Planetary Mantras

Short Planetary Mantras   Working with Planetary energies: Short Planetary Mantras:   Sun OM Suryaya Namaha (Om Soor-yah-yah Nahm-ah-ha) “Om and salutation to Surya, presiding spirit of the Sun.”   Moon Om Chandraya Namaha (Om Chahn-drah-yah Nahm-ah-ha) “Om and salutations to Chandra, presiding spirit of the Moon.”   Mars Om Angarakaya Namaha (Om Ahng-gah-rah-kah-ya Nahm-ah-ha) […]

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The Power Of The Astrological Sign

The Power Of The Astrological Sign   The Power of the Astrological Sign : The Power of the Astrological Sign, the planetary alignments in our individual birth charts can present. Unique problems and lessons for each of us. Most astrologers who interpret your birth chart will discuss the “easy” and the “difficult” of your planets […]

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Planets and Their gems Catseye

Planets and their gems   Chrysoberyl Catseye for Ketu Chrysoberyl Catseye for Ketu, Ketu, like Rahu, is a malefic ‘shadow’ planet, the difference between them being that being that where Rahu may seem to give material boons, Ketu takes them away. Ketu can be a factor in increasing one’s spiritual renunciation and detachment from worldly things. […]

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Planets and Their gems Hessonite

Planets and their gems Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) for Rahu Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) for Rahu. Rahu, also called ‘the Dragon’s Head’ or north node of the Moon by Western astrologers, is a malefic planet by nature. He causes all sorts of chaos, frustrations, and suffering by creating enmity with others or by inciting insatiable sexual or […]

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