Therapy Through Colors

Therapy Through Colors

Therapy Through Colors


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Therapy Through Colors

Therapy Through Colors

Color plays a very important part and has a definite function in our environment, attitudes, emotions, moods, thoughts, and behavior, clothes, and health. Colors are constantly with us in our home, clothes, shops, decoration, furnishings, and automobiles. Wherever life exists the Color also exists.

Color is the effect caused by the reflection of certain rays of light, which is a form of intense vibration. Light is the agent which causes the sensation of vision. These vibrations affect the nerves in the eye, fusing the sensation known as color.

Healing with color is comparatively not new. The combination of sound and color is now being recognized and used by many psychologists, and psychiatrists in the treatment of certain diseases and behaviourisms. They consider the correct use of color as beneficial as taking vitamins A, B, C and D. Some colors stimulate our organs, others act as a sedative.

Colors function according to their nature or specific rate of vibrations. Persons of refined temperament admire soft delicate colors. Persons of less refined temperament admire deeper colors and some individuals like bright, gaudy colors.

Colors which harmonise with your birthday, soul urge, destiny, and birth path are of paramount importance.

Wear the colors of your birthday for social affairs and gaiety.

For relaxation and for protection against adverse vibrations wear the color of your soul urge.

For intellectual study, or to enliven your capabilities wear the color of your destiny or expression number. For business success or to attract new opportunities wear the colors of your birth path.

Displaying or wearing colors in harmony with the cosmic vibration of the day is beneficial in business. Don’t wear dark blue on a 1st day or red on a 7th day. Certain people should wear stripes and plaids, others plain materials. Red makes business boom.


Red is the most stimulating and dominant of all colors. It is dynamic, strong, exuberant, creative, and irresistible. It is hot- the color of blood- represents fire and life. It is the color of love and sacrifice. Red roses symbolize affection. It is the color of patriotism.

In India red means health and protection against disease.

Wearing the Coral of Red Color helps to improve physical strength and help to cure diseases like nerve diseases.


Yellow is the hue of light, luminosity, and the Sun.

Yellow is a warm color. It has a brightening and cheerful effect on differently abled and children. To brighten a sick room paint it yellow. Yellow and Orange are significant of light and warmth due to the association of these colors with the Sun or sunlight.

In india yellow is the color of marriage.

The sapphire of Yellow color brings health, wisdom and spirituality.


Blue is the universal favourite of all colours. Hence it is the most popular. Blue symbolizes truth and tranquility.

It may also indicate lack of affection, or generosity and intelligence.

To a Buddhist the Sapphire produces peace of mind or release. Blue is a Soothing color producing tranquility and serenity.

From a Therapeutic standpoint blue has great power and value. Blue is a cool color.


White is the symbol of purity, virginity and chastity as it is untouched, uncontaminated, and has an unsullied appearance. Dressing a baby in white signifies purity.

White is a cool color as it reflects or transmits light rays. While it tends to keep heat rays out it does not offer protection against cold. It keeps the rays out of the refrigerator but it does not keep the cold in.

White Sapphire energises venus in Astrology.


Green is the symbol of life and eternity. It is demonstrated in nature and represents spring or immaturity. It is a cooling color, being neither warm nor cold. It is restful, bringing light and peace since it is neither sad nor cheerful.

To a hindu the Emerald offered the gifts of knowledge and memory.

Green is the color of immortality or eternal youth. It has a stabilizing effect and produces tranquil joy.


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