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  1. Practiced Vedic astrology for over 20 years & following traditions from last 3 generations.
  2. Analyzed over 5000+ horoscopes.Maintained a database of all the horoscopes and predictions to track performance.
  3. Advised and consulted on various subjects such as:Career, business and financial prospectus, Marriage, childbirth and family affairs.
  4. Our Time tested remedial measures to counter all ill effects of planet include:- 1.Gemstones 2.Yagya 3.Mantra


Please note that each horoscope is studied diligently to ensure that all aspects are considered, before any advice is offered. This requires several hours of conscientious effort – the results are qualitative and superior as compared to computerized systems which use standard templates for instant gratification.

We offer:- Detailed Cosmic report with remedies recommendations which includes all mathematical cosmic calculation, predictions, remedial measures in areas like astrological, spiritual, gemstones, yogic and ayurvedic.

For Appointment Call +91-9871-582-404

We have five options for your convenience

  • 1. For knowing your favourable Vedic Gemstone/Gemstones (With Horoscope Softcopy) (Rs 1100) ($20)Pay PayUmoney
  • 2. For remedy related to a particular problem (Only one question) (Telephonic/Skype chat) (Rs 1100) ($20)Pay PayUmoney
  • 3. For Remedy related to a particular problem (Only one Question) (Personal/Face to Face) (Rs 1500) ($25)Pay PayUmoney
  • 4. For Detail Consultation/Horoscope Study/Remedies (Telephonic/Skype Chat) (Rs 2100) ($35)Pay PayUmoney
  • 5. For Detail Consultation/Horoscope Study/Remedies (Personal/Face to Face) (Rs 3100) ($48)Pay PayUmoney

What Others Have Said About Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt & Suggested Vedic Remedies

  • Litigation
  • Financial
  • Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Health
I spent a couple of hours three days before with Mr.vinayak Bhatt. He gave me the most accurate reading I have ever, ever had. Vinayak explained myself to be better than I could have and had wonderful things to say about my evolutionary progression as a spiritual being. I am, at best, a pedestrian when it comes to Astrological issues, but Vinayak took the time to explain everything, making the reading very clear. He also made practice and practical life recommendations based on my chart. Overall, wonderful, inspiring and incredibly helpful. Generally being acutely critical, this is no whimsical recommendation. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Vinayak Bhatt. You need to ask a prior appointment from him, his offices are in Delhi and Noida. Prajkta Surya, Delhi Source - http://www.indusladies.com/forums/delhi-and-ncr/200253-who-best-famous-astrologer-delhi-11.html https://delhireviews.com/question/famous-and-best-astrologer-in-delhi/
I HAVE FACED LOT OF PROBLEMS two years back as I was not having a job at that time and problems with my wife also. But now I'm very happy. This is all because of Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt His Contact number +91-11-40541815. When I went to this Ganesha devotee Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt with problems, by seeing my horoscope only he told me everything about my problems. And he said a puja to me for four days. After that puja, I got a lot of relaxation from my problems From that day onwards I started meeting him regularly for special advice. He solved my court case problem completely. He is almost God for me because my problem was unable to solve. As said by many astrologers. But after consulting Vinayak Bhatt I am very happy. His suggestions working very nicely for me. So I recommend Guruji based on my personal experience. He is very good and excellent astrologer. Inder Gujral, Delhi Source - https://delhireviews.com/question/famous-and-best-astrologer-in-delhi/
I have seen many people, claiming to be an astrologer. Unfortunately, I happen to know how they manipulate things so that makes me more of annoyed than amazed. I could trust only Vinayak. Whatever he predicts, was pure computation and it kept on proving true, one by one. Best part, he doesn't shy away and that's what I respect and like most. I congratulate him on his skills and wish him Godspeed. Ranveer Jadahu, Jaipur Source - Email
I just wanted to let you know the things that happened during the Ketu yagya and to thank you again for doing this for me and really for my family as well. During the week of the yagya settlement occurred on the property I had for sale & the money was deposited into my account. The final papers were signed on the estate of my late husband and the contesting of the will (which had been brewing for some time) was successfully resolved. I traveled north last weekend to help my daughter move and to look at a house she thought would suit me. I made an offer & it was accepted. It is a little cottage and perfect for what I had hoped to purchase. I still find it hard to believe the right place was there at a price I could manage, but then I believe the universe was helping me yet again. Best wishes to you and your family Sunil Kumar, Noida Source - Email
I am asha sundar, I was working as senior managing director in one of finest mobile importer company of India, suddenly my life takes turns and I lost my job, than I tried every possible method of getting my job but nothing happens. Then one day my friend suggest me to go for the astrologer, then I searched for an astrologer . it's really confusing and hard to search good and authentic astrologer. I m living in Delhi and I almost try every astrologer from western to all Lal Kitab. But nothing helps me, thn one day I met astrologer Vinayak Bhatt when I was visiting rishikesh,and believe me he helps me lot . He is not just astrologer but also suggest me best and effective remedies. He suggested me two remedies and than within 3 months I am back to my job.his practical approach and clear understanding of remedies helped me. You can also contact www.purevedicgems.com Asha Sundar Hariraj, Bijnaur Source - http://delhireviews.com/question/famous-and-best-astrologer-in-delhi/
Vinayak Sir combines practical everyday insights with an awareness of cosmic and global trends. As a result, his insights have been enormously helpful to me during the past five years as I wrote my book, concentrated on expanding my work and created new directions in my personal life. I consider Vinayak a rare genius whose work is part artistry and part science with a heavy dose of compassion for each of his individual clients. Uma Pathak
I truly enjoyed his reading because I found a lot of answers to issues and pretty much a realistic To Do list.. O. S. , Miami Source - Email
Consulting with Vinayak Bhatt was pure JOY! He has the most down to earth nature, but is also clearly connected with the Heavens. He possesses a deep knowledge of the planets and our connections to them. During my consultation I was so impressed with his gentle and thoughtful nature. Even when speaking about the 'dark' side of our nature, he communicated it with such warmth and caring. He is truly a compassionate being who loves helping people. I am deeply grateful for his services. A.C. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Source - Letter
Vinayak Sir is professional and highly skilled at creating and interpreting charts. If you don't believe astrology is 'work' and scientific, I dare you to take an astrology chart class. The mathematics along with the necessary depth of interpretation and understanding the endless influences mean a good astrologer must be both linear in their thinking (connect the dots) and an artist as well: Vinayak is definitely both. I have worked with several top astrologers over the decades and Vinayak bhatt is among the best...you will be happy you chose him! Santosh Hegde , Nadi Astrologer cum Heart Surgeon Source - Website
I am going through my Saturn Return and was looking for an astrologer. So what else do I do than ask my clients and friends. I had 2 people recommend Vinayak Bhatt so that was easy and called and made appointment with him and he was very quick at a response and keeping you informed about your appointment. It was great going to see him and really getting an insight on yourself and realizing how it all makes sense and is very good at explaining and not going over my head. After that visit I returned and talked about my next career move. Arima Singhal, Delhi Source - Thank Giving Greeting card
My parents have been looking for grooms for me but looking at how marriages are lately, they were worried that I will not find a suitable match. They were using various matrimonial services but all failed in terms of matches provided by them. I visited your website one day and got my marriage report made. You told me the exact time I will get married and how my future married life will be. According to your predictions, I did find my husband in that period and my married life has been exactly the way you predicted. Thanks to you Vinayak sir, I am now settled in life with my soulmate. Anuja Jain, Noida Source - Letter
Dear Vinayak Bhatt I am extremely happy after experiencing the astrological consultancy service offered by you. It was such an awesome feeling to see the truth behind every statement mentioned in your words. The accuracy level was just superb. Guys Keep it up this great job. Thanks and Regards Brahmi Chawla , Kota Source - Email
One astrological session with Vinayak bhatt & Vedic Mahamrityunjaya Yagya saved me a years' worth of therapy. R. Ramanujachraya Source - Email
I am very pleased with the results and I thank you very much. In fact, my nephew, this baby a few days is still hospitalized because of an alarming drop of his blood platelets. Today, these platelets have doubled in quantity without any medication. Punditji thank you, Thank Punditji, Thank Punditji and JAI GURU DEV,your consultationa and vedic remedies suggested by you (Nav Chandi Yagya) is realy result oriented Gopi krishna, Delhi Source - Greeting card
It is a great joy to write to you about how my health has improved dramatically since you started the yagnyas! Sandhya garg, North Delhi Source - Email

Everyone is interested in who they are and where they are headed. Astrology can be used as a guidepost on our journey to ourselves and to our future. Through the synchronicity of the cosmos and the magic of this ancient art/science our soul journey is revealed.

In my readings I examine the natal chart and current transits and progressions to uncover the energies of one's true self and one's future. I do not believe there are any "bad" aspects or "bad" planets, but rather all the planetary and aspect energies can be used In my readings I look both at a client's potential as indicated in the natal chart and at present and future energies and opportunities. I am happy to focus on a particular question or area of life as requested.

Just as the captain of a ship uses a compass and a map to chart the course of a ship, so does the birth chart and planetary movements help to plan major events in life. The benefits of astrology are numerous – a well-planned career move can help you scale the ladder faster, compatibility analysis with a suitable marriage partner can ensure harmonious married life. Astrology can help us prepare for our day just as weather forecast helps us plan our day – – if heavy snow is forecast, drive carefully – if the sun is shining brightly, spend the day on the beach. Knowing when the wind is behind your back helps you to maximize your potential and make the most of any given situation.

Allow me to use my experience and expertise in astrology of over 18 years and lineage from last 68 years to help you unlock the potential of the stars and make the most of every day… - Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt Please note- I as an Astrologer, can't write Your future, however, I can predict and advise you the circumstances you may experience in the forthcoming future. as well as can advise you the most effective way to achieve your targets, resolve your problems and mainly the way to improve the prospective by Vedic Astrology.

I can suggest the best Vedic and Astrological way to achieve your future objectives, solve your problems and above all how to optimize the potential that lies within the given circumstances.

My Astrology forecast readings are based on the advanced Vedic Astrology system, which is not limited only upto 12 Astrology signs. It is based on 27 Nakshatras (Stars or Constellation) and 249 sub division of the zodiac.

I do work for future events forecast timing upto 4th level depth of dasha system, so I am giving very precious range for timing of event.


Reports and updates by Pure Vedic Gems and the advice and opinions offered are based on the accuracy of birth data provided. Information, forecasts, predictions and life or business trends provided by Pure Vedic Gems should be taken strictly as guidelines and suggestions. Pure Vedic Gems in no way suggests infallibility where forecasts are concerned and therefore rescinds liability for any personal, business or health decision.


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