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Pure and Natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone, price guide and benefits

Pure and Natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone, price guide and benefits

Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone that represents the energy of planet Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pukhraj in Hindi. Yellow sapphire brings prosperity to anyone who wears it, thus making it one of the most popular and beneficial gemstones among the Navaratnas. It is believed to improve the financial status of the wearer as well as bestow him or her with wealth, good health, fame, name, honor, and success. Yellow Sapphire is considered to be auspicious, bringing peace and prosperity and enduring the continuation of the family. Yellow sapphire represents divine grace.

Kindly compare and buy only Govt. Certified (IGI-GTL) or world reputed labs like (GIA, IGI, GRS, AGS, GII, ETC) certified Yellow Sapphire only. Because only these labs (Not the private or affiliated labs opened now-a-days)have the latest and the most advanced equipment to test these Yellow Sapphire for the various treatment that is being done on them to enhance their color and clarity to dupe and cheat people.

Quality Chart of Yellow Sapphire gemstone:

Lowest Quality Yellow Sapphire.

Origin: – The origin of this quality yellow sapphire is Bangkok (Thailand).

Treatment: – These gemstones are highly treated (diffusion treatment using beryllium; color Enhancements by using Irradiation, color filling using resin, etc.)

Astrologically: – This quality gemstone is not effective and not recommended at all.

Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 500-Rs 3,000 Per Carat.

Color tone & Appearance: – The color tone and appearance are highly opaque and deep yellow or orange tone.

Medium Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin: – The origin of this quality yellow sapphire is Bangkok (Thailand) Sri-Lanka.

Treatment: – These gemstones are moderately treated and effective (Generally only heating /or not treated).

Astrologically: – This quality gemstone is effective and recommended.

Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 3,000 -Rs 12,000 per Carat.

Color tone & Appearance: – – The Color tone is very light yellow and golden tone and the appearance is, slightly opaque / less in transparency with inclusions/ smokiness.

High-Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin: – The origin of this quality Yellow Sapphire is Sri-Lanka, and Burma.

Treatment: – These gemstones are not treated at all.

Astrologically: – This quality Yellow Sapphire is most effective and highly recommended.

Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 12,000 -Rs 30,000 per Carat.

Color tone & Appearance: – The color tone and appearance are Medium/ good in transparency, luster, and yellow color tone with very less or no inclusions.

Very High-Quality Yellow Sapphire

Origin: – The origin of this quality yellow sapphire is Sri-Lanka, Burma, and Brazil.

Treatment: – These gemstones are not treated at all.

Astrologically: – This quality Yellow Sapphire gemstone is very effective and highly recommended.

Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 30,000 -Rs 80,000 per Carat.

Color tone & Appearance: The Color tone and appearance are very Good yellow golden color with brilliant luster, absolutely transparent with no inclusions.

Healing properties of Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire is used to enhancing the powers of Planet Jupiter (Guru). It emits blue Cosmic rays. And the deficiency of blue cosmic rays makes a person pessimistic, weak-willed, and without faith. These rays strengthen the fat system of the body and can help cure sore throats, laryngitis, goiter, jaundice, diarrhea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, impotency, gout pain in knee joints arthritis, and lung problems. Yellow Sapphire cures chicken pox, measles, mumps, tonsillitis, whooping cough, eye inflammations, headache, toothaches, itches on skin, menstruation pain, and also strengthens the body’s immune system overall.

Benefits of wearing Jyotish Standard Yellow Sapphire

• Jyotish Standard Yellow Sapphire gemstone can do wonders in your life if it is worn properly. It brings prosperity to those who wear it, thus making it one of the most popular and beneficial gemstones among the Navratans. It helps to improve the financial status of the wearer as well as shower him or her with lots of wealth, good health, fame, name, honor, and success.

• Pure Quality Yellow Sapphire is an auspicious stone, which brings peace and prosperity and ensures the continuation of the family. Yellow Sapphire represents divine grace power. Yellow Sapphire is also the gemstone of knowledge, auspicious wealth, and loving relationships and provides general well-being and spiritual knowledge to the wearer.

• Yellow Sapphire stone gives quick results if worn in Gold and Panch dhatu, on Thursday. According to the sacred textbooks, all married women who desire a harmonious married life and a happy family should wear a Yellow Sapphire for prosperous family life.

• Those who wear Yellow Sapphire are bestowed with good health, wisdom, property, longevity, name, honor, and fame and are protected from evil spirits. Students who wear Jyotish standard Yellow sapphire excel in their studies.

• Jyotish Standard Yellow sapphire gemstone unites lovers who are separated. The wearer of Yellow Sapphire gets the knowledge of the law, ethics, wit, wisdom, worldly happiness, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, glory and mental peace, intelligence, better behavior, and long life.

• One should make sure that to wear natural, unheated, and flawless Yellow Sapphire just like the Dev Guru Brihaspati himself to reap the best result.

General Characteristics of Real and Authentic Yellow Sapphire:

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire ensures healthy and prolonged life. Yellow sapphire brings wisdom, good luck, and mental peace.

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire gives strength to your immune and digestive systems. It also improves your blood circulation and boosts the functioning of the liver and pancreas.

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire makes an individual confident and brings positive thoughts.

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire provides better decision-making ability, improves your concentration, and helps with academic and career success. So yellow sapphire can also be worn by students or professionals.

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire is also recommended to those girls who are facing problems with getting married or finding a suitable match. Married women can also wear Yellow Sapphire if they are facing troubles in their married life.

• Vedic Quality Yellow Sapphire helps you on good terms with your kids and also gives you name, fame, and wealth.

Qualities of a Jyotish Standard Yellow Sapphire

• Jyotish standard Yellow Sapphire should have good transparency, color and brilliance, and hardness.
• Good quality Yellow Sapphire should have evenness in surface and no variation in thickness.
• Jyotish Standard Yellow Sapphire should have heaviness or high specific gravity that can be felt when kept in the palm.
• Yellow Sapphire should emit lights all over its surface.
• Jyotish standard Yellow Sapphire should be smooth and soft in touch and in a regular shape.
• Jyotish Standard Yellow Sapphire should have rich velvety luster that can be seen with naked eyes.

Why 90% of the people are not getting results from Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire is considered, one of the most powerful gemstones according to Jyotish astrology. If worn in the correct way, it can provide immense power to its wearer. The major problem is people don’t even know that they are not wearing Natural Yellow Sapphire because every yellow stone is not a Yellow Sapphire, it can be citrine, or golden topaz, or any other yellow color stone. People struggling with issues in their lives can seek a great amount of help while wearing this stone. However, in most cases, the stone doesn’t work.

How you can check your Real and Authentic yellow sapphire?

The market is flooded with fake gemstones. There are dealers out there who sell fake gemstones at their original price. So, the chances are that the Yellow sapphire you’re currently wearing might be not the real one. A phony yellow sapphire won’t work, no matter what you do. You can check your Yellow Sapphire gemstone with the following steps:

• Compare the yellow Sapphire with a piece of Yellow glass: – Most fake sapphires are made from glass. While yellow glass may look similar to Yellow Sapphire at a glance, the two are drastically different when compared with one another. In general, yellow glass is too big and too colorful to be real.

• Look for tiny bubbles: – Yellow Sapphires can have several interior inclusions, but Yellow Sapphire of High quality will not have included that is visible to the naked eye. Fake sapphires have tiny bubbles inside.

• Watch out for filling: – Like any stone, Yellow Sapphire occasionally contains inclusions and negative space inside the stone. When a gem cutter slices into one of these imperfections, a small hole can develop. Most jewelers prefer to keep the hole in the gem rather than cut it away, but untrustworthy jewelers sometimes fill the stones with glass or borax paste to add weight and make the stone appear higher quality. Examine the stone by shining a light on it.

• Be aware of foil-backed stones: – Foil backing reflects more light, making the color of Yellow Sapphire look more vibrant and the luster of the gem look brighter. The backing can be hard to see if the stones already fitted into a setting, but careful examination of the base of the stone under magnification can often reveal a foil backing.

• Look for a certificate: – while a certificate does not give you the same assurance that physically checking the stone might, it does provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that the stone was checked and approved by an official, trusted organization. Look for certificates from national gem societies like the Gemological Institute of America or the International gemological institute of India.

Purification of Yellow Sapphire before wearing.

Before wearing the yellow Sapphire gemstone ring for the first time Yellow Sapphire should be immersed in cow’s milk for a few minutes and then Yellow sapphire should be washed in rainwater, spring water, or water kept in a copper pot overnight. We can also purify the Yellow Sapphire by putting Yellow sapphire in a bowl and can add this pooja samagri one by one like Ganga Jal, tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and ghee. While wearing the ring we should chant the mantra “Om Graang Greeng Groung Sah Gurvae Namah” / “Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah om”
Some Rituals before wearing a Yellow Sapphire.

One should buy Yellow Sapphire on Thursday, in an ascending cycle of the moon and when Pushya Nakshatra is present. The gem should be given to the jeweler on the same day, between sunrises to 11 A.M. The weight of the yellow Sapphire gemstone should not be less than three carat. One should not wear a Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) of six, eleven, or fifteen times to carat. The right day to wear Yellow sapphire is Thursday. And the best time to wear a Pukhraj ring is in the early morning within 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset.

Why should one choose Yellow Sapphire from Pure Vedic Gems?

Pure Vedic Gems is managed by GII certified professional gemstone experts. Pure Vedic Gems buys directly from mines/ manufacturers, so end-user/customers get the best price. It has the widest range of govt. lab certified natural / Jyotish gemstones in all sizes carat shape quality and price. Each stone is Lab Tested for Authenticity/Purity & Verified for Astrological benefits. It provides free govt. lab report with each and every gemstone. Pure Vedic Gems also provide free recommendations on gemstones by famous astrologers and Free checking of your old stone by a gemologist. You can definitely get 100% Energized & Activated Gemstones for the best result in Astrology.

For 100% Natural, Astro-Rashi Approved, Lab Certified Gemstones/Rudrakshas:


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