Good Behaviour

A person with a family should observe good behaviour because one cannot enjoy peace, happiness without good behaviour. Our ancient scriptures tell us about three types of good behaviour, non-judgemental, non-hurting and non-stealing. If a person behaves well throughout his life, hewill attain siddhi (Success in all actions) in this world and the next.

Good Behaviour vis-a-vis Wealth :

Controlling the mind, a person should save one-fourth of his income for poorlaukik laabh (next life, after death). Half of one’s income should be spent on his daily activities and personal maintenance. One-fourth of his income should be kept aside as a saving for the future. This style of living leads to success.

Good Behaviour in Daily Life  :

Regarding our behaviour, the Markandeya Paurana has listed some do’s and don’ts from the time we open our eyes.These are given below:

  • Wake up before sunrise and think of religion and earning wealth in an honest way.
  • Plan the ways and means by which you will earn wealth.
  • Remember the Almighty.
  • Then get up from bed.
  • Freshen up and take a bath.
  • Perform morning sandhya.
  • Similarly perform evening sandhya.
  • Don’t use dirty and abusive language.
  • Don’t tell lies.
  • Don’t accept atheism.
  • Don’t support bad people.
  • Perform havan in the morning and in the evening to control your mind.
  • Don’t look at the sun during sunrise and sunset.
  • Activities like combing one’s hair, looking at the mirror, brushing one’s teeth, etc, should be done before noon.
  • Worship God, forefathers, people and other birds, animals as per rituals, and then have your food.

Good Behaviour While Having Food :

  • Wash your hands and feet, and have food facing either the East or North. Silence should be                                      maintained while having your meal.
  • Don’t think about anything else while having your food;  concentrate on your food only.
  • Don’t take salt separately while having food.
  • Don’t eat food that is extremely hot.
  • Don’t have food while standing or walking.
  • Don’t touch a cow, people, fire and your own body while having food.
  • Don’t look intentionally at the Sun, moon and the stars.
  • Don’t touch someone else’s plate.


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