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Gems in Clinical Healing

Gems in Clinical Healing

Gems in Clinical Healing copy

Gems in Clinical Healing

These days we are finding that the clinical applications of gems are being realized by quite a number of health professionals. Especially in Europe many clinics equip themselves with different types of electronic instruments. Not only gem therapy, but milder forms of color therapy, electronic-laser acupuncture, and other therapies employing frequencies of light, color, and sound are used to treat disease as well as to prevent it. These types of healing modalities are effective and represent a non-invasive type of medicine in gentle contradistinction to the use of drugs, which can be harmful and toxic to the body. Utilizing a combination of natural healing frequencies with color and gems has an amazing effect on the vibrational rate of cells, glands, and organs in the body. The intake and usage of prana is increased, and the body is rejuvenated through the natural frequencies.

The best electronic gem therapy instruments use a precision electronic device connected to gem lamps. The lamps are very low voltage and have an outer lens which is removable. A gems is placed into the lens and fitted above a color filter which is the same ‘cosmic color’ that the gem transmits. In other words, if a Blue Sapphire is used, then the color filter is violet.  If a Yellow Sapphire is used, then the color filter is blue. If Emerald is used, then the color filter is green, and so on, as explained in an earlier chapter. The lamps are equipped with special lenses to focus and intensify the beam, which is then targeted to specific regions of the body. The electronic instrument regulates the vibrational rate (cycles per second), as well as the intensity of the beam transmitted. On the instrument we use there are digital monitors that display these readings, and knobs for making the necessary adjustments. This type of machine is being used today in many clinics throughout England and other places in Europe with great success, and the use of both low-voltage and low-heat makes it extremely safe to use with any patient.  The energy from the lamps can be felt both internally and externally, and it is described as a pleasurable sensation by most patients. Within just about twenty minutes of treatment we usually see an improvement in their complexion, and most find themselves completely relaxed.

Using the Lamps to Treat Physical pain

In treating cases of physical pains in the body, a lower frequency or wavelength must be induced within the brain. Generally pain causes anxiety and stress, and the blood pressure will be higher than normal.

The Gem we use to diminish pain is Blue Sapphire. It has a calming and analgesic effect, and seems to stimulate the production of endorphins. Treatment with the Blue Sapphire’s vibratory energy does not cause any unpleasant side effects, nor does it sap the energy of a patient. While it seems to give the patient energy of a tranquilizing nature, drugs which have this effect actually deplete patients of their strength and energy.

Conditions such as knee injuries are treated most effectively using Blue Sapphire, where as a combination of gems are used to reduce any swellings. Older injuries may require Ruby and White Sapphire to heat the area and increase circulation.

When mixing Emerald and Blue Sapphire together, they are most effective when the emerald is placed in one Lamp and the Blue Sapphire in another.

Treating the Skin

Much success has been achieved in treating skin problems with this method in European countries. The Emerald and Blue Sapphire combination seems to be very effective in treating abrasions, cuts, or burns, and Blue Sapphire alone in treating psoriasis. Eczema and dermatitis are best treated with an Emerald lamp, and sometimes the combination of Blue Sapphire and Emerald best reduce the irritation.

Treating Nerves and Emotional Suffering

Nervous Disorders and emotional pain or shock can create serious problems for not only the nervous system, but the endocrine system also. This may happen due to accidents, the death of a beloved one, or even upon receiving news which a person cannot consciously handle at the time. Often the person will experience insomnia and loss of appetite, which if allowed to continue, will reduce the body’s immune system’s capabilities of fighting infectious diseases. Blue Sapphire lamps on either side of such a patients head to induce a flow of calming, soothing energy directly to the brain.

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