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We have a team of Expert Vedic Astrologers and Scholar Pundits  (With generations of famous Astrological Background) whom you can consult for knowing your Vedic Karmic remedies. Our Astrologers after careful, expert and extensive horoscope study can tell your weak favorable planets and strong negative planets and thus can recommend you with the ancient Vedic Planetary Remedies to bring balance, stability, success, and happiness in your lives.

We have five options for your convenience

  • 1. For knowing your favorable Vedic Gemstone/Gemstones (With Horoscope Softcopy) (Rs 1100) ($20)
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  • 2. For remedy related to a particular problem (Only one question) (Telephonic/Skype chat) (Rs 1100) ($20)
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  • 3. For Remedy related to a particular problem (Only one Question) (Personal/Face to Face) (Rs 1500) ($25)
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  • 4. For Detail Consultation/Horoscope Study/Remedies (Telephonic/Skype Chat) (Rs 2100) ($35)
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  • 5. For Detail Consultation/Horoscope Study/Remedies (Personal/Face to Face) (Rs 3100) ($48)
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