To benefit your lives with the Ancient Indian Vedic Science of Rudraksha Therapy, for protection against the negative energy of unfavourable planets and strengthen the weak body chakras, to make the cosmic forces of nature to work in your favor you need to wear Pure and Natural, Purified & Energized (By Special Rudra Mantras), Genuine Rudrakshas recommended in your Vedic horoscope with proper wearing rituals and mantras mentioned in the Ancient Vedas and Puranas (Sacred Texts)
"Kindly buy only 100% Natural (non-tampered and not fake or artificially extra lines created) and Good quality (perfect shape and clear and prominent outer texture) and certified (with X-ray) by Genuine Lab Rudrakshas only. Also, the Magnetic Energy and Temperature tests are very important to know the power level of these Rudrakshas. After these, the Energizing by Ancient Rituals/Mantras is also very important"

Rudraksha Qualities Available In Market

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: Characteristics Of Rudrakshas :

  • High quality Rudrakshas are available in chocolate or brown color and are perfect shaped, they have prominent, clear and well defined outer texture and design, they are considered superior in quality. They are also available in dark reddish brown color.
  • Medium quality Rudrakshas are light brown in color, they have good shape and quite well defined outer texture and design. Its color resembles that of almonds and is also available in dusty shades.
  • Lower quality Rudrakshas are white and dull in color and have uneven shapes and very vague and unclear outer design and texture. It can be sometimes available in light shades of brown.

Fake Rudrakshas/ Poor Quality Rudrakshas/ Tempered Rudrakshas

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Most of the Rudraksha Sellers are selling Treated, Fake, Tampered or Manipulated (to create artificial extra mukhi`s) and/or Rudrakshas with improper seeds and compartments inside (as the energy of the Rudraksha depends on seeds inside) which are comparatively cheaper. And they have shown to give negative energies and bring harmful effects in one's life. In the Ancient Sacred Texts (Vedas & Puranas) also it is mentioned that these types of Rudrakshas are a total failure and bring negative effects and hence should be avoided. Make sure that the Rudraksha you are buying is not infected by any insect or broken and should not even be exactly round in shape etc. These kinds of Rudrakshas are considered defected or fake and should not be worn.

Types of Rudraksha :

* Rudraksha Ruling God Planet Mantras
#1 Mukhi        Shiva            Sun     Om Hreem Namah
#2 Mukhi        Ardhnareeshwar            Moon     Om Namah
#3 Mukhi        Agni            Mars       Om Kleem Namah
#4 Mukhi        Brahma            Mercury    Om Hreem Namah
#5 Mukhi      Kalaagni Rudra            Jupiter       Om Hreem Namah
#6 Mukhi       Kartikeya            Venus    Om Hreem Hum Namah
#7 Mukhi       Mahalaxmi            Saturn     Om Hum Namah
#8 Mukhi       Ganesh            Rahu   Om Hum Namah
#9 Mukhi       Durga            Ketu   Om Hreem Hum Namah
#10 Mukhi       Vishnu            None       Om Hreem Namah
#11 Mukhi       Hanuman            None    Om Hreem Hum Namah
#12 Mukhi       Sun god            Sun       Aum Kraum Sraum Raum Surya Namah
#13 Mukhi       Indra            Venus    Om Hreem Namah
#14 Mukhi      Hanuman            Saturn       Om Namah
#16 Mukhi       Lord Ram            None    Om Hreem Shivaya
#17 Mukhi      Vishvakarma            None       Om Namah Shivaya
#19 Mukhi       Lord Narayana            None   Om Namah Shivaya
#20 Mukhi      Vishwasu Sadhu & Narayan            None       Om Namah Shivaya
#21 Mukhi      EkAlakh Niranjan that is Omkar & Narayan            None       Om Namah Shivaya
#Gauri Shankar      Shiva & Parvati            None       Om Namah Shivaya

Natural, Non-Tampered, Genuine Quality, Purified & Energized by Ancient Rituals, Certified Rudrakshas for positive Healing energies in one's life.

  1. Rudraksha is the seed of the Eliocarpus Ganitrus tree and plays an important role in a spiritual seeker’s life.
  2. Rudraksha is a very good support because it creates a cocoon of your own energy.
  3. It is also a kind of shield against negative energies.
  4. Rudrakshas trees mainly grows in the area from the Gangetic plain in the foothills of the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, Nepal, Indonesia, New Guinea to Australia, Guam, and Hawaii. But the best Quality and Most Effective Rudrakshas are from Nepal. Rudraksha seeds are covered by an outer husk of blue when fully ripe, and for this reason they are also known as blueberry beads.
Pure Vedic Gems is the oldest & most trusted name associated with all kinds of Vedic planetary gemstones and Rudrakshas.
Genuine Gemstones & Rudrakshas with certification from international standard govt. labs only.
Astrologically approved (Jyotish standard) energized & purified gems Rudrakshas with Vedic mantras & rituals for best results.

Purified & Energized Genuine Rudrakshas

We deal in High Quality, Genuine, Authentic, Effective, Certified, Purified and Energized By Ancient Ritual Rudrakshas Only (as mentioned in Pauranic classic texts) for best results

  • Accurate Gemstone & Rudraksha / Gemstone consultation from genuine Vedic Astrologer.
  • Only Genuine labs/world standard labs certification.
  • Most reasonable prices (direct sourcing).
  • We provide certification from labs having complete world`s standard equipments to test all the treatments, Manipulations and enhancements coming in Rudrakshas nowadays.
  • We provide most reasonable & genuine prices of Pure and Effective Rudrakshas across the globe.
  • We have a huge collection of certified, authentic & genuine Rudrakshas.
  • We also provide the special facility of energizing (Abhimantrit) the Gemstones & Rudrakshas according to personalized Gotra&Rashi through Vedic mantras.
  • We provide complete genuine Vedic instructions for wearing gemstone and Rudrakshas.
  • If you have chosen to purify your life, a Rudraksha is a good tool and add, a little support on the way.
  • It is also a kind of shield against negative energies.
  • The Rudraksha beads directly act on the central nervous system by emitting bio electro-chemical impulse hence calming the mind.
  • One should also pray to Lord Shiva (Chant Mantras) to attain best results.