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                       "Kindly compare and buy only Natural Red Coral Gemstones with good shape color-tone and appearance to compare its Price & Quality."

Red Coral Qualities available in the market

Lowest Quality
Origin :- Indian /Italian
Treatments :- Dyed, Colored or Totally fake (plastic made)
Astrologically :- Not Effective / Not Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 100-Rs 300 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Very Dull, Light Orangish in Color, Having Dark Spots, Cracks or Dents Type Marks.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Medium Quality
Origin :- Indian /Italian
Treatments :- No Treatment
Astrologically :- Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 400 – Rs 1100 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Medium Orangish to Light Reddish in Color Smooth and shiny in Appearance.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
High Quality
Origin :- Italian
Treatments :- No Treatments
Astrologically :- Very Effective / Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 1000– Rs 2000 per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Very Smooth and Shiny in Appearance, Dark Red in Color, Spotless.
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Very High / Rare Quality
Origin :- Italian/Japanese
Treatments :- No Treatments
Astrologically :- Most Effective /Highly Recommended
Price Range (Per Carat) Approx :- Rs 3500 – Rs 7000 Per carat
Colortone & Appearance :- Orangish to Medium Reddish in Color(if Japanese) & Dark Blood Red & Very Smooth Shiny(If Italian).
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems
Pure Vedic Gems

 Natural, Non-Treated, Astrologically Approved, Red Corals for potentiating the positive energies of planet Mars (Mangal) in one's life.

Pure Vedic Gems is the oldest & most trusted name associated with all kinds of vedic planetary gemstones.
 Genuine Gemstones with certification from international standard govt. labs only.
Astrologically approved (Jyotish standard) energized & purified gems with vedic mantras & rituals for best results.

Purified & Energized Vedic Red Coral

We deal in authentic, potent, jyotish standard (as mentioned in vedic classic texts) & Natural gemstones only for best results.

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  •  Accurate Gemstone consultation from genuine Vedic Astrologer.
  •  Most reasonable prices(direct sourcing from the mines, gems cutters-polishers).
  • We provide most reasonable & genuine prices of astro-jyotish quality gems across the globe.
  • We have specialized & experienced artisans (karigars) for setting these gemstones according to vedic wearing instructions.
  • We provide certification from labs having complete world standard equipments to test all the treatments and enhancements coming in gems nowadays.
  • We have huge collection of certified, authentic & genuine jyotish gemstones.
  • We also provide special facility of energizing (Abhimantrit) the gemstone according to personalized Gotra & Rashi through vedic mantras.
  • We provide complete genuine vedic instructions for wearing gemstone.
  • The most common and harmless stone is red coral which is widely use to appease planet Mars.
  • Red Coral Gemstones represents the planet Mars & people with positive Mars position in weak houses should wear Red Coral Gems for enhancing planet Mangal benefic blessings.
  • The genuine Jyotish Red Coral gems are known to give good health and self confidence.
  • People involved in such type of businesses like Restaurants , Jewellery and Hotel must wear a Natural Red Coral Gemstone.
  • Jyotish quality Red Coral should be Vibrant Reddish in color and should not have broken edges should be 100% natural (no treatments).
  • It should not have any black spots and any kind of dark spot on it.
  • before wearing Red Coral Gemstone You should always seek the advice of knowledgeable astrologer.
  • Red Coral Gems should be set in copper or gold made rings/pendants to enhance the positive energies of planet Mars in one's life.
  • The weight of the Red coral gemstone (in ratti) to use must be at least 8% to 10% of the body weight of the wearer.
  • Ring can be worn on the ring finger/ third finger.
  • One should also pray to Lord Mars & chant Mantra "Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum" 108 times to attain best results.