Rudrakshas And Its Uses

Rudrakshas And Its Uses

Rudrakshas And Its Uses

Rudrakshas And Its Uses copy

Rudrakshas And Its Uses

The best bead is of the Holy Rudraksha. The Rudrakshas have normally one to fourteen faces. Rudrakshas are mainly of 21 Types. Faces are Natural Lines found across the body of Rudrakshas. Every Rudraksha has a specific purpose. They are very auspicious and draws man near to the supreme.

According to Hindu Mythology, the use of Rudraksh rosary signifies, Lord SHIVA and bestows all his blessings upon the user. It has miraculous effect on our body, mind and soul, and can be used for propitiation of adverse planetary positions.

The importance of Rudrakshas has been detailed in all the Puranas of the Hindu Religion, such as Devi Purana, Shiv purana, Sikand Purana, Padam Purana, Ling Purana etc.

The Rudraksh brings good fortune. Out of all Rudrakshas One, Five, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Fourteen and Twenty One Faced Rudraksh are termed very lucky, and are rarely available.

Uses of Rudrakshas :

1. By the use of Rudraksha Rosary, diseases of the blood, heart and heart attacks are controlled. Rishis have held that one gets peace of mind as it takes out extra heat from the body.

2. If the ash obtained by burning Rudraksh is mixed with the ash of gold in equal proportion and taken, one ratti as a dose in the morning and evening, high blood pressure is controlled, if it be taken with milk, Curd or Malai of milk.

3. If a big Rudraksh is rubbed and paste is applied on a poisonous wound it will heal immediately without affecting the patient adversely.

4. Taking Rudraksh with Munaka increases Sadhana and prayer power. Many pharmaceutical companies have used Rudrakshas in their medicines.

5. The Wearer of Rudraksh remains free from fear of Yamraj, Ghosts and Spirits.

6. One lives a Long Life and Aakal Mrityu is averted.

7. A Childless Woman using Rudraksh is blessed with a Child.

8. It helps in awakening the Kundalini.

9. It Protects the wearer from Mental as well as Physical Diseases.


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