Gemstones Therapy for Diseases

Gemstones Therapy for Diseases

Gemstones Therapy for Diseases

Ayurveda mentions Mani (Gemstones), Mantra and Medicine are all useful to cure disease and to maintain sound health. As per Ayurveda, there are seven elements in the body that maintain good health and are a cause of the growth of body and different disease. The seven planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn controls these seven elements. Almost all the gems have some kind of medicinal properties. But the gems that belong to Navratna Category are famous for their medicinal properties as well besides their divine virtues. Treatment of a particular disease with the help of a gemstone is known as Gemstones Therapy or Gemopathy.


Gemstones Therapy

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– Short brief on Nine Navratnas (Precious Gemstones) –

Pearl – Gemstone has an effect on the mind and it controls the mental disease such as insomnia, poor memory. It gives peace of mind. It controls the disease of lungs, breast, heart, diabetes, piles, diarrhea, deficiency of calcium. Pearl is useful for ladies as it increases the luster of the face and increases the strength of sex. It makes their conjugal life happy.

Red Coral – Gemstone controls the aggressive behavior of the individual. It may protect from accidents, injuries, and wounds. It has good effects on the control of menstrual disorders, reduce the chance of miscarriage and make safe delivery.

Emerald – Gemstone increases brain power, intelligence, reasoning ability, communication skill, and speech power. It helps control passion and sexual desires. It can be used to control trouble related to asthma, skin disease, and bronchitis.

Yellow Sapphire – Gemstone controls the functioning of liver, jaundice, anemia, blood pressure and gastric trouble, fever.

Diamond – Gemstone has good effects on the private parts and sex organs. It cures sexual weakness, kidney trouble, and diabetes.

Blue Sapphire – Gemstone has positive effects on the nervous system and joint disorder and controls gastric trouble, gout, arthritis, heart trouble, asthma, and legs pain. It increases stamina. It improves the fertility of barren women.

Hessonite (Gomed) – Gemstone controls indigestion, skin disease, insomnia, hysteria, snakebite, blood poisoning. It also cures undiagnosed diseases.

Catseye – Gemstone is hot in nature and cures paralysis, mania, blood poisoning, malignant disease, and undiagnosed diseases.

Ruby – Gemstone increases the vitality of the body and builds immune power of the body system. It has a positive effect on Heart and it reduces the chances of back pain, eye trouble, and fire accident, gastric and peptic.


Note – It is strongly recommended to use these gemstones after consulting a learned Vedic Astrologer to re-check the planetary influences of these gemstones on the patient according to his/her horoscope –

स्वास्थ्य और पैसे की समस्या के ज्योतिष उपाय?


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