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Explore Your Personal Gemstone Through Vedic Astrology

Explore Your Personal Gemstone Through Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish Shastra, holds a great treasure of knowledge that dates back thousands of years. Among its many insights are detailed recommendations for wearing specific gemstones that can enhance various aspects of your life. Whether you are looking to boost your career, improve relationships, or increase overall wellbeing, there is a gemstone according to Vedic astrology that can be just right for you.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science that uses the positions of planets and stars at the time of your birth to predict your future and describe your personality. Unlike Western astrology, which focuses on the Sun signs and is a month wise study to predict your future and desires and describe your personality, Vedic astrology centres around the Moon signs and is a much more accurate and detailed study which calculates as per minutes and seconds, offering a different perspective on the astrological influences on our lives.

The Significance of Gemstones in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, gemstones are more than just jewellery items. They are considered powerful tools that can modify the effects of the planets in your favour. Each gemstone is linked to a specific planet and draws energy from that planet to strengthen its positive influences.

Discovering Your Personal Gemstone

Step 1: Get Your Birth Chart

The first step in discovering your personal gemstone is to have an accurate birth chart prepared. This chart is essential for identifying the precise positions of the planets at the time of your birth. You can consult a Vedic astrologer to generate your birth chart.

Step 2: Analyse the Planetary Positions

Once you have your birth chart, the next step is to analyse the positions and influences of the planets. This is where a skilled Vedic astrologer comes into play. They can identify which planets are benefic or malefic and their impact on different aspects of your life.

We at Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. have a team of knowledgeable and experienced Vedic astrologers who analyse your birth chart thoroughly and correctly before recommending any gemstone. As a result, you get optimised astrological benefits from the recommended gemstones.

Step 3: Select Your Gemstone


Based on the birth chart analysis, the astrologer will recommend gemstones that strengthen benefic planets. Here is a quick and short guide to which gemstones correspond to which planets:

Gemstone Ruling PlanetBenefits
Ruby (Manikya)Sun (Surya)Enhances leadership, confidence, and motivation
Pearl (Moti)Moon (Chandra)Brings mental peace and emotional balance
Red Coral (Lal Moonga)Mars (Mangal)Boosts energy, courage, and vitality
Emerald (Panna)Mercury (Budh)Improves communication skills and intellect
Yellow sapphire (Peela Pukhraj)Jupiter (Guru)Attracts wealth, wisdom and enhances knowledge and spirituality
White sapphire (Safed Pukhraj)Venus (Shukra)Fosters love, beauty, artistic ability and attracts materialistic comforts
Blue sapphire (Neelam)Saturn (Shani)Grants discipline, responsibility and enhances luck
Hessonite (Gomed)RahuOffers clarity of mind, removes confusion and brings good health
Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya)KetuProtects against unforeseen dangers, diseases, evil eye and hidden enemy


Step 4: Proper Usage

Simply purchasing the gemstone is not enough. It is essential to wear it properly. Each gemstone should be set in the right metal and worn on a specific finger or part of the body on a particular day. Additionally, certain rituals might need to be performed before wearing the gemstone to activate its full potential.

Exploring your personal gemstone through Vedic astrology can be a fascinating journey into understanding how the cosmic forces shape our lives. It is important to purchase the recommended gemstone with the support of an experienced astro-gemologist to choose a true Vedic quality gemstone. Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. has been able to provide Vedic quality gemstones to the wearers for many years based on their birth chart analysis under the guidance of  knowledgeable Vedic astrologers. We have certified astro gemologists who can provide you a true Vedic quality gemstone at genuine and reasonable prices because of our generations of family background and experience in dealing in gems and jewellery. Moreover, we also have a team of learned Vedic priests (Pandit) who conduct gemstone purification and energization rituals as per Vedic astrological standards to activate its full potential.

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