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How do astro gemologists choose blue sapphire qualities for individuals?

How do astro gemologists choose blue sapphire qualities for individuals?

How do astro gemologists choose blue sapphire qualities for individuals
In the unique and intriguing world where astrology meets gemology, a field referred to as astro-gemology emerges in which blue sapphires occupy a revered position. These gems are celebrated not only for their breathtaking beauty but also for their astrological importance. Astro-gemologists (experts in gemology and astrology science) choose blue sapphires with a level of precision that harmoniously balances aesthetic allure, purity and authenticity with spiritual resonance. If you are interested in learning how astro-gemologists select blue sapphire qualities tailored to individual needs, this blog will meticulously guide you through the entire process.


Understanding the Significance of Blue Sapphire:

Blue sapphire (Neelam) is associated with Saturn (Shani), one of the most powerful and influential planets in astrological belief systems. In Vedic astrology, Saturn governs longevity, discipline, responsibility, and perseverance. Therefore, wearing a blue sapphire is thought to bring about a balance of these aspects in one’s life. However, the suitability of this gemstone for an individual depends heavily on Saturn’s position in one’s horoscope and the blue sapphire’s quality and weight.


Key Factors Considered by Astro-gemologists:

Key Factors Considered by Astro-gemologists
Astro-gemologist rigorously assess multiple key factors, such as origin, colour, clarity, cut, carat weight and treatments of the gemstones, to ensure that each gemstone meets the correct standards of Vedic quality (Vedic astrological parameters) which is highly recommended in Vedic astrological healing for best benefits.


1.Quality of the Gemstone:
Once the need for a blue sapphire is established after consulting with a Vedic astrologer, choosing the right quality (Vedic quality) under the guidance of a certified astro-gemologist is paramount. The quality of a blue sapphire is assessed based on the following criteria:


  • Colour:
    The ideal colour of a Vedic standard blue sapphire varies from light blue to medium blue to vivid / rich blue colour. The saturation and hue of the stone determines its suitability, power and effectiveness.


  • Clarity:
    Clarity in vedic standard blue sapphires is about finding a balance. While completely flawless stones are very rare and expensive or fake, astrological practice often allows for some kind of natural inclusions as long as they do not hamper the positive planetary energy of that gemstone, obviously the lesser the inclusions and better the transparency and clarity the better are the astrological results of that gemstone.


  • Cut:
    The cut of the vedic standard blue sapphire gemstone does not just affect its aesthetics but also its ability to channel the energies of Saturn. An astrological/Jyotish standard cut blue sapphire will transfer light beautifully and enhance the stone’s astrological benefits.


  • Carat Weight:
    Size of the vedic standard blue sapphire does matter in astro-gemology. The carat weight of the blue sapphire should be proportional to the wearer’s physical body weight, astrological requirements and the quality of the gemstone. Typically, astrologers recommend a gemstone weight that correlates to the user’s body weight in one-tenth proportion (e.g.1 carat for every 10 kg).



The origin of blue sapphires can also influence their astrological value. Sapphires from India (Kashmir), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Burma (Myanmar), and Brazil are considered the most auspicious. However, the origin of the gemstone should not compromise the quality factors mentioned above.


3.Setting and Wearing Instructions:
Setting and Wearing Instructions

The metal in which the blue sapphire is set can also significantly affect its astrological efficacy. Astro-gemologists often recommend setting blue sapphires in metals like silver or white gold, which harmonise with the energy of Saturn. The choice of metal can also depend on the individual’s astrological chart and specific needs.



Astro-gemologists typically recommend sapphires that are untreated. Treatments like heating can enhance the stone’s colour and clarity, but might reduce its astrological effectiveness. A completely natural blue sapphire, despite minor flaws, is considered more potent in terms of astrological healing as compared to treated blue sapphires.


5.Ethical Considerations:

Astro-gemologists also consider ethical sourcing as an important factor while choosing gemstone qualities for individuals. A gemstone that is ethically mined and sold adheres to the principles of Dharma (moral and righteous duty), aligning with the spiritual goals of wearing an astrological gemstone.


Choosing the right blue sapphire involves a delicate balance of astrological knowledge and gemological expertise. By consulting with a skilled astro-gemologist, individuals can find a gem that not only beautifies but also harmonises with their life’s energies. We at Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. have a team of skilled and certified astro-gemologists who help in choosing a Vedic quality blue sapphire (astrological quality) for individuals at reasonable prices. Before selecting a gemstone, one must consult with our Vedic astrologers to know the most suitable gemstone as per their birth chart analysis for optimum astrological benefits. And before starting to wear a jyotish/vedic quality gemstone it has to be purified and energised as per the authentic rituals by genuine and learned Vedic priests (Pandit) and at Pure Vedic Gems Pvt. Ltd. we have a complete in house Vedic setup for such kind of purification and energization ritual from authentic priests. Get in touch with us to know more about astrological gemstone remedies from our experts.

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