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Authentic and Natural Red Coral gemstone Qualities, Price, and Benefits.

Authentic and Natural Red Coral gemstone Qualities, Price, and Benefits.

Red coral gemstone

Red coral is also known as Moonga in India. It is used to enhance the powers of the planet Mars (Mangal). It emits yellow cosmic rays. Mars is the chief of the assembly of the nine planets. If mars rays are weak, there may be little ambition, weak character or personality, and a feeling of constant fear. It is a popular astrological gemstone worn to ensure success in leadership roles, sports, business, and health. Red coral improves the immune system, cures blood and lever-related diseases like measles, eczema, boils, piles, etc. it also helps in curing rheumatism, increasing courage, one’s stamina, determination, and self-confidence. Corals are found from the coasts of Algeria and Tunisia, coasts of Spain, France Corsica, and Sardinia Sicily, as well as the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Quality Chart of Red Coral gemstone:

Lowest Quality Red Coral gemstone.

Origin: -The origin of this quality Red Coral gemstone is Indian/ Italian.
Treatment: These gemstones are dyed, colored, or totally fake (plastic made).
Astrologically: – This quality gemstone is not effective and not recommended.
Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 100-Rs 300 Per Carat.
Color tone & Appearance: – The color tone and appearance are very dull; light orangish in color having dark spots, cracks, or dents type marks.

Medium Quality Red coral gemstone

Origin: – The origin of this quality Red coral gemstone is Indian/ Italian.
Treatment: – These gemstones are not treated.
Astrologically: – This quality gemstone is effective and recommended.
Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 400 -Rs 1100 per Carat.
Color tone & Appearance: – The Color tone is medium orangish to light reddish in color smooth and shiny in appearance.

High Quality Red Coral gemstone

Origin: – The origin of this quality Red Coral is Italian.
Treatment: – These gemstones are not treated at all.
Astrologically: – This quality Red Coral gemstone is very effective and recommended.
Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 1,000 -Rs 2,000 per Carat.
Color tone & Appearance: – very smooth, shiny in appearance, dark red in color and spotless.

Very High Quality (Rare) Red coral gemstone

Origin: – The origin of this quality red coral gemstone is Italian/ Japanese.
Treatment: – These gemstones are not treated at all.
Astrologically: – This quality Red coral gemstone is very effective and highly recommended.
Price Range (per carat) approximately: – Rs 3500 -Rs 7,000 per Carat.
Color tone & Appearance: The Color tone and appearance are orangish to medium reddish in color (if Japanese) & dark blood red & very smooth shiny (if Italian).

Healing properties of red coral gemstone

Coral represents diplomacy and concurrence. Red coral quiets the emotions and brings peace to the self. Facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization. Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Coral strengthens the circulatory system and bones of the body. It stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells. It also treats disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.
It is effective in protecting the wearer against diseases, like smallpox, anemia, headache, jaundice, weakness, fever, piles, blood diseases, typhoid, cough allergies, bronchitis, wounds, chickenpox, pneumonia, measles, and problems with bile. Coral is believed to contain certain qualities that can recover or protect a person from bone cancer, blood cancer, mouth cancer, and stomach cancer.

Physical healing properties of Red Coral

Red Coral is used to preventing stomach and digestive problems (including spasms), aid in sleeplessness, removing bladder stones.
• Red coral is also able to help with physical manifestations of an imbalanced Root chakra.
• If your Root Chakra is imbalanced, you may experience lethargy, Bladder elimination issues, and colon issues, digestive disturbance, lower extremity problems with movement and pain, and low back pain.
• Red Coral is also a great gemstone to keep close during cold and flu season. Its ability to strengthen your immunity and support your health and wellness can help defend against cold and cough.

Emotional and Mental healings properties of Red Coral

• Most of us need help healing from past traumas, and Red Coral is an excellent vehicle to safely empower us to deal with the past and move forward.
• Red Coral is a gem associated with power and confidence. It is also a calming stone for those who experience anxiety and fear.
• Red Coral help encourage focus and concentration and naturally attracts wealth, success, and good fortune.

Spiritual Healing properties of Red Coral

• Red coral connection with aggressive Mars helps produce power energy and increased vitality.
• Red coral is thought to continually drive away darkness and evil with its fiery red, passionate energy.
• Red coral can increase your connection to the spirit realm and help give you better foresight and intuition, helping you with visualization.
• It can also give you confidence knowing you are protected as you engage in the psychic activity.

Health benefits of wearing Red Coral

It helps in overcoming skin-related problems such as acne, boils, cuts, injuries.
• It helps to purify the blood.
• It helps to recoup fast from bone injury, fractures, etc.
• A Red coral if properly purified protects the wearer from black magic.
• Wearing red coral in the copper ring and red color clothes cures constipation and thereby clearing away stomach.
• Red coral cures nervousness in individuals.
• Red coral is helpful in curing bone cancer.
• Red coral cures breathing troubles.
• Red coral is naturally worn in menstrual disorders and painful delivery.
• Red coral is very helpful in curing nerve diseases, gallstone hernia, asthma, meningitis, diabetes, rickets, and gouts in various body parts.

How to wear Red Coral gemstone?

Preferable Metals to wear Red coral are gold, silver copper & Asthadhatu. Aries (Mesh) Ascendant should be in a triangular shape and for Scorpio ascendant Red Coral should be in oval shape or capsule shape. For other Ascendant as per their choice. The weight of Red coral should not be less than 6 Ratti in general. On auspicious Tuesday (Shukla Paksha) after morning bath in red or orange clothes, light a Diya in front of your kuldevata or God, Goddess of your choice after that ring of Red coral should be washed by raw milk, holy Ganga water, and Basil leaves should be kept in that bowl. Properly chant om Aum Angarkara namah for 9, 18, 108 times and in front of Ram darbar with Hanuman Ji, read Hanuman Chalisa or hanuman kavach then with full devotion wear this red coral within 1 hour of sunlight. The wearer must donate gur and money to the Brahmin or a priest.

How you can check your real and authentic Red coral gemstone?

We can check our real and authentic red coral gemstone by these following steps:-

Milk test:

Put the coral in a glass of milk to take on a hint of red or pink. Neither plastic alternative nor glass will cause this change. Dyed bones or shells can discolor milk. If the milk color does not change, you do not have authentic coral.

Bubble Test:

look for bubbles or molding lines. Glass facsimiles often have tiny bubbles embedded in the mass, while you can see tiny lines of mold in some of the plastic imitations. Real red coral never has bubbles.

Lemon juice test:

Another test is to place one or two drops of nitric acid or lemon juice in an inconspicuous place, like the palm of a certain piece of jewelry. If the coral is real the spot will make effervescence and form small bubbles on its surface. Also, in the authentic coral, it is found that it has a uniform color has a deep natural color.

Rubbing Tests:

Check the sound produced by touching or rubbing the gem with nails. If the sound of glass rubbing the gem with nails. If the sound of a glass rubbing comes out, the red is fake because the fake things are made of glass only.

Turmeric Test:

Rub raw turmeric on red coral gems. If there is a red mark in the color of turmeric or the change occurs, then coral is fake. If the coral is real, then turmeric color will not change.

Why 90% of the people are not getting results from red coral gemstone?

Red coral gemstone is considered, an extremely powerful and beneficial gemstone according to Jyotish astrology. If worn in the correct way, it can provide lots of benefits to its wearer. The major problem is people don’t even know whether they are wearing Natural Red coral gemstone or not, because every red coral gemstone is not a natural and pure red coral gemstone. People struggling with issues in their lives can seek a great amount of help while wearing this stone. However, in most cases, the stone doesn’t work.

Who should wear Red Coral or Moonga stone?

Coral must be worn by those whose zodiac sign is Scorpio or position of Mars is very weak. It is usually beneficial for the Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Why should one choose Red Coral gemstone from Pure Vedic Gems?

Pure Vedic Gems is managed by GII certified professional gemstone experts. Pure Vedic Gems buys directly from mines/ manufacturers, so end-user/customers get the best price. It has the widest range of govt. lab certified natural / Jyotish gemstones in all sizes carat shape quality and price. Each stone is Lab Tested for Authenticity/Purity & Verified for Astrological benefits. Pure Vedic Gems also provide free recommendations on gemstones by famous astrologers and Free checking of your old stone by a gemologist. You can definitely get 100% Energized & Activated Gemstones for the best result in Astrology.

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