Ruby- Motivation and action

Ruby- Motivation and action

Ruby- Motivation and action copy

Ruby- Motivation and action

Ruby is the red variety of the very hard mineral corundum., which takes its color from traces of chromium and forms characteristics barrel-shaped crystals. Ruby, has a long history of use as a gemstone, though until recently, because  of its hardness, the stone was not faceted but always polished into a domed, cabochon shape. In Ayurvedic Indian healing traditions ruby is the stone of the sun.

As the sun is the centre of the solar system so the heart is the centre of the physical body. Ruby balances the heart, enhancing its function and the circulation of the blood and improving the quality of thought and feeling associated with the heart – confidence, security, self-esteem and our being. It balances by reminding us of the vast reservoirs of energy within us that can enable us to succeed in any venture where we have full trust in our own abilities.

Red is the energy of gravity, pulling things together and establishing reality. Red is also the color relating to the creation of matter and its manifestation. So it makes sense that a red stone such as ruby can help us to achieve our goals, particularly as ruby has such a connection with the heart, the seat of our desires.

Often in life the heart suffers pain because we feel unable to fulfill our wishes or desires. After pain such as this we often create barriers in an attempt to prevent future hurt. Unfortunately, what this really does is just separate us further from the source of our own power and courage.

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