Light: The Radiant Energy

Light: The Radiant Energy

Light: The Radiant Energy

Light: The Radiant Energy

Light: The Radiant Energy, In our universe all light is an emanation from the central Sun. The Sun is the storehouse of all energies and potencies, the source of light, warmth, and motion on this planet.

Light is radiant energy. The visible universe manifests on the physical plane through the cosmic forces of light, form and vibration.

Ancient wisdom teaches that the universe evolved from the primal cosmic fire or great white light, which is an emanation of the Divine Being, the source of all light.

The Bhagavad Gita speaks of the imperishable light, ‘Behold the form of me in various kinds, in various colors.’

God, according to the Hindu sages, is the ‘Shining One.’

Light is the first syllable of the creative world, rhythmic motion is the second, and color is the third.

All Radiations, emitted from a luminous body, travel through space in perfect rhythmic vibration in the form of waves or pulses. The point of distance from crest to crest of these vibrationary waves is called their wavelength, and their rate of vibration is called their frequency.


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