Mercury and Venus in 1st house

Mercury and Venus in 1st house

Lord-Mercury (Budh)

Lord Venus (Shukra)Mercury and Venus in 1st house –

Combination of mercury and Venus in 1st house often produces poet-laureate, poetess, court-poet, individual given to poetic justice, free-lance, song writer for films and allied fields, ghazal writer and ghazal singer, or other category of singer, composer of music and tunes.

Pirates of music and songs also fall under this combine. In the modern world, the composers and singers of playback music in films also come under this category.

These persons make emotional lovers, and very artistic partners in the bedroom. Most of the poets of the romanticism era in Sanskrit, Hindi, Persian, Urdu, and other languages in India, as well as those in Europe must have had this combination in their 1st , 5th or 9thhouses or in these houses in their Navmasha Charts. Women, who directly or indirectly encouraged their lovers or husbands to write some kind of romance literature, romantic poetry that became classics or best-sellers, must have had this combination in their 1st, 5th or 7thhouse in the Birth Chart or in their Trinshansha Chart.

These individuals are found of perfumes, flowers, good garments, decorated houses, or at least their bedroom. Luxury and comfort are the aim and ambition of these individual . These people are capable of talking, discussing or writing a lot about romanticism love, lovemaking, and different kinds of sensual pleasures.

White Sapphire

Opal GemstoneEmerald Gemstonediamonds





If Mercury and Venus is weekly placed in horoscope or aspected by negative planets then native must chant Durga Saptashloki and Vishnu Sahasrnam in order to increase the positive effects of Mercury and Venus. If Mercury is lord of Ascendant (Gemini or Virgo Ascendant) then one must wear Emerald Gemstone and if Venus is lord of Ascendant (Taurus or Libra Ascendant) then one must wear White Sapphire or Diamond or Opal.

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