Cheap and treated Gemstones cause of failure in Gems Therapy

Cheap and Treated Gemstones cause of Failure in Gems Therapy

Cheap and Treated Gemstones cause of Failure in Gems Therapy –

Emerald Gems after Treatments

Ruby Gems after Treatments

 Blue Sapphire Gems after Treatments

 Treated Gemstones : Now-a- days the market is flooded with cheap priced gemstones, these gemstones are cheap priced not because these gemstones sellers are wholesalers or bulk dealers but because these gems are very poor quality (But enhanced in their look and appearance with the help of various chemical treatments and enhancements available now-a-days) and people get attracted and duped due to their cheap prices. But, when these gemstones become in-effective because only the gems which are 100% natural, good quality, good color,clarity and transparency (in the case of Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby Gemstone, Etc.), are without any treatments and are not having the negative inclusions (As mentioned in the Ancient Sacred Gems Healing Vedic Texts) are the gemstones which have Jyotish planetary healing powers in them, Purifying and Energizing them with the Vedic planetary mantras and Rituals is also very important to magnify their powers) and do not show any astrological effects then people start losing the faith in this ancient divine healing science of Vedic Gems Astrology

Sapphire Qualities Chart

Emerald Qualities Chart





It has become VERY difficult in today’s time to get GENUINE Vedic gemstones at GENUINE prices. Kindly compare and buy gemstones certified only by Govt. Labs (Like IGI-GTL By GJEPC in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai) or Internationally (Having world repute labs like GIA, IGI, GII, AGS, GRS, Etc.) Acclaimed labs only (which clearly state if the gemstones have been through any treatments or not), only these are the labs which have all the latest equipment and machines to check the various kinds of treatments and enhancements that are coming in the gemstones now-a-days. And they mention these treatment’s details clearly and honestly on the certificates (without hiding anything), which most of the private and so called affiliated labs are not doing.

Cheap Quality/Fake Gems

Treated Blue Sapphire (Neelam)Treated Gemstones (Blue Sapphires)Treated Bangkok NeelamBangkok Neelam




Bangkok Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)Blue Sapphire (low grade)Catseye (Low grade)Emerald (Poor Quality) - Panna




Treated Yellow SapphirePoor Quality Treated GemstonePoor Quality Rubies (Manik)Fake Ruby (Manik)


Diffusion Treatments in Sapphires









Jyotish Standard (Astrologically Effective) gems are Nature’s (The Almighty’s) most divine gift to mankind (which have the powers to HEAL our DESTINY) and these kind of gemstones are RARE in nature. So kindly be careful, if you are getting these JYOTISH gemstones at very cheap prices. For Genuine Vedic Gemstones at Most Reasonable and GENUINE prices visit – or


To consult your horoscope with a learned Vedic Astrologer and know your Vedic Astrological Remedies kindly Visit –


An article on treated gemstones by Sunday Guardian –

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