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The Vedic Destiny Healing Remedies – Pure Vedic Gems


The Vedic Destiny Healing Remedies –

In the earliest phase of mankind, known as the Vedic age, there were no temples. The need for permanent shrines came much later when the nomadic lifestyle gave way to a more settled agricultural life. Temple or no temple, the aim of invoking the divine in all phases of life has been the same : to cope with the stress of existence.


The Vedic Destiny Healing Remedies - Chanting Mantras

The ritual known as Yagna was the cornerstone of religious activity in Vedic times. Priests, on behalf of a patron, sat around a fire altar, chanted hymns and made offerings of milk and butter into the flames, invoking celestial beings known as Devas and compelling them by the power of ritual to satisfy the material aspirations of the patron. Pleased with the chants and offerings, the Devas gave victory in battle, brought rains on time and gave children to the childless.


The Vedic Destiny Healing Remedies - Yagya

Vedic Gods resided above the earth. There was Agni (fire), who stood on the ground. There was Vayu (Wind), who extended between earth and sky. there was Indra, who ruled the sky and brought rain by attacking monsoon clouds with his thunderbolt. Then came Surya (sun), Chandra (Moon), and seven other celestial bodies or Grahas whose movements across the twelve solar houses and twenty-seven lunar houses aroused great curiosity. Not only did they indicate the change of seasons, they also mapped out the destiny of man. Gemstones It was in Vedic times that Jyotish-Shastra or Astrology came into being. It enabled man to distinguish favorable times from unfavorable times. It foretold future calamities and provided the means to realize dreams or modify destiny using the power of gemstones and rituals that realigned the power of the Grahas.

How the Vedic remedies work?

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