Mercury and Rahu in First House

Mercury and Rahu in First House

Mercury and Rahu in First House

Benefits of planet Mercury and Rahu in First House / Characteristics  of planet Mercury and Rahu in the 1st house

The individual with Mercury and Rahu combination in the 1st house are given to sharp sense of self-respect and ego.

Whether male or female, they are unable to control their tears, on being insulted or when faced with failure. But at the same time, they are very sensitive to the sufferings of others, and they try their best to help the sufferers.

Lord Rahu


Rahu in the 1st house often puts hurdles and obstacles in higher education, and sometimes these people do not get admission into a discipline or subject of their choice and have to go in for some inferior course of study. In examination, they neither suffer failure not get a very high level of percentage, because they might often be earning while learning. In matters of career too, they often rife two horses at one and the same time, and therefore do not achieve great heights in either of the two lines of their career.

If Saturn or Sun get associated in any manner with this combination of Mercury & Rahu, these people get married to a spouse, who is self-centred, easy-going, quarrelsome and fault-finding type. These individuals often have to attend to their spouse, to keep the peace, and to keep the marriage.

astrologyMercury and Rahu in First House – Because of their high sense of ego, they often stay honest and responsible to their assignment or undertaken task. They do not beg or steal, and borrowing is also very rare trait as their ego always stands in their way. Because of their sharp=ego, they are generally liked by ladies and gents, instead of being heated owing to Mercury always staying on the top in their sense of ego. In other words, they have a touch of intelligence and wisdom in their ego, and people coming in contact with them do like them for this reason.  Additional point for common people liking these individual is that they benefit from the sensible and time befitting counsel of these individuals.

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