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Introduction to Astrology – Pure Vedic Gems

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Introduction To Astrologysun-god-surya-bhagwan

Astrology is the knowledge of relationships based on a study of planetary influences, on man and his environment. It includes the entire galaxy and is true of the planetary bodies. Their radiations affect each other, including the earth and all the things on it. There is no doubt that Sun has the greatest influence on the life on earth. 

Without it there would be no life, for without it there would be no warmth, no division into day and night, no cycle of time, no plantations and no season, and no life at all. The influence of Sun is clear and easy to see. The influence of Moon on the other hand, is more subtle, though no less definite.   

Vedic HoroscopeThere are many ways in which the influence of Moon manifests itself on earth, human, plant and animal life. It is well known fact that large movement of water on earth, that is the flow of tides, is caused by Moon.Human body, too, which consists of 70% water, falls within the scope of lunar influence. The menstrual cycle of many women correspond to the lunar month; the human period of pregnancy is 273 days, or equal to nine lunar months. Many a mental illness, suicides etc. have been noted to increase during periods of lunar activity. Agriculturists have established that the Moon Vedic Horoscope - Astrologyhas a distinct influence on crops, which explains why for centuries people have planted according to the movement of Moon. Migratory birds depart only at or near the time of full Moon. Just as certain fish, eels in particular, move in accordance with certain phase of the Moon.                    

It is been Established in physical sciences that everything in the Universe has an effect on everything else, and it is useful to know that this is also true about the various constellations and planets in the visible heaven.

ज्योतिष रत्न कैसे काम करते है ?

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