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Gemstones therapy and planetsGEMSTONES THERAPY AND PLANETS – Planetary gems provide complete therapeutics for all diseases afflicting the human beings, used on the same principles; the therapy will be equally applicable to diseases in animals and birds.

Gems are inexhaustible mines of cosmic colours: gems radiate their rays wherever they are. They release their cosmic chromic rays very easily under certain conditions as will be seen later.

Our body is also made up of these cosmic chromic rays. Maintenance of perfect health is due to balance of these rays. Imbalance in VIBGYOR will produce various diseases, gems by their property of releasing these colours very easily cure the diseases by balancing. Gems have original, single unmixed colours, manufactured by nature due to cohesion under tremendous pressures.

Gems are said to cure diseases and bring fortune and the gems were in use in our system of medicine. The gems were converted into ashes (Bhasma) to be used with other ingredients. Topaz or Pushparaga, which is yellow, it is said, changes, its colour when the wearer is under ailment. Ibin Batuta has, said that Saturn has blue rays. Sapphire is his gem and it stores the qualities of Saturn. If it is worn, the evil of Saturn (in any horoscope) could be minimized. Every gem reflects or emits only its own rays. But diamond is an exception which emits the whole band of seven colours. Let us see the various uses of the gems.

The results in treatment are just mathematical and not hit or miss.

There are two modes of treatment:-

  1.  Healing in the presence of the person, where the patient is given preparations for oral treatment.
  2. Absent healing or distant healing or tele-therapy, where the rays of the gems are broadcast over the photographs, saliva or blood drops taken on the blotting papers or the signatures of the patients, by rotating the gems by electric motors or by radio cone vibrators. The rays travel to the person concerned wherever he is, with the velocity of light and envelope him so long as the electric motors or the cone vibrators are kept moving. Process of healing is thus affected. The scientific proof of this is explained as under: take a prism. See the white light or the Sun’s light through it. The white light will be refracted and will be seen as emerging out in the forms of beautiful rainbow colours. Now examine with the prism the gems representing the planets.

Planets are nine and the corresponding, representative gems are also nine. Each gem presents a definite colour under the prisms shown below:

PlanetsCorresponding GemsColours by Prism
JupiterMoonstone, pukhrajBlue
RahuGomedBoth the Rahu and Ketu are under invisible spectrum. Rahu on the ultra violet and Ketu on the infra-red sides.
KetuCat’s eye


Now look with the prism at a healthy human being or his photograph. You will notice that cavities of the ears show blue colour, skin violet, eyes red, tongue orange, tip of the nose green. These are the sense-organs of the five great elements of Akash(ether), Vayu(air), Agni(fire), Jala(water), Prithvi(earth) respectively of which our body is composed. Indigo is also for water element and yellow for fire.

gemstone-healingThese colours are constant for human being anywhere on the earth. Prism shows changes in the intensity of these colours over the persons and their photographs as well though taken during their healthy period. For example, in fevers and inflammations, the red is enhanced which is seen as the main colour over the face. Prism gives us good information about the decrease or increase in colours, about health or disease and even of death due to changes in the colours. When the rays of the gems are broadcast over the photographs of the person, the changes in the aura over the person and his other photographs, wherever they may be, are immediately made out by seeing through a prism. Prism, affords a results are sure and straight.

Use of Planetary Gems on various diseases –

  1. Ruby-Red: this is red in colour. There are four varieties. The best is available in Ceylon. Very good for various kinds of blindness, deafness (Bhasma) it cures diabetes, acute eye trouble and impotency. Very good for various kinds of blindness, deafness, loss of the sense of touch and taste, provided the structures are in act and not destroyed. Very good for anemia as a hemoglobin builder. Very good for underdeveloped children and for bone diseases. It energies the, torpid liver. The ornamental use of the ruby cures epilepsy, giddiness and fever while as a medical ingredient.
  2. Moon-Pearls-Orange: taking its origin in the body of a sea creature, it has many forms. Most of them are either spherical or elliptical. Specific for bleeding from the lungs, bleeding piles, tropical eosinophilia, burning urination, closing the cavities in T.B, lungs, renal and gall bladder stones. It cures rickets and increases the flow of milk in mothers, in the ornamental uses, cures T.B, measles, carbuncle, sceptic wound and mental unrest.
  3. Mars-Coral-Yellow: this is also from the body of a sea creature. It comes in three varities. The reddish coral protects one from acute fever, wounds from weapon, skin disease, haemorrhage and intestinal disorder. Medically, it is extensively used. Very good results in all types of paralysis, all types of worms, myopathies, diabetes, mellitus, constipation, indigestion, piles and melancholic type of insanity.
    Its Bhasma cures fever due to indigestion, acute hiccup, biliousness, serious types of fever, lack of stamina, urinary complaints, acute thirst and certain types of rheumatism.
  4. Mercury-Emerald-Green: this is green in colour. It has been well known to Indians as emerald lingam worshipped in Shiva temples. Governs brain, pituitary and earth element. It kills all types of microorganism. Cures fevers due to typhoid, smallpox, chicken pox, measles, T.B of lungs, brain fever (encephalitis), meningitis, etc. used in combination with blue and indigo (Jupiter and Venus), it cures all types of fevers, jaundice, inflammation and infection. Very good for malignant growths (cancers, sarcomas, etc). It is good protein anabolic. Green is in the center of the spectrum, VIBGYOR. Colours to its left (VIB) , are all cold, very useful in recent, acute disorders having fever, redness, swelling, local heat and loss of function, signs of infection and inflammation. Colours to its right, YOR, are all hot, very useful in all chronic diseases not having fever, redness, heat, etc.
    This is said to be antidote to poison and certain types of diseases. Medically, the ash cures nervous complaints, female diseases and aids in easy delivery.
  1. Jupiter-Pukhraj-Blue: this is golden yellow in colour, it shines like the star Pushya. Governs fats, glands, Akash element and hence cavities, specific for whooping cough, thyroid tumours, tonsillitis, ear diseases, aphonia. Very useful in obesity, filariasis, diarrheas, burns, glandular enlargements. Worth trying in prostates enlargements
    Ornamental use cures digestive disorder, certain mental diseases, nervous-complaints and shivering. Medically, it develops personality, intelligence and balances the excess of phlegm in the human body.
  1. Venus-Diamonds-Indigo: everybody knows that it is the brightest of gems and very costly. It is said that a high quality gemstone will float in water like a piece of charcoal. Governs water element, thick secretions in the body. Specific in menorrhagia, metrorrhagla, leucorrhoea, dysenteries, epilepsy, leucoderma, leprosy, chronic urticarial, epilepsy, leucoderma, leprosy, chronic urticarial, epistaxis. Very useful in colds, coughs, pneumonia, renal glycosuria. Very good in skin diseases in combination with violet and infra-red (Saturn and Ketu). It shrinks both benign and malignant growths.
    Ornamental use saves one from thunder, evil spirits, insanity, eyesore, mania, diabetes, piles, T.B of the bone, carbuncle, dropsy and female diseases and ensures longevity. A careful selection of this gem itself is a blessing in disguise. Medically it cures leprosy, rheumatic complaints, asthma and restores beauty and vitality.
  1. Saturn-Sapphire-Violet: there are two varieties. The ornamental use, bring wealth, fame, longevity stamina and cures certain types of nervous disorders, leprosy, giddiness, digestive complaints paralysis. Governs air element, touch sensation. Specific for sciatica, neuritis, neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia (tic-douloureux), herpes, maniacal insanity. It energies spleen.
    Medically, it cures piles, mental retardation and promotes conjugal happiness and sensitiveness. It is also said that those who have Saturn in best position or are born under his ruler ship should use this gemstone.
  1. Pegmatite: its colour is similar to the urine of the cow and so it is called “Gomedhakam” this is also very costly. It comes in light blue, green, yellow and violet colours. Medically, it cures the excess of wind and bile, removes constipation, increases, appetite, and promotes vitality. This gem is favourable to Rahu and so one who has Rahu in lagna, it is said, should use it. This is also used as a lucky stone (irrespective of the nature of chart) to confer fame and kingly associations.
  2. Cat’s eye (infra-red): good for migraine, chronic asthma, chronic skin disorders. Generally, it is dark yellow in colour. It occurs in reddish blue and pale white varieties. The genuine stone fixed in an ornament cures mania, epilepsy, and it protects one from the dangers of black magic, sorcery and poisonous creatures. Medically, it cures rheumatic complaints and bilious complaints. This gem being favourble to Ketu is said to protect the wearer against unexpected mishaps in his life.
  3. Green, Blue and Indigo (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus): controls fever of any origin like a charm. Only fevers due to T.B, lungs, meningitis, etc., take from, one week to one month. Jaundice is also cured very quickly.
  4. Venus and Saturn: specific for menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, dysenteries, skin diseases, leucoderma, leprosy arid epilepsy. In the last four, about a year’s treatment is required.
  5. Green and Yellow (mercury and Mars): in all chronic diseases, like asthma, paralysis, cancer, worms, myopathies, etc., where fever, redness, swelling, local heat, etc., are absent.
  6. Red and Violet (Sun and Saturn) superb for all cardiac affections, like endomyo-pericardities, myocardial infarots, mitral diseases, valvular incompetence, dilation of heart, angina pectoris, congestive cardiac failure, cardiac asthma.
  7. Yellow and Violet (Mars and Saturn): lowers blood pressure, anti-malarial.
  8. Red and Blue(Sun and Jupiter): increases blood pressure and stimulates libido.

PlanetsMethod of preparing medicines: put one drachma of absolute alcohol or ether in each white bottle with a white stopper. Put the gems required in each bottle, labelling V,1,B, etc. according to the gems put. Keep the bottles in a dark place for 7 consecutive days and nights. The solutions will be saturated with respective colours. Take out the gems. The solutions can be used as such in drop doses, 4 drops, 4 times a day for adults and less for children, according to the age. Or, pour the solutions in one ounce bottles, carrying one ounce of No.40 sugar globs in each. Label them. Then shake the bottles so that the liquids will be mixed with the sugar pills. The medicines are ready for use. Dose : 4 pills x 4 to 6 times daily for adults. Less for children.

Absent Healing, Distant Healing or Tele-Therapy :-

  • Gems are fixed over the silver discs, 3” in diameter. These discs are fitted to the shafts of electric motors by bushes and are made to rotate in front of the board carrying the photographs, etc. of the patients, from 6 to 10 hours daily for hot or cold colours respectively.
  • Vibrations are made of radio-cones, they are closed boxes. In front doors, the photographs, etc. are fixed. Discs of gems or small bags from mosquito nets containing the required gems are hung in books in front of the radio- cones. These cones are connected with the main lines by step- down transformers. The cones vibrate the gems, which consequently release their colours on the photo-graphs and cure the diseases of the persons concerned. Some are cured quickly and the other chronic ones take time. So called incurable diseases have also been cured. There is no side effects, no drug reactions and no drug diseases. The astral vehicle of the patient discards the wrong colour and no unto-ward effect occurs even if the colour given may not be required. Herein lies in the safety of the treatment. The treatment works smoothly, silently, swiftly and to the root.


 SUN : The Sun when posited in different signs gives the following pathogenic effects –

Aries– Aphasia, loss of conscience, meningitis, defective vision, diseases of the brain, epilepsy, cerebral haemorrhage, thrombosis, stroke, headache, fainting. sun
-diseases of the mouth, throat, eyes and nose.
Gemini– pleurisy, bronchitis and lung disorders.
Cancer– anaemia, dropsy, dyspepsia and gastric fever,
Leo– heart-troubles, backache, spinal affections and eye troubles.
Virgo– peritonitis, typhoid, dysentery
Libra– bight’s diseases (kidney), skin eruptions, boils
Scorpio– likely to be hurt by fire, weapons or poison, urinary troubles, menstrual difficulties, affections of the uterus and ovary
Sagittarius– sciatica, paralysis of the limbs, pulmonary diseases
Capricorn– digestive disturbances, rheumatism, skin affections
Aquarius– varicose veins, dropsy, poor circulation, heart-troubles, blood-pressure.
Pisces– disorders of the feet, intestinal troubles and typhoid fever.

MOON : Pathogenic effects of the moon when-posited in different signs are given below –

Aries– convulsions, migraine headache, brain-fever, baldness, lethargy, insomnia, defective vision.
By reflex action into Libra- pains in the knees

moonTaurus– laryngitis, eye troubles, septic sore throat
By reflex action into Scorpio: pains in the legs and feet, menstrual troubles
Gemini-oedema of the lungs, rheumatism in arms and shoulders, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and aneurysms
Cancer– stomach troubles, dropsy, digestive complaints, obesity, hysteria, if afflicted by Mars lunacy.
Leo– backache, convulsions, circulatory disorders, heart- troubles, defective vision.
Virgo– abdominal tumours, disorders of the bowels, dysentery, appendicitis
Libra– abscess, kidney trouble, pleurisy, uraemia, goitre, homo-sexuality
By reflex action into Aries- headache,
Scorpio– danger of poison, irregular menstruation, diseases of the generative organs, bladder complaints, hernia, hydrocele
By the reflex action into Taurus: throat troubles
Sagittarius– gout, hip injuries, sciatica, paralysis
By the reflex action into Gemini- asthma
Capricorn– rheumatism, deficiency of synodal fluid, psoriasis, digestive disorders, skin eruptions.

Healing our planets and subconscious body through gems, rudrakshas and yagya science.:-

To know more……

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