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Gems RadiationGEMS AND RADIATIONS – In astrology, wearing of certain gems or precious stones is recommended to enhance the strength of planets and to check their evil effects according to the natal chart indications. Thus Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Topaz, Diamond and Sapphire are associated with the planets the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively. Gomedh and Cat’s Eye or Garnets are usually prescribed for the Nodes Rahu and Ketu. One might ask for the reason behind such as association of precious stones with the respective planets. Apparently, the association seems to be based on the colours reflected by the planets, as visible from the Earth to the naked eye, and the colours reflected by the corresponding stones.

For example, the Red Ruby (corundum) reflects the crimson red similar to the colour of the radiation coming from the rising or the setting Sun; the scarlet Coral is similar in colour to that of the radiation reflected by Mars and so on. However, the colour perception can be quite deceptive. It is not entirely dependent on the substance that is viewed, for a coloured substances absorbs part of the light that falls upon it and reflects the unabsorbed part to the eye. Radiation on PlanetsThe colour variations in the gems of the same rock arise due to impurities present in their material. For example, apart from the white, i.e. colourless diamond, which is considered to be the purest form of the elements carbon, we also have blue, pink and yellow diamonds. What the eye actually perceives is controlled in part by the inherent physical properties of the stone and in part by the character and the source of light in which the stone is seen. Therefore, to understand the correspondences between planets and precious stones, we need to go a little deeper into the subject.

The knowledge of physics let us know that the light coming from the Sun is composed of many radiations of different wavelengths. While some are visible to the naked eye, others whose wavelengths are either too small or too large are invisible. There are still other (cosmic) radiations from which the Earth is protected by its atmosphere. Coloured photographs taken by man-made satellites show that the Earth looks like a blue ball. We shall see in the sequel that blue colour corresponds to radiations of relatively smaller wavelength or greater frequency. The phenomenon called the dispersion of light splits the various components of white, i.e. colourless light, and as seen in the case of rainbow, the seven visible radiations (or colours) are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

The following table shows that the wavelengths of these colours vary from 3790A to 7630A where the unit A stands for an angstroms and is ten-millionths of a millimetre :-

   Violet, extreme  (wavelength)3970A
   Red light, extreme7630A


Radiations of other colours, viz. indigo, blue and orange, have wavelengths in between violet and green and between yellow and red. A true distinction of colours can thus be made in terms of the wavelengths (or frequency) of their respective radiations, among the visible radiations, violet has the smallest and extreme red and the largest wavelengths. Radiations of wavelengths smaller than that of the violet and larger than the red are not visible to the naked eye. These fall in the ranges described as ultraviolet and infra-red respectively. The colourless light, i.e. light which is not dispersed, has a mean wavelength of 5800A, which is a little less than that of the yellow colour. The reflected radiations reaching the Earth from Venus have, on the average, wavelength according to her position relative to that, of the Sun in the sky. On the day of the Full Moon the wavelength of the radiation is a little more than that for the colourless light. It is an established fact that radiations of smaller wavelengths possess greater energy than those of larger wavelengths. Radiations of very small wavelengths have a greater penetrating capacity (e.g. X-rays) because of their higher energy. These are very harmful to the living organisms on the Earth.

Radiation on Planet EarthTexts on astrology describe certain planets as natural malefic and others as natural benefice. Thus, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, afflicted Mercury and the waning Moon are considered to be natural malefic while Jupiter, Venus, unaffected Mercury and the waxing Moon are rated as natural benefice. Mercury is considered to be afflicted when he is associated with a malefic or an inimical planet. The waxing Moon corresponds to the period between the preceding and the succeeding eighth day from the day of the Full Moon. On the remaining days of the lunar month he is considered to be waning. The shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu are usually rated as malefic. But they manifest the effects of the planets with which they are associated and whose signs they occupy in a natal chart. The terms benefice and malefic carry on absolute meaning with them. What one may consider benefice in one situation and vice versa. In this context, the adjective natural is very significant. Life is certainly a very precious gift which nature has bestowed on our Earth. Its destruction amounts to a denial of that gift. If this accepted, we can assign an absolute meaning to the terms benefice and malefic. On the basic of the spread of wavelengths of visible radiations (colours) received on the Earth through various planets and those reflected by certain gems, one can establish a correspondence between the planets and the gems.

The following table shows these details :-

  Wavelength (Range)Colour SpreadGems or StonesPlanets
  4000A-5000AViolet-blueBlue sapphire
(corundum) blue
  5000A-5500ABluish Green
-dull green
Apatite emerald
Quartz (cat’s eye)
  5500A-6000ASea green
– pale yellow and
Beryl (aquamarine)
Yellow topaz
Amber, white pearl
  6000A-7000ABrownish yellow
– reddish orange
– scarlet red
  70G0A-7500ACrimson red
– dark red
Red ruby


Thus, a phenomenon may be described as benefic if it conforms to the preservation and growth of life; otherwise it should be considered malefic. The fact that there is life on the Earth, which is predominantly exposed to the radiation of colourless light, shows a correspondence between the existence of life and wavelengths of radiations conducive to its preservation and growth. Thus, radiations of wave-lengths in the proximity of those of the colourless light (5800A) are most conducive for the promotion of life on Earth. The yellow colour, associated with Jupiter has a wavelength of 5890A which is a little more than that of the colourless light. It is now easy to see why Jupiter and Venus are rated as powerful natural benefits. Mercury, associated with green colour(wavelength 5270A) comes next to Venus as a benefic. The radiations reflected by the waxing Moon possess a wavelength which is a little more than that of the colourless light especially around the day of the Full Moon. Hence, waxing Moon is also a benefic.

Grah DoshThe wavelengths of radiations, reflected by Mars and Saturn and those coming from the rising or the setting Sun, are far removed from the mean wavelength of 5800A of the colourless light. For this reason, these three planets are described as natural malefic. This also explains why birth of a child occurring at the junction (sandhi) of day and nights is not considered auspicious. For similar reasons the waning Moon is also considered to be malefic.

The lunar eclipse occurs on the day of the Full Moon when the Earth intercepts the light falling on the Moon from the Sun. The part of the Earth facing the Full Moon is deprived of the Moon’s benefic reflections. Hence, the lunar eclipse is described as an evil phenomenon. In this case of solar eclipse, the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun and prevents the Sun’s radiations from reaching the Earth. Therefore the solar eclipse is also regarded as an evil phenomenon, malefic for the progress of life on the Earth. On the basis of planetary reflections it is possible to explain the mutual relationship of the planets. Thus, the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter and Mars form one set of planets whose wavelengths are greater than that of the colourless light. Venus, mercury and Saturn constitute the other set for which the wavelengths are less than that of the colourless light. The planets, which belong to the same set, are natural friends of each other while those belonging to different sets are natural enemies. This classification of natural friendship and natural enmity is in agreement with the one given by Kesava in his work on Tajaka though the relationship described by Satyacharya and Varahamihira are somewhat different.

Kundli PlacesIn astrology, some life organisms are associated with each of the 12 houses or Bhavas of a natal chart. Thus the ascendant, i.e. Lagna, is associated with the body itself, the 2nd house governs family, right eye, etc. the 3rd house takes care of neighbours, younger brother, etc. and so on. It is said that Jupiter, though a natural benefic, does harm to the house he occupies but Saturn protects the house he is posited in, even though he is a natural malefic. Of course, their capacity to do good or evil depends very much on the type of houses they own. Yet, the above rule should not be ignored while prescribing a stone. We shall explain the rule on the basis of planetary reflections.

We have seen that the yellow colour reflected by Jupiter has a wavelength very close to that of the life giving colourless light. Jupiter’s occupation of a house deprives it of the benefic effect of the yellow radiation which is reflected away by virtue of Jupiter’s aspect on the 5th, the 7th and the 9th houses from the house occupied by him. Thus, Jupiter’s position is good for the houses it aspects but evil for the house it occupies, the case of Saturn in just the reverse since the wavelength associated with him is much less than that of the colourless light. By way of illustration let us consider the case of Libra (tula) ascendant for which Jupiter is a functional malefic since he owns the 3rd and the 6th houses. If Jupiter is posited in the 7th house he spoils the effects of that house. Wearing of topaz will bring trouble to the spouse of the native unless the 7th house is otherwise sufficiently fortified. So the stone topaz is contraindicated in this case. Next, suppose Saturn is posited in Aries in the 7th house. Being the ruler of the 4thand the 5th houses he is a powerful Yogakaraka for Libra ascendant. Such a Saturn in the 7th house will protect the life of the spouse though, being in debility, he might make the native indulge in extra-marital relations with persons of lower grade. Saturn in this ease also possesses directional strength. So wearing of blue sapphire should be recommended if the 7th house is found to be weak. By applying the principle of planetary reflections one can similarly decide about stones for other planets as well.

Planets Radiation on Human beingsThe role of Tantra in astrology can be compared with that of artificial radioactivity in nuclear physics. It is an accepted fact that matter and energy are inter-convertible. Both are manifest in their different forms which could change due to the process of Nature. Transmutation of elements by accelerated charged particles is now a very common man-made phenomenon of nuclear physics which is described as artificial radioactivity. Similarly, the aim of Tantra is to transmute the intrinsic effects of planetary reflections, as indicated by their positions in a natal chart, by performing certain prescribed exercises. The prescription of gems is a minor yet important part of those exercises.

Let us conclude by analyzing the possibility of the existence of life on other planets of our solar system. We have observed that radiations of high frequency or, small wavelength, falling in the range of ultraviolet, are not conducive to the growth of life. Therefore one should expect the possibility of existence of life on those planets which reflects these radiations and consequently do not absorb them. Our Earth, since it looks like a blue ball when viewed from space, does not absorb high energy radiations of very small wavelengths. The solar radiations reflected by the planet Saturn, as seen from the Earth, come in the range of frequencies of violet to blue suggesting that Saturn possibly also does not absorb high energy radiations. Hence there could be a possibility of existence of life on the planet Saturn. Our argument shows that life cannot exist on Jupiter, Mars, mercury and the Moon since these planets absorb high frequency radiations. Venus, whose atmosphere has preponderance of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide plus traces of water vapour, reflects nearly all the combined visible radiations. Existence of life on it would depend on whether it also reflects radiations in the ultraviolet range.

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