Chakras and Vedic Remedies

Chakras and Vedic Remedies

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– Chakras and Vedic Remedies –

Chakra is a sanskrit word. Its literal meaning is “Wheel” . Human body receives energy from the cosmos that gives both life to body and power to psyche. The energy is drawn in , converted and transferred through specific centres in the body and these centres are known as chakras. The higher the turnover of centre, the fast the movement is and they resemble spheres of radiant energy. There are seven main chakras according to Indian Spritual tradition and they are placed along with the axis of the spine. Starting from the lowest level, the chakras in ascending order are as under:

1. Base Chakra (Muladhara)
2. The Sacral (Svadhisthana)
3. Solar Plexus (Manipura)
4. Heart (Anahata)
5. Throat (Vishuddha)
6. Brow (Ajna)
7. Crown (Sahasrara)

Every chakra has a specific position along the spine and its energy governs a definite organ, gland and function.
After understanding the concept of “Chakras and Kundalini” we can understand , that our development (personality and spiritual) is a well-organized process dependent over the energy absorption from the cosmos through our Chakras.
They are transmitted as Ëlectro-magnetic waves”, the waves which do not need any “medium” for transmission. These electro-magnetic waves are of different vibrations and colors and our body (Through Chakras) absorbs these vibrations according to our genetic structure of cells.

According to our Vedic horoscope , certain planets are benefic and certain planets are malefic and it is well known that every planet rules certain colors (Vibrations).
Our body may not have chemical composition to absorb vibrations of a benefic planet because in our natal vedic horoscope this benefic planet is weak.
On the other hand , we may abundantly absorb vibrations of a malefic planet because this planet is powerful in our natal vedic horoscope.
Through Vedic Planetary Gems and other Vedic planetary remedies (like Vedic mantras, Pujas and Yagyas) the vibrations of benefic planets can be increased and malefic planets can be controlled in our lives and thus can bring great improvements in our destiny.

How Rudrakshas work (on our chakras):-

To know more……

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