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Blue Sapphire in Vedic Astrology – Pure Vedic Gems

-Blue Sapphire in Vedic Astrology –

Blue Sapphire is considered the most dreaded stone in Vedic Astrology. And perhaps the most misunderstood also. Blue Sapphire gives strong and extreme results. It represents Planet Shani and Planet Shani is the judgement planet in Vedic Astrology, so it judges our lives according to its placement in our horoscope charts during its maha-dasha and antar-dasha periods. But it is not to be scared of always, as it does not give negative results only. In fact many people have had the best career, finance, health and relationship achievements of their lives during their Shani Dasha.


Blue Sapphire in Vedic Astrology
blue sapphire

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According to Vedic texts if genuine Vedic Remedies are followed (like Ratna dharana, Yagyas, Mantras and Pujas) we can reduce the negative effects of Shani Dasha and can enhance the positive effects in our lives tremendously.


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blue sapphire in saturn finger (middle finger)lord shanineelam stones

How to decide about the Weight and Quality of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone to Wear ?

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