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– What is Vedic Astrology –

ASTROLOGY – Everyone wonders, at some time or the other, what the future holds in store for him/her; even the skeptic. Astrology is one such medium, based on established criteria, that tries to shed some light into a dark tunnel of future events.

Planets and Vedic Astrology
Kundli (Horoscope)
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It has now been, more or less, universally accepted that Astrology – (Jyotish) has been in existence in India for many millenniums now, along with the Vedas. Jyotish consists mainly of two parts : Astronomy and Astrology.
Astronomy, as defined by the Living Webster – Encyclopaedic Dictionary of English language, is “the science that treats of the location, magnitudes, motions, nature and constitution of celestial bodies and structures. ” Or basically, charting of the motion and the nature of the heavenly bodies.

Astrology is the science of effect and influences of the celestial bodies on life on earth, especially of the observable planets, and constellations considered nearer in relation to Earth. As civilizations have evolved, each generation of Astrologers have added their own research and experience to the vast knowledge, with the existing socio-economic structures of their own current eras.


Vedic Jyotish Remedies (By Pure Vedic Centre)

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