Tips Related to the Spiritual World

Tips Related to the Spiritual World

Tips for a Better Life

TO enjoy a good life, there should be a balance in all aspects of our lives, be it the spiritual or the physical and one should neither forget the natural world surrounding us.Vaastu too is all about harmony and can help us attain a happy balance in our lives by allowing positive energy (or thoughts) flow in our homes. Since it is not always possible to go in for major reconstructions, simple Vaastu guidelines may be followed to bring the harmony back in our environment and life.

In situations where, due to various predetermined factors, an unbalanced Vaastu has already created an environment of disharmony, it is difficult to prevent or put a stop to the generation of negative energies, but we should try to at least clean and rid the house or structure of its negative energies. Keeping areas, especially corners, clean and free of clutter, using a positive combination of colours for decor, playing soothing music, and lighting pure sandalwood incense are some of the many helpful techniques that can be used to drive away the negative energy of a building.

Tips Related to the Spiritual World

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Applying Tilak

In Hindu society, the tilak is applied to invoke a sense of purity and stability in the wearer. The same holds true for a house or any other building as well. Before applying the tilak on your building, it is necessary to locate the centre of the structure from the front. The height should be 6-8ft from ground level. This will be the forehead of the building, and a tilak placed at this point augurs prosperity. A tilak should also be applied on the main door and all other doors of the structure, except the bathroom doors, above the wooden chowkat (the entrance to the house or to any room) of the door.

The properties and colour of the tilak should be decided based upon the requirements of the building’s residents. For instance, if one is seeking peace and tranquility, a white sandal tilak should be applied. If there is a lack of ambition, vigour and aggressiveness, a red kumkum (vermilion) powder Wok should be applied. Those wishing to attract wealth and financial prosperity should apply a Yellow saffron or turmeric powder tilak, while those seeking Control and command should apply a Bhasma tilak (the ash that remains in the deepak after the pooja or havan).The latter also eliminates negative energies from the structure. In order to gain more power and increase prosperity, tilaks should be applied in the shape of symbols such as a Swastika or an Om. A u-shaped tilak is used to symbolize the feet of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver in the Hindu Trinity. Adding rice to a tilak not only enhances its beauty but also attracts prosperity and fulfilment of food and many luxuries.

Demon Faces

Many people believe that hanging a demon face outside their house helps ward off the effects of buri nazar (evil eyes) and negative energies. However, this is not true. The presence of a demon face anywhere in a building is considered inauspicious, as only beautiful and pious things can usher in good luck and prosperity. Hence, it is preferable to draw holy symbols on a structure.

Some people place pictures of deities outside their house. This should also be avoided, as it is not very respectful to the gods. in a sense we leave them outside, unprotected from the harsh sun, rain dust and storms, while we sit inside, enjoying the comfort and luxuries of the house!


Even after all requirements are met, you must thank the Almighty. Make your environment healthy.

Use violet shades to enhance the spirituality in your environment. Press your index finger and thumb together for some time to concentrate on your karma.

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