SUN IN THE 3rd HOUSE / Benefits of Sun in Third House of Horoscope

SUN IN THE 3rd HOUSE / Benefits of Sun in the Third House of Horoscope



Sun in the 3rd House of Horoscope / Benefits of Sun in Third House of Horoscope / Characteristics of Sun in the 3rd House of Horoscope –

This is one of the best positions of Sun for the individual. It grants success in whatever the individual undertakes on his or her own, or is assigned to undertake. It grants success in political aims and ambitions, or those relating to entry into public services at high, medium or low level. Whether in active politics or not, Sun gives political clout and influence to the individual, and also wisdom and courage to make best use thereof for self and others in whom the individual is interested.

The individual helps and supports brother(s), sister(s) and cousin(s), but doesn’t normally get reciprocity from them. Instead from the elder brother(s) or sister(s) or cousin(s) the individual might get exploitation, blackmailing and backbiting. The elder ones might go the extent of putting blame on the individual for losses or other troubles suffered by them on their own! Another allegation that is sometimes levelled against the individual by own brother or sister or cousin is that the individual is more helpful and supportive to friends rather than to blood relations, whether it be correct or not. Sometimes mother also puts blame on the individual that he or she is not rendering financial or physical service to the mother or other motherly woman, even if the individual is duly dutiful towards mother to the best of capacity and capability.

solar-systemSome of these individuals join defence services, and they prove very efficient, duty-oriented and hard working, but in some cases their integrity faces question-mark. They are good commanders but not very clever in implementation, if the implementation is their responsibility. They do not stand disobedience though they themselves indulge in disobedience to their superiors and political bosses. They do not prove very brave and forceful leading commanders or soldiers on a battlefield!’ However they prove useful from behind the battle scenes.

They are on the other hand successful in handling administrative matters, negotiations, committee and conference discussions, preparation of returns and reports, minutes and descriptions.

These individuals are helpful and serviceable to members of the wider family of self and spouse so long as their name and prestige is not adversely involved, otherwise they have no hitch in turning the face towards the wall.

They are kind and accommodating towards domestic servants, other employees, subordinates and menials, but always within limits, and sometimes during any long absence of the spouse, these individuals do not mind being a little extra romantic towards the domestic help or employee or subordinate (in office, shop or factory).

These individuals are particular about their physical built-tip and appearance in public or outdoors.

Remedies –

Person, who have SUN Planet in Third House with good aspect and placement or lord of Third house then he or she can wear Ruby Gemstone (Manik). This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Sun placed with negative aspects then he or she must do Surya Shanti Yagya .








Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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