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Ketu Planet in Vedic Astrology – Pure Vedic Gems


Ketu Planet in Vedic Astrology – Ketu is the resKetu Planet in Vedic Astrology (Lord Ketu)t of the body of Rahu. It also got its share of ambrosia, became immortal, and was placed 180 Degrees away from Rahu. Ketu is a headless half-planet, shadowy as Rahu and Malefic – though not as Malefic as Rahu – and is therefore considered a moksha-karak (Cause of liberation from the cycle of birth and death, or indicator of enlightenment, which frees one from the bondage of birth and death). It bestows spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and nonattachment to worldly desires and ambitions. Ketu is also a half-planet that bestows wisdom, powers of discrimination, and Gyana – spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self. It gives psychic abilities to its natives and makes them masters of the healing arts, natural healing, healing herbs, spices, foods, tantric healing, healing of persons possessed by evil spirits, ghosts, and astral forces. Ketu native also has the ability to go unnoticed or merge into the crowd of common folk.


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Ketu can be more destructive if it is inauspiciously posited or closely conjunct another planet. Ketu destroys the potency of the planet with which it is conjunct or the house in which it is posited. Making the planet behave in an uncontrollable manner.

लहसुनिया रत्न कब पहने और ये कितने प्रकार के होते है?

Remedies mentioned in our Ancient Vedic sacred astrological scripts describe certain remedies and gems (like Catseye) to counter the malefic effects of Ketu in one’s life
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