Jupiter and Mercury Planet in First House

Jupiter and Mercury Planet in First House

Characteristics of Jupiter & Mercury placement in first/1st house, Benefits of Jupiter and Mercury Planet in First House, Benefits of Budh/Bharahaspati Planet in first house.

Jupiter and Mercury Planet in First House

It has been stated in our previous article that Mercury is the lord of intelligence and Jupiter is the lord of Memory.  These two stars in combination in the 1st house help the individual to receive a high degree of education.

These individual reach top position in their class, and obtain high percentage of marks, and equally high achievement in post-secondary education. They give an outstanding record of themselves in research work. They are successful in all those subjects or disciplines that have been listed under Mercury and Jupiter individually. They make very efficient law-makers, parliamentarians, legislators, judges, lawyers, advocates, authors on the subjects of economy , accounts , education, journalism, business management , codes of conduct and ethics, laws, treatises on religion and faith, preachers, priests, propagandists, proclaimers, lectures , readers, professors, journalists and critics.

emerald/panna gemstone

One major defects in these individuals is that they are sometimes open for buying by others, though they are not basically corrupt , especially if there is no hard planet like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Sun in the 3rd or 11th house .

yellow sapphire

Persons, who have Jupiter and Mercury Planets in First House with good aspect and placementor lord of first house then he or she can wear Emerald (Panna) and Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone . This will boost up their communication ability, Intelligence, Education, Wisdom, Spiritual Qualities, business skills, successful career and good health . If mercury and Jupiter is placed with negative aspects then he or she must chant Vishnu Sahsranam or recite Budh Jaap or do Budh Shanti Yagya to pacify the negative effects of Mercury and should do Brihaspati Mantra Jaap to pacify Jupiter Effects. To know more ….. www.purevedicgems.com

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