Gemstone for prosperity and wealth

Gemstone for prosperity and wealth

-:Gemstone for prosperity and wealth :-

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Introduction : –

Man has always been flummoxed by the fact that there are great disparities between two individual’s wealth and prosperity. There are disparities in prosperity of nations even. Wealthy nations also have people who are unfortunate to be paupers. On the other hand the poorer nations have wealthiest of people. This has always been a question in the mind of man as to why it happens. Hard work will make you prosperous. But then many labourers continue to labour whole of their lives without prosperity. It has been seen that wealthiest people turn paupers. Kings getting jailed for years. How does one explain all this? Astrology provides an answer to all this. If your horoscope has activated Yoga for wealth and prosperity, then you will prosper. If there are active indications for penury, then kings also live like beggars.
It is beyond any doubt that astrology has satisfied the curiosity of man since ancient times about the question of prosperity and wealth. These days, with the exponential growth of middle class population and growing material consumption trends, this question about money, wealth and prosperity is becoming a matter of ever increasing curiosity. This can be tackled very easily by astrology.

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The active yogas for prosperity and wealth undoubtedly give prosperity indicated by them and the position of other planets. But there are many people, where the yogas are present in their horoscopes, but the wealth is missing. Can we excite these yogas to increase the Prosperity of a native? The answer is YES we can. The science of gemstones helps us here. Since ancient times, gemstones have been used by mankind for helping them in various matters. They can be used for increasing wealth and prosperity of natives also. But then it can be achieved by understanding the requirements astrologically. This requires a thorough analysis of the birth chart deeply.
The running dasa and antardasa are very important in the case of a native to achieve wealth and prosperity. The yogas present in the horoscope may not give desired results in the dasa of an unfavourable planet. This has to be assessed properly by the astrologer and find out a gemstone, which can help excite the native’s yoga for wealth. Sometimes combination stones are very effective in exciting such yogas. The ill effects of dasa can continue but then these gemstones help get some Improvements which gives relief to the native.

Gemstones For General prosperity :-

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The birthstones are generally prescribed for prosperity as they affect the native in a positive manner barring rare instances. This prescription is based on the lord of the ascendant or the lord of Moon sign and the connected stone. This is a general kind of prescription although a slightly better way of prescribing gemstone is on the basis of birth Nakshatra.The effects of the stone for prosperity are discussed below. This discussion is not specific for wealth but for prosperity, which includes all aspects of life like marital felicity, health issues, emotional issues, education and all such things which combined together can be classified as general prosperity. This is only a general way of prescription and for specific remedies about wealth and prosperity issues; a detail analysis of the birth chart has to be done to arrive at appropriate gemstone.

Gemstones and Wealth:-

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Wealth is an issue about which lot of queries crop up in the minds of people. How much money makes a man wealthy enough? There are no straight answers as this is based on perception of the native also. For a labourer, few lakh rupees may be wealth. But for a businessman, few crore may not be enough. Astrology can help in identifying the presence of combinations of wealth in a native horoscope. These combinabons are called DHAN YOGAS. Classical treatises on astrology have discussed these combinations very crisply which shows that wealth is an impotant aspect of astrology. An astrologer can identify the presence or absence of these yogas, then what next? When does these yogas help the native? This question has to be answered. In many cases, it is found that the yogas remain dormant due to the effect of the dasa period of a malefic planet continuing and many times unfavourable yogas are working against the wealth creation for the native.
Gemstones have been used for wealth for ages. In many cases, they have proved immensely beneficial and they excite certain yogas lying dormant for the native. Innumerable instances have been noticed where gemstones have resulted in a deluge of wealth for the native. But for this the astrologer must be highly proficient. The effects of a gemstone are both positive and negative. A particular gemstone can be very useful for wealth in a case, but may help marak propensities. Such gemstones cannot be prescribed. All such aspects have to be taken into consideration before prescribing any gemstone. Many times a yoga (which is formed by more than one planet) is excited using a Combination of gemstones. This, if done after proper assessment Combination gemstones have been known to override even the evil effects of dasa periods provided other factors are favourable.

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