Fourth Manifestation of Goddess Durga-(Maa Kushmanda )

Fourth Manifestation of Goddess Durga-(Maa Kushmanda )

Worship Maa Kushmanda on the fourth day of Navaratri :

Maa Kushmanda, the fourth Avatar of Goddess Durga, is worhipped on the 4th day of Navratri. Her name means ‘the cosmic egg’ and she is considered the creator of the universe. As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu was able to start creating the universe when Maa Kushmanda smiled like a flower which blossomed with a bud. She created the world from nothing, at the time when there was eternal darkness all around. This Swarup of Maa Durga is the source of all. Since she created the universe, she is called Adiswarup and Adishakti.
She has eights hands in which she holds Kamandul,bow, arrow, a jar of nectar (Amrit), discus, mace and a lotus, and in one hand she holds a rosary which blesses her devotees with the Ashtasiddhis and Navniddhis. She is also known as Ashtabhuja. She has a radiant face and golden body complexion. Maa resides in the core of the Sun and thus controls the Surya Lok.

Maa Kushmanda represents Anahata Chakra in spiritual practice. The divine blessings of Maa Kushmanda helps you improve your health and wealth. She removes all the hurdles and troubles from your life and enables you to get rid of all sorts sorrows in life. Maa brings light into darkness and establishes harmony in your life.

Worshipping Mother Kushmanda can beget the worshipper material wealth as well as riddance from evil and fears. The gemstone related to the anahata Chakra is the Diamond Or White Sapphire (the gemstone for planet Venus/Shukre). This gem can be worn by individuals with Taurus or Libra ascendant in the natal chart.

People having malefic/Bad results related to negative placement of Planet Venus (Shukre) in their horoscope should fast on this day and should donate white articles to poor and needy people and should pray to Maa Kushmanda to get protection from the ill effects of negatively placed Venus and if Venus/Shukre is positively placed and is a benefic planet in one’s native chart then on this day one can wear a Fine Quality, 100% natural, Jyotish approved (purified and energized by Vedic Rituals) White Sapphire or Australian Fiery Opal for the blessings of planet Shukre/Venus.

Chant the following mantra to worship Maa Kushmanda…

॥Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah॥

4th Day of Navratri : 10th October, 2021 (Sunday)

Tithi – Chaturthi

Ritual – Varad Vinayaka Chauth, Upang Lalita Vrat

Goddess Worshipped – Kushmanda

Offerings to the Goddess – Malpua

Color to be Worn on the Day – Royal Blue

Gems – White sapphire (Safed Pukhraj) Kushmanda Maha Puja

ध्यान :-

वन्दे वांछित कामर्थे चन्द्रार्घकृत शेखराम्।
सिंहरूढा अष्टभुजा कुष्माण्डा यशस्वनीम्॥
भास्वर भानु निभां अनाहत स्थितां चतुर्थ दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम्।
कमण्डलु चाप, बाण, पदमसुधाकलश चक्र गदा जपवटीधराम्॥
पटाम्बर परिधानां कमनीया कृदुहगस्या नानालंकार भूषिताम्।
मंजीर हार केयूर किंकिण रत्‍‌नकुण्डल मण्डिताम्।
प्रफुल्ल वदनां नारू चिकुकां कांत कपोलां तुंग कूचाम्।
कोलांगी स्मेरमुखीं क्षीणकटि निम्ननाभि नितम्बनीम् ॥

स्तोत्र :-

दुर्गतिनाशिनी त्वंहि दारिद्रादि विनाशिनीम्।
जयंदा धनदां कूष्माण्डे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥
जगन्माता जगतकत्री जगदाधार रूपणीम्।
चराचरेश्वरी कूष्माण्डे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥
त्रैलोक्यसुंदरी त्वंहि दु:ख शोक निवारिणाम्।
परमानंदमयी कूष्माण्डे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

कवच :-

हसरै मे शिर: पातु कूष्माण्डे भवनाशिनीम्।
हसलकरीं नेत्रथ, हसरौश्च ललाटकम्॥
कौमारी पातु सर्वगात्रे वाराही उत्तरे तथा।
पूर्वे पातु वैष्णवी इन्द्राणी दक्षिणे मम।
दिग्दिध सर्वत्रैव कूं बीजं सर्वदावतु॥

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