Venus in the 4th house of horoscope-

Venus in the 4th house of horoscope-

Venus in the 4th house of horoscope-

Venus Horoscope 4th

Venus in the 4th House / Benefits of Venus in the 4th House of Horoscope/Characteristics of Venus in the 4th House of Horoscope-

Venus in the 4th house is capable of giving so many good things in life to the individual that sometimes the person is not left with any desire for more.
An affectionate and caring mother and in later life very mutual loving relationship with mother.
The individual’s mother would be an impressive personality for her beauty and self-bearing. Venus in 4 gives a nice residence with most of the comforts including that of conveyance right from the early age.
It also gives an enviable digestive system, and also availability of all kinds of tasty and nourishing food. At the right age.
Venus in the 4 th house makes possible friendship with opposite sex with or without physical indulgence.
It also gives ornaments and jewellery, and a well provided colourful wardrobe and chances of wide travels within and outside the country.
It is possible that the individual sometimes, against the family tradition, indulges in drinks.
But Venus in 4th house gives a healthy heart even upto advanced age and popularity among members of wider family.
distant relations and friends. It gives comfortable relationship with father of the spouse, though vvomen must keep a respectable distance from the father-in-law lest it is misunderstood. even without any touch of vice in it.
The individual gets love. affection. and gifts from grandparents every now and then. It has been observed that Venus would give most of the above results even when occupying an unfavourable Rasi, or a Rasi owned by an enemy of Venus.

Remedies –
Person, who have Venus Planet in Fourth House with good aspect and placement or lord of 4th house then he or she can wear White Sapphire Opal Gemstone. This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Moon placed with negative aspects then he or she do Shukra Shanti Yagya

Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –


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