Venus in the 1st house of horoscope-

Venus in the 1st house of horoscope-

Venus in the 1st house of horoscope-

Veneus First House

Venus in the 1st House / Benefits of Venus in the 1st House of Horoscope/Characteristics of Venus in the 1st House of Horoscope-

Venus in the 1st House
Venus in the 1st house makes an individual sophisticated, given to neatness and cleanliness, a system and order to residence as well as to the personality of self.
Venus in the ls house gives love for fashionable loving, liking decoration of body and surroundings, fond of good clothes/ outer show of food (even if the food may be poor in quality). Other points related to Venus in the 1st house are romantic nature, free in talks, given to smiles and laughs (both loud and slow), pleasant personality (charming, handsome, beautiful) which might attract the attention of the opposite sex.
Venus makes an individual, on the whole generous by nature depending on financial background, liking for picnics and journeys to beautiful places, fond of music/ drama/ stage performances/ acting/ dancing, adopting some habits for sake of attracting attention of others, especially of the opposite sex.
They are given to high perfumery, fresh flowers with sharp fragrance, exhibitive, ornaments and jewellery (real or imitation or costume).
One should always be careful in behaviour towards these type of individuals because they might be bohemian in talks and in inter-personal behaviour. But at the same time, they might feel offended if the other person takes the same type of freedom 111 talks and behaviour towards them. It is the same case in earlier stages of romance, love-affair and marriage where these individuals are concerned.
One of the favourable points is that these individuals make efficient physicians, painters (including that of murals, portraits of persons), designers of apparel as well as landscape, interior decoration, sculptures and even furnishings and furniture. They gain good knowledge in use of herbals, cosmetics (puffs, powders, lipsticks included), and therefore they make very good fashion designers and beauticians.
As a bad influence of Venus in the 1St house, an individual might lead steps towards bad habits and bad companY and even immoral activities.
This is more often when Venus is in njunction with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Herschell, all the more

so if the conjunction is with in 12 degrees at the most. Sometimes this type or conjunction with hard stars gives a leaning towards drinks, intoxication and had habits connected therewith, romantic or casual sexual relationship with more than one person of the opposite sex.
It should also be borne in mind that Venus, when influencing any kind of romantic connection or love affair with any person of the opposite sex; does not normally allow the individual to be much bothered to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
Remedies –
Person, who have Venus Planet in First House with good aspect and placement or lord of 1st house then he or she can wear White Sapphire ,Opal Gemstone. This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career and help in business. If Moon placed with negative aspects then he or she do Shukra Shanti Yagya

Note : Always wear Astrological Gemstones only after consulting your Horoscope with a Learned Vedic Astrologer –

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