Venus and Vena

Venus and Vena

Venus and Vena purevedicgems

Venus and Vena

In Western Lore, Venus is the planet and the Roman goddess of natural productivity and of love and beauty. The Greeks called this planet Aphrodite and also Eosphoros or the ” bringer of Light” when it appeared as a morning star, and Hesperos when it appeared as the evening star. It is believed that the Greeks first did not know that the two stars were the same but by the time of the Pythagoreans this identity was known. The Roman Venus derived her characteristics from the Greek Aphrodite who in turn was based on the Babylonian Ishtar. In Greek legend, Aphrodite was born in Kupris or Cyprus; Kupris, a feminine deity, was derived from the masculine Kupros. In India, there is the Rigvedic attestation of Vena as the name for this planet. Later texts use Sukra as another name. So we have linguistic affinity in these names. Venus and Vena, Kupros and Sukra.

The Rigveda describes two aspects of Venus: one, as Gandharva, who is the patron of singing and the arts; and the other, who is the son of the sun and an asura. These conceptions, together with the meaning of Vena as “longing” and “Love”, lead to the later mythologies of India and West Asia.

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