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Using Precious Stones

Using Precious Stones

We are travelling together, the path is long. It is strewn with precious stones.

Since ancient times, stones have been believed to have psychic powers. These exert a great influence upon all aspects of our lives. The stones are alive entities pulsating, radiating, and vibrating at different rates. They create strong energy field which enable us to be charged with their energies; they activate our abilities, soothe and comfort, heal and balance through the purity and directness of their beams. They express through their facts our infinite variety of aspects.

Illumination is the key word for the stones

They illuminate the earth as stars do

They have light and shine, even when unpolished

They contain the seed of light, the point of light

The centre of the cosmic sea.

The colors are rays of love. Each has its own particular vibration. By understanding the unique properties of each of the seven rays we will be able to apply these same qualities to the stones. The study of colors is a preparation to using stones in a healing and spiritually transformative way. The stone emits the magnetic spiritually transformative way. The stone emits the magnetic power of the ray of light contained within. The aura is benefited and the whole being feels more harmonious.

Reds and oranges stimulate and invigorate the physical body;

Yellows vitalize and accelerate mental activities;

Greens and calm and soothe the nervous system;

Blues and indigos inspire, gives spiritual tone;

Purples accelerate and sublimate all processes of body, mind and spirit.

Mystical Aspects

The ancients believed that every gem was crystallized by and around an entity. This entity was able to influence the wearer as to coming events, thereby enabling him to avoid danger or to embrace opportunity. Those who made use of these hidden powers in the gems made talismans, which were magnets of great potency. They were capable of transmitting powers that would help restore health and well-being. They were also able to convey forces carrying destruction through the negative intent. Forces can be equally used for the highest good or for the most evil and selfish purposes! It is the consciousness in the soul that needs to be transformed, in order to use the energy for good purpose.

The stones can be carved with a particular symbolic shape or form- such as a circle, cross, triangle, square, or spiral- to gain added potency. In Egypt, the scarab (which signifies eternity) was often carved in lapis lazuli or turquoise for the double power of infinity. The scarab is the animal that rides the eternal sun and turquoise and lapis lazuli (both blue stones) symbolize the infinity of the sky and spirit. In the Islamic culture, one often sees letters for the name of (Allah or God) carved on carnelian or lapis lazuli. The vibrations of the stones have the inherent potential to heal, energize, attune and uplift the spirit of the inner being. Because they create such strong energy fields, stones are used to charge religious objects, altars, temples and place of worship, as well as used at ceremonies.

These cosmic powers are everywhere, and they only need to be focused, transformed, and used as magnets (or receivers) to help the individual along the spiritual path. The more we open ourselves up to the stones (and the cosmos), the more we will receive. Our lives will become abundant and we can feel joy about being part of this life.

Ceremonies and rituals can be used to reconnect with the power of the elements. They are our links to the ancient ones and to the cosmos. By participating in this kind of ceremony, we are dedicating and devoting time to the higher in us- the mystical and the spiritual. We can step out of this present reality and consciously create a magical environment where we can transcend all images of the self and the world for a moment. It is through this rediscovery of the scared that our minds and heart can joyfully come together in praise and gratitude.

If you carry your stones, musical instruments, and offerings out into the open spaces, you can celebrate the solstice or the equinox more joyfully. Bring companions and rejoice in the beauty and bounty of this earth! You will be given riches that you cannot touch your hands- for your heart and soul will be fed. Your spirit will be lifted by joyous chants. Sing!

It is also very important that you create a quiet space in your home where you can go regularly to replenish yourself. This is important for self-centering. Beauty can be used to lift your emotions beyond yourself. See nature’s light in these forms of life, for the precious stones, or gems, have a way of healing the emotions that have been inharmonious. The radiation of the rays of the stones will work deeply at re harmonizing any area filled with congested energies.

Each life we live is a ‘gem’ or a step towards the necessary development of divine qualities. The stones can be utilized for spiritual rebirth. They can heal and uplift the soul, so dwell on their beauty and harmony, rather than dwelling on greed because you own them. It is important to realize that we have is just borrowed, and it will all go back to the source.

The more we lose our ego, the greater becomes the clarity and radiance of our being. By working with the source, we can also help others. The faculty of light, or enlightenment, is inherent in every living being.

Healing Aspects of precious stones

The stone’s frequencies are pulled by the etheric body through the chakras (also referred to as light centers or jewels) to replenish, revitalize, realign whatever is needed. It is through the power and intensity of the light that healing is achieved. The clearer or more brilliant the light, the more healing or transformative is its power.

There are many stones that are not called healing stones, but that have wonderful quality. They remind us of the earth. Fill your home with stones. Some will come to you from foreign lands you visit, some will be gifts, and some may be purchased because of your attraction to their color. Surround yourself with them. Your plants like them, too. Put stones on your plants pots. They appreciate and recognize each other.

Let the beauty of the stones

Speak to you

The sparkling light

In the gem of the heart and mind

There is a myth from the orient about the ‘wish-granting gem’. Like Aladdin’s magic lamp, it grants any desire that its possessor formulates.

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