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Usage Of Gems To Cure Diseases

-: Gems and Diseases :-

usage gems cure diseases


Introduction :

Gemstones have healing powers also. This fact was known to ancients. All ancient systems had some form or the other of using the gemstones for healing purpose. Be it Indian, Chinese or Tibetan, all had faith in the curative power of Gemstones. They always used these gemstones along with other systems of indigenous medicines.

It is a well-known fact that Sun is the life giver for all living beings on earth. It is this energy, which sustains all activity for living beings. All living beings have a distinct energy balance in their physiology. The Sun energy is in the form of rays and this light energy is composed of seven colours in addition to the infrared and ultraviolet part of this energy. The human physiology also has a peculiar predominance of a particular energy frequency and it ultimately decides the psychological and biological make up of that person. A person having balance of energy in his body is healthy. But once this balance is disturbed, then diseases attack the body. The purpose of any healing system is to restore this energy balance. In many systems, it is done by strengthening particular organs to come back to normalcy and restore balance. In some systems, it is done by using Sun energy itself. This is Gemstone healing.

Gemstones have a typical colour in them and when Sun energy is passed through them then only a particular frequency corresponding to that stone becomes available. This energy is used for restoring balance of energy in the body. Various diseases affect the body differently and hence different types of energy are required for restoring the energy balance. Thus, an experienced diagnosis has to be made to assess as to which gemstone will be best suited for a particular disease.

Astrology also has a vital link in this system. Astrology will indicate Which planet has a potential to cause diseases and is in a weak position. This also helps in diagnosing the deficiency. Since that planet has a gemstone associated with it, it becomes very easy to identify the type of gemstone or the type of combination of gemstones required for medical use.

It is also a fact that the damage to organs in the body cannot be restored. Even the highly researched and advanced allopathic system of medicine has not achieved this. The damaged lungs are removed. Gall bladder removal with gallstones has become a routine surgery. Amputations are also carried out. Thus, restoring loss of organ is not possible. Gemstones also cannot do this. But what they achieve is that the deficient energy is made available through gemstone and hence creates conducive energy balance and relief is observed. People whose gall bladder is removed have to live with many precautions. But gemstones can help such people in having an energy balance of the body. Gemstones are used with other systems of medication. They help in feeling better as the energy balance is what they maintain and recovery with medicines of any system is much faster.

This topic is worth a full treatise and in a book on gemstones only limited level of discussion can take place. We have discussed the medical effects of gemstones of various types at appropriate places. here we will discuss certain diseases with astrological factors and then gemstones used for their treatment. Exhaustive discussion on diseases is beyond the scope of such a blog.

Usage Of Gems To Cure Diseases



1.ASTHMA : Ashthma is a disease, which affects the lungs of an individual. The bronchial tubes are narrowed due to spasms and an excess of mucous is secreted which makes breathing very difficult for the patient. The patient gets attacks of this and during attacks medical attention has to be sought. Many drugs are used to keep the bronchial tubes dilated to prevent such attacks.

Astrologically Leo sign has lot to do with afflictions of the lungs. Jupiter rules over lungs in astrology. Saturn governs the breathing. Saturn is by nature an obstructive planet. When Saturn afflicts Leo or Jupiter is in Leo and afflicted, then person is prone to asthma. There can be other influences in a horoscope afflicting the 4th house. Leo getting afflicted in the chart and Jupiter weakening also leads to propensity of a native for asthma.

Gemstones are used for asthma very effectively. The gem for the 4th house lord can be used to help if the same planet does not own a marak house as well. Similarly, for breathing difficulty Blue Sapphire can also be combined to get relief but caution and due assessment has to be done. For Jupiter Yellow Sapphire can give very good results along with other stones as discussed above.



  1. DIABETES : Diabetes is a chronic disease. But then it is not a painful disease and is also not a contagious one. The main symptoms are excessive urination and sugar in it, and excessive thirst. Here basically the disease is caused by the fact that sugar management system of the body does not work or works inefficiently. The insulin levels are a determinant of the efficiency of the system. Insulin is produced by Pancreas. Due to malfunctioning, body is not able to use up the sugar, starches etc. and sugars accumulate in blood stream and Kidneys react to immediately pass these off in urine. Due to this thirst increases and urination also increases. Here patients suffer loss of weight despite normal diet and sometimes fatigue is also a symptom. Obesity is one problem, which can trigger this disease, and obese people have to be very careful.

Jupiter is the planet, which governs the organ liver as well as pancreas. This is a disease, which is due to Jupiter as this is the planet which controls production of bile and which helps digestion of sugars and starches. When Jupiter is afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, or Jupiter is debilitated or in Aquarius and is placed in a Dusthana, then this disease can affect that native.

Yellow Sapphire can give many benefits to such patients and even White coral combined with Yellow Sapphire helps. White coral helps if the Venus is also afflicted in the horoscope.


3.INSOMNIA : Sleeplessness over a long period of time is insomnia. This is a modern day disease in the sense that fast pace of life and longer hours of working have led to people working odd hours. In ancient times, people never worked after sunset, as they could not see. Electricity has changed it in such a way that now 24 hours working is there. People work in shifts and normal patterns of sleep get disturbed and affliction starts and ends up as insomnia.

This being a lifestyle disorder affects people having moon and Mercury in their horoscope in a weak placement. Excessive fatigue, smoking, alcoholism, coffee and tea in excess are all factors for its aggravation.

The basic cure for this disorder is relaxation of mind and body, Control of anxieties and worries, and Change in lifestyle. But in chronic cases all this takes a lot of time to happen and many times planetary configuration is not conducive for a person to do all this on its own. Since this is not an organ related disease, hence gemstones can help very effectively.

The main concerned planets are the Mercury, Moon and Jupiter. Mercury lords over the brain nerve centres. These nerves control our emotions, anger and such activities. This further controls the communication system of the body. Thus, nerves actually play a vital role in insomnia. Thus, Moon which controls mind and thoughts and Mercury, which controls the nerves, need to be in proper balance to get rid of insomnia.

Thus Emerald and Pearl or Moonstone is very helpful in curing insomnia. Sometimes Yellow Sapphire is also used in those cases where the Jupiter has influence on any of these planets.


4. MENTAL ILLNESSES : Most of the mental illnesses are temporary problems of memory and power to concentrate. There is no organic degeneration of brain involved here. It also does not involve any mental deficiency. it is basically losing control over one’s mental faculty. The causes for mental illnesses can be varied. It can be due to some brain injury, anxiety, damage to some nerve of brain, tumour of brain, blood clotting in brain, drug addiction etc. Sometimes common people describe such mental illness as nervous breakdown. This can disorient a person from normal activity. Loss of memory or memory lapses is a part of such illnesses. Mental illnesses can be like mania, hysteria, neurasthenia and insanity. Insanity is a condition where person forgets the difference between right and wrong.

Moon, Mercury and Saturn are three PIanets wrhich are here. Moon is representative of mind and thought processes. Mercury rules over the nervous system. Saturn is a malefic and it retard and afflicts both these planets badly. 3rd and 9th houses are representative of mental things. Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius are the three signs, which are involved and rule over mind and mental structure. Any affliction  to these signs by malefics can give rise to mental disturbances, Rahu or Saturn with Moon is enough to cause such ailments. When Mars afflicts

Sun or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, the native can suffer from lunacy.

These conditions and afflictions are controlled by using Emerald, Moonstone and Yellow Sapphire. In cases involving Mars, Red Coral may be required in addition to other stones.



5.MENSTRUAL TROUBLES : Menstruation is a normal physiological process in females. When it does not follow the cyclic order, then it becomes a disease. The fertile years of a woman have this cycle going on every month. A missed period is an indication of pregnancy. Otherwise, it is trouble.

The planets, which are involved in this process, are Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn. The key planet is Moon, which governs the actual flow and duration of the blood. Mars governs the blood and the breakage of uterine tissues. Mars is also responsible for starting the flow by causing breakage of uterine tissue. The flow is under the domain of Moon. Moon also governs over impregnation, conception etc. Hence, if Moon is afflicted in birth chart, such troubles can arise. Affliction to Moon in Scorpio by mars causes pain and profuse bleeding. If Mars, Moon and Venus are in the 8th house, the native suffers from heavy bleeding. If Saturn afflicts Venus in 8th house, then scanty discharge results with pain.

Mars in 7th or 8th house at birth time in a female causes serious troubles in urinary tract and reproductive system. It causes heavy bleeding and even indicates surgeries. Any affliction to Moon or Mars in 7th or 8th house will give rise to menstrual disorders.

The main Gemstone for these disorders is White Pearl. It helps in regulating the duration of flow. Red coral should be used when blood related disorder is also there in case of a native like excessive bleeding.



Arthritis is also called rheumatism in medical terminology. It is basically inflammatory disease of the joints of knees and other joints as well. This can degenerate and even leads to disability. This is a chronic disease even affecting a person for years and many times leads to deformities. It can appear suddenly but generally the disease emerges slowly. Degenerative type or Arthritis occurs in old age. The disease becomes, painful at times and especially in winter season. Anxiety and stress also contribute to this disease.

Astrologically, the planets Sun, Moon and Mars in Ascendant of a birth chart may cause Arthritis and similar condition like gout. Capricorn governs our knees and joints. Saturn being ruler also governs joints of lower extremities. Mars in 10th house can also cause arthritis. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius can give this rheumatism and arthritis. Saturn in Lagna and Mars in 9th house can cause arthritis. Mars in Capricorn gives  inflammation of Knee joint ant arthritis

The  main planet here is Saturn and Mars. Depending upon involvement of other planet, Red Coral and lapiz Lazuli stones give very good relief results in arthritis. Sometimes Blue Sapphire can be used for Lapis Lazuli. If Jupiter is involved, then Yellow Sapphire can be used. The exact combination can be decided on case-to-case basis.

hypertension7.HYPERTENSION : Hypertension is the name of a disease, which involves high blood pressure. It is a disease connected with heart as heart actually pumps blood in body. High pressure on blood vessels means hypertension. Blood pressure normally increases with age and body weight. Thus, people with obesity can have this disease. Hypertension in younger age is even dangerous as then it connects with lifestyle disorders. Sedentary life actually acts as a boost to hypertension.

Astrologically, hypertension has many planets associated with it. The fourth house has rule over heart and breasts. Moon rules heart. Leo sign deals with matters of heart. Malefics in Leo can cause heart trouble. Three planets in Leo or Aquarius may give rise to hypertension. Medically, it is incurable and modern medicine can only manage it. In such disorders, gemstones are very effective.

Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire have been used for such cases. Sometimes Emerald is also used. In acute cases with afflictions of heart, White pearl is also used.



8.GASTRO INTESTINAL DISORDER : Diarrhoea is one of the most common disease in tropical areas, during summer season disease. , this is a very common affliction. The main symptom is frequent and loose evacuation by the bowels. There are numerous reasons for this disease. Other afflictions of the Gastrointestinal tract are Irritable Bowel syndrome where the bowels reject the food and get irritated very frequently. Dysentery, gastric ulcers are also other disorders.

Astrologically, Cancer and Virgo signs and the 4th and 6 houses rule over stomach and digestive organs. Generally, malefics in transits afflicting them can cause various gastrointestinal disorders depending upon the severity of such affliction. Sun in Cancer or Virgo weakens digestive organs and can cause constipation. Moon in Virgo if affficted causes gastric ulcers and derangement of bowels. Ketu in Virgo gives gastric ulcers and Rahu in Cancer or Virgo can cause cancer of the stomach.

Gemstones can be used as permanent remedy for such problems. Emerald and Yellow Sapphire are effective in lifestyle type of disorders of Gastrointestinal tract. But in case of ulcers and serious afflictions, specific gem depending upon the afflicting planet and its position in birth chart will help.


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