Tips Related to the Material World

Tips Related to the Material World

Tips Related to the Material World

 Tips Related to the Material World copy

Tips Related to the Material World

Good Income

Never say “ I am poor ”. This way you increase your problems and worries.

Always give dues and balances on time. Facing the North opens up opportunities for making money. Check the water slope in the house; it should not face the South or South-west. Boost the North Pole energy by clearing obstructions from North to South. Enter the house from prosperous directions and beautify the entrance points. The doors should have no obstructions inside or outside. Let time be in your favour – place wall clocks and calendars in the North.


Darkness within a house or building symbolizes dullness, depression and tension. Every evening, switch on all the lights of your house, even if it’s for a short period of time. This helps vanquish the essence of Darkness. The North-east corner of your house should be kept lit at all times.

Positive Sounds

It is very auspicious to ring bells in all corners of a house. The sound of ringing bells helps vanquish negative elements, even many types of bacteria. The sound made by a Shankh ( conch ) is also believed to be very powerful in ridding the house of all negativity. Playing light and soothing music also promotes healthy and positive vibes.

Name and Fame

It is important that you gain name and fame in society. Money cannot bring you name and fame, but the reverse is true. Enhance your East direction by keeping it clean and beautifying it; never burden it.

House Cleaning Tools

Brooms, mops and other house cleaning types of equipment should not be kept under the staircase. Keeping dirty or soiled things under the stairs creates Vaastu imbalances. These items should also not be kept in the North, North-east and East directions of the house as these directions are very holy. Furthermore, do not keep the brooms standing, and avoid touching them with your feet, as this is very inauspicious.

Time and Date Articles

Objects such as wall clocks, timepieces and calendars should not be hung on walls that are located in the South, South-eastern and South-western directions. This induces an unfavourable time phase in one’s life. Clocks and calendars should also not be placed above doors. Another important thing to note is that all the clocks in the house or office should be in working condition. If they are not operational, wrap them in paper or place them in a box and store them in a cupboard.


If the flow of money in your life seems to be stagnant, it means that the energies in your house are stagnant. Providing ventilation in the house, ringing bells in all corners, and increasing the use of multi-coloured lights will help these energies flow smoothly and improve your money situation.


Hammering nails into the walls in order to hang decorations and paintings should be avoided, as this hurts the walls. Use brass screws for hanging objects on walls.


Front Courtyards and Walls

Ensure that the front courtyard or any sections of it in a house or office is not broken or worn out. There should also be no clutter in this area. Ignoring these aspects could result in tensions for the building’s residents. A damaged front wall that is broken or has peeling plaster is also inauspicious and can increase the chances of litigations and government problems. All the walls should be intact and well-maintained, much the same way we take care of our clothes.

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