Tips Related to the Natural World

Tips Related to the Natural World

Tips Related to the Natural World

Tips Related to the Natural World copy

Tips Related to the Natural World

Essential Oils and Incense

Incense and essential oils of flowers are pious and have cleansing properties, and as such help enhance the positive energies in the environment. Light and burn them regularly to clear the house of negative energy forms.

Pets and Plants

Taking care of all living things is very auspicious. As such, keeping pets bring good luck. Feeding birds and insects is also considered very positive. These activities heal our karma and help take away some of our problems.

Plants and trees are also living beings, and maintaining them means maintaining your own life. You can also create a favourable Vaastu environment by feeding animals and pets from your kitchen, and watering plants from your own water resources. When these life forms share your food, they also share your sorrows, hence reducing your burdens.

Rejuvenated Environment

A great way to re-energize and breathe fresh life into your room is by adding elements of nature such as fresh flowers to it. Lighting candles, burning aromatic incense sticks, playing light music and decorating the room with some happy pictures is also beneficial.


These precious and semi-precious stones are famous for their amazing cleansing properties, and are a very powerful tool in cleaning negative energies. All Gemstones work as a filter for various energies and have six primary properties – they are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energies, including those related to matter, thought, emotion and information. Gemstones naturally harmonize and energize our gross (physical) and subtle (the energy circle or aura surrounding us) bodies.

Gemstones have many uses and can be used in many ways.

Gemstones can be kept in rooms to absorb the negative energies released by the people living there. Keeping gemstones can clean feelings of depression and diseased energies.

Some Gemstones are carved in variety of shapes, such as idols,etc.

You can also wear gemstones rings and pendants. However, these should be worn after consulting a Genuine Vedic Astrologer.

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