The Principal Seed Mantras

The Principal Seed Mantras

The Principal Seed Mantras



The Principal Seed Mantras

The Principal Seed Mantras If you have a particular issue in your life, or a material or spiritual goal you wish to accomplish, pick a seed sound that seems to represent the energy you desire but have been lacking. Work with this mantra for ten days, repeating it as much as you are able. Besides repeating it when-ever you can, you should also consider setting aside five to ten minutes twice a day to chant the mantra in a focused, meditative way. If it agrees with you, continue for an additional thirty days. Then stop and wait to see results (if they have not already presented themselves during your practice).

Shrim [shreem].

This feminine seed sound is for the energy of abundance in all forms, as expressed by the Sanskrit word Lakshmi, and personified as a god-dess. Spiritual abundance, health, inner peace, financial Wealth, friendship, the love of children and family: Lakshmi is the source for all of these, and the Shrim mantra is a powerful means of gaining any of them. Repetition of the Shrim mantra gives you the ability to attract and maintain abundance. According to Vedic Teachings, if you pronounce Shrim a hundred times, your experience of abundance will increase a hundredfold. If you pronounce Shrim a thousand times or a million times, the result is correspondingly greater.


This feminine seed sound rules artistic and scientific endeavors, music, and education. The name of this energy is Saraswati, a feminine principle that at a deeper level governs the development and manifestation of spiritual knowledge. It is useful for achieving good education, memory and intelligence, musical skill, and success in spiritual endeavors. Many Himalayan teachers have adopted Saraswati as part of their spiritual name.


This seed mantra for the energy of attraction is neither masculine nor feminine. It is often combined with other mantras to attract an object of desire. To attract wealth, for instance, the abundance mantra can be combined with the Klim seed to form the mantra Om Shrim Kiwi Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha. Here Klim has been added to the regular mantra Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Klim can also be used as a meditation. Find a quiet space where you’re unlikely to be disturbed, and begin your meditation by lighting, a candle or a piece of incense. Sit comfortably and gently direct your thoughts toward the object or condition you desire to bring into your life. Or, visualize it as you would like it to occur or manifest in your life, As you do this, softly chant the mantra Klim. As you chant with this intention, you increase the energy of your thought and attract more energy to yourself.

Dum [doom].

This seed sound is for the energy of protection, which is also considered a feminine energy. If fear is a problem for you, this mantra will yoke protection and help you feel less afraid.

To begin, just chant the Dum mantra seed over and over whenever you feel in need of protection. You may chant it while you are going through your daily activities. If repetition of Dum becomes uncomfort-able for any reason, stop for a while and then begin again later. After you are thoroughly comfortable with the Dum seed, lengthen the mantra to Om Dum Durgayei Namaha. This means “Om and salutations to she who is beautiful to the seeker of truth and terrible in appearance to those who would injure devotees of truth.”


Krim [kreem].

This is the feminine seed of the Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess creation and destruction. The powerful kundalini mantra Om Krim Kalikavei Namaha, which means “Om and salutations to the primordial feminine energy,” produces an accumulation of power that can begin near the base of the spine or in the genital region. If you use this mantra and find that you have a shorter temper, then discontinue at once.

Also recall, from the discussion of Klim, that the mantra Om Klim Kalikayei Namaha can be used with good effect. Since Klim is the seed sound for attraction, it can also be used to attract Kali, or any other of the principles. In fact, some of the mantras presented later will include Klim as one of several bijas or seed mantras contained within the mantra.


Gum [as in chewing gum].

This is a masculine seed for Ganapathi, an energy of the benevolent elephant-headed god Ganesha, which removes obstacles and brings success in endeavors. To remove obstacles, repeat the seed mantra Gum for a few days until you are comfortable with it. Then move to the mantra, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, which means “Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed.”

Glaum [glah. . . owm].

Another seed for Ganapathi, this removes obstacles that may exist between the throat and the base of the spine. It is related to Ganesha as an energy of will.


Haum [how, with an “m” added].

This is the seed for the abode of transcendental consciousness, a masculine energy manifested in the Hindu god Shiva, who is the personification of consciousness.


Kshraum [an aspirated but unvocalized “k . . sh,” followed by a vocalized “rau,

” as in “how,” and an “m” at the conclusion].

This masculine seed sound is for Narasimha, one of the manifestations of the god Vishnu. Narasimha has been used and invoked to be rid of the most stubborn evil situations. This sound releases your own pent-up energies. When you meditate on Kshraum, visualize the hidden power becoming available to you. Kshraum is also a seed for the destruction of seemingly indestructible demonic powers.


Hrim [hreem].

This is a seed mantra for seeing through the illusion of everyday reality. According to various traditions, Hrim can be either masculine or feminine, You can find this seed mantra in both Vedic and tibetan Buddhist practices, as part of longer mantras.

If a spiritual seeker practices this seed mantra devotedly and intensely just by itself, he or she will achieve clarity concerning the true reality of this universe. All illusion  will be caused to fall away. The name of this feminine energyis  Mahamaya, which is available through an energy center located just below the heart chakra. This energy resides within each of us, yet is not part of reality. The esotericists refer to it as the threefold flame. Followers of classical Vedic practices often call it the flame of Narayana, or “that from which this whole cosmos has sprung.”

This flame can manifest material things as well as insights for you, here, on this plane of existence. Its fuel is devotion. It is also written in the ancient spiritual texts that this flame can put you in contact with higher realms where exalted beings dwell. If you are deeply devoted to a certain spiritual teacher who once lived, or to a particular tradition, this flame can actually manifest a likeness of that individual for You. You can use the seed sound Hri or Hrim as part of another mantra. If you meditate on the mantra Hrim Shrim Klim Parameshwari Swaha, the flame will eventually reveal a feminine form because “Parameshwari” is the Supreme Feminine. But if you envision, as the Tibetans teach, the syllable Hri within and meditate on the bodhisattva Manjushri, you will eventually see a male figure holding the sword of discriminating wisdom.

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