The Power Of The Astrological Sign

The Power Of The Astrological Sign

The Power Of The Astrological Sign

the power of the astrological sign


The Power of the Astrological Sign :

The Power of the Astrological Sign, the planetary alignments in our individual birth charts can present. Unique problems and lessons for each of us. Most astrologers who interpret your birth chart will discuss the “easy” and the “difficult” of your planets by their relationship to other Planets. Usually they do not know of any way for you to ease difficult alignments. But through the use of Sanskrit mantras for individual planets, you can change your planetary karma. Here is a list of astrological signs and the planets and karmic bodies that rule them, as well as the mantras associated with each celestial body, including Rahu and Ketu, the karmic nodes of the moon.

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Once you have the information contained in your natal chart, you can begin working on your life with a clear idea of where to start. The Sanskrit mantras below Translate roughly to “Salutations to the presiding spirit of the planet_ .” The Vedas teach that everything has consciousness within it. They also say that planets and stars are conscious in a way that is completely different from the way in which we humans are conscious.


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