The Magic & the Mysticism of stones

The Magic & the Mysticism of stones

The Magic & the Mysticism of stones

“I come again from the mineral Kingdom, to bring you riches of wisdom and Transmission of Light.”

There are three kingdoms of nature:

The Mineral Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

To become whole beings it is important and wise for each one of us to rediscover the living power existing in the forgotten and misunderstood minerals kingdom. All energy comes from the one light and everything that exists has a vibratory rate. The minerals have the lowest vibrations of all living things. The minerals kingdom is the body of the earth; all that grows comes from it. We, too come from the earth, and we are also made up of the same elements as the earth. In our search into the human soul, we discovered that matter has also been gifted with soul power.

The stones are significant entities- living, breathing, transmitting, interacting, shining, pulsating. They emit vibrations and frequencies that have very powerful potential effects on our whole being and can be used for healing, transforming, balancing, and attuning body, mind, and spirit.

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