Sun looks and Nature

Sun looks and Nature

Sun looks and Nature

Sun looks and Nature copy

Sun looks and Nature

Surya or Sun provides life to this Universe. In Hindu mythology, he is positioned on a lotus, has two hands, with both hands holding lotus buds. A shimmering crown adorns his head and a gem bead garland encircles his neck. He rides a rath or chariot which is carried by seven horses – all green in colour – representing each day of the week. The rath has only one wheel. His weapons are chakras or discus, Shakti or weapon, pash or noose and ankush or goad. His nature is hot and pitta karak (fiery/fire).

His complexion is red, and bright rays radiate from his body. The day assigned to Surya is Sunday. His Mahadasha comes with a tenure of six years in one’s janam kundli.

The Sun provides name, fame and honour in society. Where health is concerned, he bestows general vitality, good eyesight and a healthy heart. The Rig Veda states that he is a true motivator, and bestows life in the Universe. The Markandeya purana says he is the end. He is the one who manifests as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

Lord Surya is Omkara; the sound of Om is Surya himself. When Brahma broke the darkness and chanted Om, there was a light all over and this was the manifestation of Surya. He was the first to get manifested after the Trinity, and that is why his name is Aditya or One Who is Second to None. One of his names is Savita, which means One who Creates. He is the essence of all Vedas.

How to Please Surya

The Surya Namaskar ( a particular Yoga exercise which involves 12steps) has manifold benefits and one should do it early in the morning at the time of sunrise. It strengthens the eyesight, cures many illnesses and blesses the person with health, wealth and prosperity.

To propitiate Surya, one must recite the Aditiya Hridyam Stotra. (For this mantra, see the chapter, Mantras.) This prayer gives courage, power, confidence and prosperity. It is believed that one will be blessed with everything in life by chanting this prayer. The best gift that a worshipper is bestowed with is self-control, which is the biggest achievement.

One can also please Surya by donating wheat, jaggery, copper, gold, red clothes and a cow. These things should be donated to an eligible Brahmin, ie, one who is not greedy, who follows dharma, who has self-control, or anyone else who is needy. The beej (basic, essential) mantra for Lord Surya is:

“Om Haraam Hareem Harom Saha Suryaya Namaha”

The best time to worship Surya is in the morning and the best count for mantra is 7000. While this means that one has to chant the Surya Beej Mantra 7000 times, it is basically done in the form of a special ceremony to please Surya; one chant the mantra according to the time one has at hand. For this, one can repeat the mantra a certain number of times every day until he has recited it 7000 times in totality. This method or style of chanting the mantras is common to all gods, deities, and planets, with each planet having a different count. The ideal colour for Surya is pink and golden; his ruling deity is Lord Agnidev, the Supreme God for Surya is Lord Shiva and the gemstone associated with him is the Ruby.

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