Stotras and Sahasarnam For The South Node of Chandra

Stotras and Sahasarnam For The South Node of Chandra

Stotras and Sahasarnam

II The Ketu II

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II The Ketu II


The Ketu Mantra

Ketu is the planet of spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution. Ketu is also not a material embodiment and is referred to as chaya graha ( Shadow Planet). Ketu is the southern point where the path of earth around Sun cuts the path of Chandra. Like his counterpart Rahu, he is also the significator of any sudden event be in an accident or a lottery gain. He indicates secrecy, dissatisfaction, hidden enemies, greed, proficiency in foreign and artificial languages like computer languages.

He represents foreign or alien religious believes, obsessive personality, mass tragedies and mysterious diseases. He causes abortions, rifts in married life as well as domestic problems. The difference between the significations of Rahu and Ketu is that the effects caused by ketu are not as severe as those caused by Rahu.

However, the mental agony, uncertainity are more. Ketu is considered a worldly malefic and spiritual benefic, as he causes mild amount sorrow and loss, which ultimately turns the individual to God. Ketu signifies intelligence, liberation, wisdom, non-attachment, deep insight, and psychic abilities. Regular propitiation measures to Ketu removes possibility of accidents, insect bites, allergy etc., The remedial measures to Ketu reduce mental worries and mysterious fears.

Ketu, which is torso of the demon who cunningly had nectar, is also considered shadowy planet. It is a neutral, dry and fiery planet. It is the descending point where the orbit of the Moon across the ecliptic. As stated above, like Rahu, Ketu is also a universally malefic planet provided it is not aspecting any of the planets or houses, closely i.e. within five degrees.

Ketu signifies occultism, spiritual initiation and development, natural healing methods and diets, religion and diversification, services. If Ketu is not afflicted and beneficially disposed, it can give sudden burst of energy, discretion, liberation universality, idealism, intuition, psychic ability. When Ketu is malefic, recital of Ketu mantra is very benefic and favourable. In someone’s chart, if Ketu is in the eighth house with the Moon, it is said that the person may attempt suicide at least once in life time. When Ketu is afflicting it causes wounds, injuries, diseases in spine and nervous system. Ketu is also genral significator of maternal grandparents, mathematics, fire etc. As  in the case of Rahu, when Ketu is not afflicted it showers its blessings to the house it occupies. Ketu is worshipped in the night on Saturday.

The sage of the Mnatra is Madhu chand. The metre is gayatri. The diety is Ketu. The idol of Ketu should be made of brass. The mantra is to be recited for seventeen thousand times. 1/10 of homa be done with Kusha leaves and 1/10 of homa is done as tarpan and 1/10 of tarpan be done as marzan. After that the devotee should donate articles of Rahu. After realization of the mantra Brahmins are fed with rice mixed with green pulses( Khichdi).

केतु स्तोत्र

केतु: काल: कलयिता धूम्रकेतुर्विवर्णक:। लोककेतुर्महाकेतु: सर्वकेतुर्भयप्रद: ।।1।।

रौद्रो रूद्रप्रियो रूद्र: क्रूरकर्मा सुगन्ध्रक्। फलाशधूमसंकाशश्चित्रयज्ञोपवीतधृक् ।।2।।

तारागणविमर्दो च जैमिनेयो ग्रहाधिप:। पंचविंशति नामानि केतुर्य: सततं पठेत् ।।3।।

तस्य नश्यंति बाधाश्चसर्वा: केतुप्रसादत:। धनधान्यपशूनां च भवेद् व्रद्विर्नसंशय: ।।4।।


Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Ketu

  1. Om ketave namah
  1. Om sthulashirase namah
  1. Om shiromaatraaya namah
  1. Om dhvajaakritaye namah
  1. Om nava-graha-yutaaya namah
  1. Om simhika-asurii-garbha-sambhavaaya
  1. Om mahaa-bhiitikaraaya namah
  1. Om chitravarnaaya namah
  1. Om srii-pingalaakshakaaya namah
  1. Om phulladhumrasamkaashaaya namah
  1. Om tikshnadamshtraaya namah
  1. Om mahodaraaya namah
  1. Om rakta-netraaya namah
  1. Om citra-kaarine namah
  1. Om tivrakopaaya namah
  1. Om mahaasuraaya namah
  1. Om kruura-kanthaaya namah
  1. Om krodha-nidhaye namah
  1. Om cchaayaa-graha-visheshakaaya namah
  1. Om antya-grahaaya namah
  1. Om mahaa-shiirshaaya namah
  1. Om surya-araye namah
  1. Om pushpavad-graahine namah
  1. Om varahastaaya namah
  1. Om gadaapaanaye namah
  1. Om citra-vastra-dharaaya namah
  1. Om citra-dhvaja-pataakaaya namah
  1. Om ghoraaya namah
  1. Om citra-rathaaya namah
  1. Om shikhine namah
  1. Om kulutthabhakshakaaya namah
  1. Om vaiduryaa-bharanaaya namah
  1. Om utpaata-janakaaya namah
  1. Om shukra-mitraaya namah
  1. Om mandasakhaaya namah
  1. Om gadaa-dharaaya namah
  1. Om naaka-pataye namah
  1. Om antar-vediishvaraaya namah
  1. Om jaimini-gotra-jaaya namah
  1. Om citragupta-atmane namah
  1. Om dakshinaa-mukhaaya namah
  1. Om mukunda-varapaatraaya namah
  1. Om maha-asura-kulod-bhavaaya namah
  1. Om ghana-varnaaya namah
  1. Om lamba-devaaya namah
  1. Om mrityu-putraaya namah
  1. Om utpaata-ruupa-dhaarine namah
  1. Om adrishyaaya namah
  1. Om kaala-agni-sannibhaaya namah
  1. Om nripidaaya namah
  1. Om griha-kaarine namah
  1. Om sarvopadrava-kaarakaaya namah
  1. Om citra-prasuutaaya namah
  1. Om analaaya namah
  1. Om sarva-vyaadhi-vinaashakaaya namah
  1. Om apasavyapracaarine namah
  1. Om navame-paapadaayakaaya namah
  1. Om pancame-shokadaaya namah
  1. Om uparaagakhe-caraaya namah
  1. Om ati-purusha-karmane namah
  1. Om turiiye-sukhapradaaya namah
  1. Om tritiiye-vairadaaya namah
  1. Om paapa-grahaaya namah
  1. Om sphotaka-kaarakaaya namah
  1. Om praana-naathaaya namah
  1. Om pancame-shramakaarakaaya namah
  1. Om dvitiiye-asphutavagdaatre namah
  1. Om vishaakulitavaktrakaaya namah
  1. Om kaamaruupine namah
  1. Om simha-dantaaya namah
  1. Om kushedhma-priyaaya namah
  1. Om caturthe-maatrinaashaaya namah
  1. Om navame-pitrinaashakaaya namah
  1. Om antye-vairapradaaya namah
  1. Om sutaanandan-nidhanakaaya namah
  1. Om sarpaakshijaataaya namah
  1. Om anangaaya namah
  1. Om karma-raashyudbhavaaya namah
  1. Om upaante-kiirtidaaya namah
  1. Om saptame-kalahapradaaya namah
  1. Om ashtame-vyaadhikartre namah
  1. Om dhane-bahu-sukha-pradaaya namah
  1. Om janane-rogadaaya namah
  1. Om uurdhva-muurdha-jaaya namah
  1. Om grahanaayakaaya namah
  1. Om paapadrishtaye namah
  1. Om khecaraaya namah
  1. Om shaambhavaaya namah
  1. Om asheshapuujitaaya namah
  1. Om shaashvataaya namah
  1. Om nataaya namah
  1. Om shubhaashubha-phala-pradaaya namah
  1. Om dhuumraaya namah
  1. Om sudhaapaayine namah
  1. Om ajitaaya namah
  1. Om bhakta-vatsalaaya namah
  1. Om simha-asanaaya namah
  1. Om ketu-muurtaye namah
  1. Om ravindu-dyutinaashakaaya namah
  1. Om amaraaya namah
  1. Om piidakaaya namah
  1. Om amartyaaya namah
  1. Om vishnu-drishtaaya namah
  1. Om asureshvaraaya namah
  1. Om bhakta-rakshaaya namah
  1. Om vaicitryakapatasyandanaaya namah
  1. Om vicitraphaladaayine namah
  1. Om bhaktaa-bhiishta-phala-pradaaya namah


॥ इति केतुअष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णम् ॥

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