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Stotras and Sahasarnam-The Moon

Stotras and Sahasarnam

II The Moon II


Stotras and Sahasarnam copy


II The Moon II

The Moon in Hindu astrology is known as Chandra. Shiva having Chandra adorning his head is known by name Chandradhara. The other name most popular is Soma. Chandra means ‘shiny’ and Soma is the sacred intoxicating drink that was used in vedic rituals. Moon is known as Luna as in the words, ‘lunatic’ and ‘lunar tides’. Ancients, both in East and West observed that mental make up depends on Moon and the lunatics were observed to have a relationship with phases of Moon. This theory has been proved as well as disproved thrice by the psychologists! Moon’s position is all important in the chart as the transit effects, the directional scale is determined by the position of Moon. As such, the predictions based on Moon sign represent the person more than the Sun sign. Nobody has been observed to have mental illness due to position of Sun to be called solatic! Moon indicates changing mood. Moon is the karaka for mother, happiness, feminine beauty, mental status and eyesight. Remedial measures to Chandra will give peace of mind, healthy mental activity so that intelligence (represented by Budha) is put to full use Anxiety related disorders and mental disorders and water related diseases are cured by propitiation to Chandra.

Moon is considered mother of natal chart. Moon is a female planet and does its duty in the natal chart as a mother. It is Lord of Cancer. It develops the mental faculties of the native. It is significator of eating establishments, sailors, medical profession, psychic abilities etc. When Moon is strong the native does not have to strive for acquiring status and it denotes affluence, sensitivity, imagination, good memory etc.

If the Moon is posited in the sign of Scorpio or is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or is with Rahu or Ketu, it needs to be strengthened, otherwise the person will either be killed due to the bad influence t planet, or the person’s wife/husband will die. Recital of Moon Mantra blesses the native with respect, friendship and creates Contacts with opposite sex in harmoniums way. It governs the right eye of the males and ovaries, menstrual cycle, uterus, generative organs and right eye of the female. When Moon is malefic in the natal chart it develops problems related to these parts.

Monday is considered best for worshipping the Moon. Some scholars are of the opinion that the sadhana could be performed during Guru-pushya or Ravi-pushya yoga. The sadhna should start from Monday falling during shukla paksha. The devotee should wear white clothes, have a white seat and food for offering should also be white. Sphatika (Crystal) idol of Moon God is used for worshipping the god. Brahims are fed milk, rice or milk boiled with rice and sugar.



Chander kavach

श्रीचंद्रकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रस्य गौतम ऋषिः I अनुष्टुप् छंदः I

चंद्रो देवता I चन्द्रप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः I

समं चतुर्भुजं वन्दे केयूरमुकुटोज्ज्वलम् I

वासुदेवस्य नयनं शंकरस्य च भूषणम् II १ II

एवं ध्यात्वा जपेन्नित्यं शशिनः कवचं शुभम् I

शशी पातु शिरोदेशं भालं पातु कलानिधिः II २ II

चक्षुषी चन्द्रमाः पातु श्रुती पातु निशापतिः I

प्राणं क्षपाकरः पातु मुखं कुमुदबांधवः II ३ II

पातु कण्ठं च मे सोमः स्कंधौ जैवा तृकस्तथा I

करौ सुधाकरः पातु वक्षः पातु निशाकरः II ४ II

हृदयं पातु मे चंद्रो नाभिं शंकरभूषणः I

मध्यं पातु सुरश्रेष्ठः कटिं पातु सुधाकरः II ५ II

ऊरू तारापतिः पातु मृगांको जानुनी सदा I

अब्धिजः पातु मे जंघे पातु पादौ विधुः सदा II ६ II

सर्वाण्यन्यानि चांगानि पातु चन्द्रोSखिलं वपुः I

एतद्धि कवचं दिव्यं भुक्ति मुक्ति प्रदायकम् II

यः पठेच्छरुणुयाद्वापि सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत् II ७ II

II इति श्रीब्रह्मयामले चंद्रकवचं संपूर्णम् II


Chander strotam


Chandrasya srunu naamaani,

shubadhani mahee pathe,


Yani sruthwa narodukhan

muchyathe nathra samsaya.,


Sudhakaro, Vidhu, Somo,

glourabhjo, kumuda Priya,


Loka Priya, shubra bhanu,

chandrama, rohinee pathi.,


Sasee, himakaro, raja,
dwijarajo, nisakara,

Aathreya, indu, seethamsu,

roshadheesa, kala nidhi.,


Jaivathruko, Rama bhratha,



Nakshatra nayaka,

shambhusira choodamanir, vibhu.,


Thapahartha, nabho dheepo,

namanyethani ya padeth,


Prathyaham bhakthi samyuktha

thasya peeda vinasyathi.,


Thadhine cha padedhyasthu

labheth sarvam sameehatham,


Grahadheenaam cha sarvesham

bhaveth chandra bhalam sada.,


II Chandar sahasranam II


Om shriimate namah                                              Om shasha-dharaaya namah

Om chandraaya namah                                           Om taara-adhishaaya namah

Om nishaa-karaaya namah                                     Om sukha-nidhaye namah

Om sadaaraadhyaaya namah                                 Om sat-pataye namah

Om saadhu-puujitaaya namah                              Om jitendriyaaya namah

Om jayodhyogaaya namah                                    Om jyotish-cakra-pravartakaaya namah

Om vikartanaanujaaya namah                              Om viraaya namah

Om vishveshaaya namah                                        Om vidushaam pataye namah

Om doshakaraaya namah                                       Om dushta-duuraaya namah

Om pushtimate namah                                            Om shishta-paalakaaya namah

Om ashta-muurti-priyaaya namah                       Om anantaaya namah

Om kashta-daaru-kutharakaaya namah             Om sva-prakaashaaya namah

Om prakaash-aatmane namah                             Om dyu-caraaya namah

Om deva-bhojanaaya namah                               Om kalaa-dharaaya namah

Om kaala-hetave namah                                         Om kaama-krite namah

Om kaama-daayakaaya namah                             Om mrityu-sahaarakaaya namah

Om amarityaaya namah                                         Om nityaanushthaana-daayakaaya namah

Om kshapaa-karaaya namah                               Om kshiina-paapaaya namah

Om kshaya-vriddhi-samanvitaaya namah           Om jaivaatrikaaya namah

Om shucaye namah                                                  Om shubhraaya namah

Om jayine namah                                                     Om jaya-phala-pradaaya namah

Om sudhaa-mayaaya namah                                 Om sura-svaamine namah

Om bhaktanaam-ishtha-daayakaaya namah      Om bukti-daaya namah

Om mukti-daaya namah                                        Om bhadraaya namah

Om bhakta-daaridriya-bhanjanaaya namah       Om saama-gaana-priyaaya namah

Om sarva-rakshakaaya namah                               Om saagarodbhavaaya namah

Om bhayaanta-krite namah                                    Om bhakti-gamyaaya namah

Om bhava-bandha-vimocakaaya namah              Om jagat-prakaasha-kiranaaya namah

Om jagad-aananda-kaaranaaya namah                Om nissapalaaya namah

Om niraahaaraaya namah                                        Om nirvikaaraaya namah

Om niraamayaaya namah                                         Om bhu-cchayaa-cchaaditaaya namah

Om bhavyaaya namah                                                Om bhuvana-prati-paalakaaya namah

Om sakalaarti-haraaya namah                                 Om saumya-janakaaya namah

Om saadhu-vanditaaya namah                                 Om sarvaagama-jnaaya namah

Om sarva-jnaaya namah                                             Om sanakaadi-muni-stutaaya namah

Om sita-chatra-dhvajopetaaya namah                     Om sitangaaya namah

Om sita-bhushanaaya namah                                    Om shveta-maalyaambara-dharaaya namah

Om shveta-gandhaanu-lepanaaya namah                Om dashaashva-ratha-samrudaaya namah

Om danda-paanaye namah                                           Om dhanur-dharaaya namah

Om kunda-pushpi-jjvalaakaaraaya namah                Om nayanaabja-samudbhavaaya namah

Om aatreya-gotra-jaaya namah                                   Om atyanta-vinayaaya namah

Om priya-daayakaaya namah                                       Om karunaa-rasa-sampuurnaaya namah

Om karkata-prabhave namah                                      Om avyayaaya namah

Om catur-ashraasanaarudaaya namah                     Om caturaaya namah

Om divya-vaahanaaya namah                                     Om vivasvan-mandala-jeya-vasaaya namah

Om vasu-samriddhi-daaya namah                            Om maheshvara-priyaaya namah

Om daantaaya namah                                                   Om meru-gotra-pradaakshinaaya namah

Om graha-mandala-madhyasthaaya namah             Om grasitaarkaaya namah

Om grahaadhipaaya namah                                         Om dvija-raajaaya namah

Om dyuti-kalaaya namah                                              Om dvibhujaaya namah

Om dvija-puujitaaya namah                                         Om audumbara-nagaavaasaaya namah

Om udaaraaya namah                                                     Om rohinii-pataye namah

Om nityo-dayaaya namah                                              Om muni-stutyaaya namah

Om nityaananda-phala-pradaaya namah                    Om sakalaahlaadana-karaaya namah

Om palaashedhma-priyaaya namah


iti Chandra ashtottarashatanaamaavali sampuurnam II


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